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look at this network it has more than 1.2 million followers and this is the kind of video clip they make there’s a speaking character a history and some images we can do something like this as well and even better in today’s video I’ll reveal you detailed just how you can develop comparable and high quality video clips that resemble achieving those outcomes make sure to see until completion so you won’t miss out on any kind of vital actions just bear in mind that this is not a fast Get Rich scam it requires time to develop YouTube channels nonetheless if you persevere you will attain the exact same results you do not require to overthink it you simply need to start doing this let’s get going initially start by getting attached to chat GPT this is a really valuable tool that’s both effective and complimentary next choose what your video is mosting likely to have to do with today we’re going over sea animals let’s ask chatgpt to assist us create a script for our video simply wait a minute terrific when the manuscript prepares merely duplicate and paste it right into a record with the manuscript all set allow’s carry on to adding a high quality voiceover we’ll be utilizing 11 labs for this component open up 11 laboratories and paste the script we obtained from chat GPT really feel free to add punctuation marks to instill feeling into the voice like inquiry marks or exclamation marks now you can choose an appropriate voice and change the settings reasoning will certainly get you from A to B personally I like to go with 30 stability and 60 Quality for a natural appearing Voice when you’re satisfied with the settings struck the generate button and allow 11 Labs function its magic after the voiceover is created take a minute to pay attention to the result and ensure it’s specifically what you’re looking for if it’s great to go really feel cost-free to download and install the voiceover file repeat this procedure for the entire manuscript to maintain consistent narrative throughout the video currently allow’s develop an animated background we’ll be utilizing canva for this step open canva and start by choosing a history that matches your video in the meantime select a background that continues to be still and doesn’t have any kind of additional elements or animations following allow’s take our history to the next level using layupix if you wish to bring your history to life Leia pictures can help you accomplish that result merely open layer picks and publish the background you developed previously in canva with this device you can make your background aspects relocate experiment with the settings until you’re pleased with the animation that’s perfect now let’s deal with the issue of video high quality rather of downloading the video in the typical means I suggest recording your screen while the computer animation is playing by doing this you can catch the animation in better quality with your premium quality recording ready it’s time to go back to canva upload the tape-recorded video and start adding all the various other aspects you desire in your video below’s where your creative thinking can shine include images components animations anything that boosts the academic experience for our young audiences don’t neglect to include the voiceover we developed earlier this makes certain that each pet is presented at the ideal time once you’re satisfied with your comp setting it’s time to download and install the animated history video Allow’s produce a talking personality to make our video clip much more engaging our favored device for crafting animated personalities is Adobe Express simply kind free animation maker for YouTube into Google click the link that states make animations for YouTube there you’ll locate a selection of fascinating characters to pick from for our video clip I have actually chosen the personality hopscotch personalize your personality by allowing an eco-friendly screen background and picking an ideal dimension for YouTube videos now import the voice over audio clips we developed earlier and easily our character Springs to life hi travelers I’m satisfied with just how it transformed out as soon as you’re pleased with the result proceed and download and install the animated personality video clip this will certainly be an important possession for the upcoming steps with our computer animated personality and computer animated history prepared it’s time to bring everything together and finalize our instructional YouTube video clip you can utilize any type of editing software application you like however today we’ll be making use of cap reduced a straightforward video modifying software program that enables smooth assimilation of all aspects Start by importing all the produced data the background video clip the character video and the voiceover organize them on the timeline in the wanted order for their look in the video clip to avoid audio overlap mute the sound of among the files this makes certain that your voiceover and history music do not Clash now let’s use the chroma essential apply this result to the character video to get rid of the eco-friendly display history effortlessly integrating the personality with the computer animated history resize and place the character on the screen as needed guarantee it does not obstruct any kind of vital visuals currently you have actually completed producing your first AI computer animated video clip check this today we’re diving deep right into the ocean to check out 3 sharks are incredible predators that have actually ruled the oceans for numerous years I like this video and I assume that kids will certainly like it too I also value the truth that our material holds value we are crafting academic videos Not Plain visual Extravagance develop a new YouTube network name it as you like and submit the video clips follow these steps to produce videos one by one to expand your instructional youngsters direct it is necessary to create high top quality video clips because you and I wouldn’t enjoy poor quality videos and neither would others use this guide and discover even more similar channels as I shared at the beginning to draw ideas for your videos you don’t require to overthink it you simply need to do this be as creative as you wish that will certainly help your videos end up being also much better I’m here for your questions please like And subscribe if this was helpful as this will certainly help me give better ideas on just how to earn money by adhering to straightforward actions thanks for watching and up until next time make sure the master

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