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Let’s protect the children sent in the series This is the treaty that we focused on this time Sandals bye-bye parent-child treaty that is spreading around sns now in the summer production Covering the promises of parents and children to protect children from water accidents .I promised that I would never leave a different parent , but I like Paul, so if the ball flows, it’s probably a summer vacation where children will play more in the water .On the other hand, last year More than half of the cases where children were killed in a water accident in the summer were playing in the water. In April of this year, a 7-year-old boy was washed away by a river in Itabashi Ward, Tokyo.

Last year, a 9-year-old girl was dying after chasing sandals in Saitama Prefecture . Under these circumstances, there is an activity that is spreading through sns. Zunaori by Masu Yumi Sugawara, who started this initiative in June, is a swimming instructor who has two children .

I thought it would be great if something like this treaty could be a mechanism that children wouldn’t be able to chase. Rie-san and her daughter, Bun-chan, who participated in the big class, return here with the name of the windmill and write the mama’s name here. Stick it on the wall so that you can always look back on your child’s promises. Before going to the summer sea, I usually read the leap together. It’s hard for children to judge what they don’t tell, and I think it will be a fun day for everyone to study a little and then go out to play . The point of the Parent-Child Treaty is that parents don’t happen either.

It is said that children should take good care of things on a regular basis, so if sandals etc. are washed away, follow the settings. It seems that they will call you, so even if you lose it, parents will not wake up. Many children will not call. Please talk with your children this summer .


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