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they have grown accustomed to playing without young he’s been in and out of the lineup we’re underway in west lafayette on the campus of purdue shoot a high volume of three-pointers it’ll be fun to watch them here in person on the cups easy bucket a smith gets to the rim averaging 24. everyone’s capable of knocking down threes being able to guard and stay connected is important as a tip in there for lotzis inside central for the golden eagles against the taller stronger ohio state club and i told you this guy can shoot from anywhere bird wow they call a midcourt max talk about mid-court i mean this is from the logo right here the ncaa logo lines it up bucket on the board seven nothing lead for oral roberts ohio state they need to establish the advantage they have inside as washington jr gets to the rim really it’s about pace here golden eagles want to get up and down and more deliberate here ohio state taking advantage of how they can execute and that’s the advantage right there bird a smaller opponent here today ohio state last appearance in the final four was 2012.

There were stretches during the season where they looked like a potential final 14. jumper goes down for dwayne washington junior he’s got excellent range himself not known for his defense with two great defensive possessions on his part action out front washington drills it straight away this hot shooting from the big ten tournament he led the big ten and three-pointers made this season he averaged 23 points in the big 10 tournament wow ace miss another from long range kyle young they’re hoping to have him back as this tournament progresses of course they have to get through this one first wow hot hand dwayne washington junior great defense but better offense washington knocking it down ball fake and the finish on the interior for kareem thompson google that right now you know it’s above 50. suing nicely done from justice suing looking to find his footing in the early going he could not get the finger roll liddell nice look underneath ciao finishes and ohio state goes up by five very offensive attack here in the half court zed key in the game he’s going to get a touch mid post banging bodies bank shot goes and he can get that whatever he wants when you shoot a lot of three-pointers that’s going to happen you can get hot but you also have stretches where you can get really cold thompson gives it up weaver in for the jam dashang weaver the sophomore slams it you do not seem the least bit intimidated by the stage or the opponent i’m correct every once in a while what are you like like 30 percent three points over the last seven and a half minutes a smith loses it the jumper goes oh banner is on the board and it’s jurgens lots this is back in albaner cuts to the rim for the big finish clear it for washington one on one with ace miss [Applause] oh good fine and it’s the jam for suing that cuts and the others have to be ready and available to knock down shots great pass great finish at some point this is going to start happening with more regularity oh banner hits the three 85-23 ohio state in front a smiths got a three .tear drop doesn’t go rebound not to the outside thompson claims it reload ace miss shooting practice at the three [Applause] this sure was just watching him play his energy his confidence not afraid at all and on cue again a smith cannot miss from downtown ohio state has put suing on him he’s bigger he’s taller obviously a very capable defender but got to be aware of him oh batter’s got moves . feed it to liddell one on one oh what a find underneath for the suing jam no look pass from ej liddell walker probing jump shot no rebound lydell strong inside ej liddell gets the deuce o’banner pivots under a minute to go first half jurgens puts his head down and scores going to the rim i’m amazed by your your fact finding here incredible we’ve been in indianapolis for a while of time in your room liddell banks at home and they’re starting to establish it roberts what you’re seeing here is toes on the ark after the first five minutes paul mills wasn’t happy with the shots they allowed from ohio state so they have really begun to pack it in besides that possession for ohio state the red shirt senior slowing things down getting the tempo to favor the buckeyes and of course getting the ball inside right on cue to ledell lindell seals off that area heading into the big ten tournament then ripped off three straight wins before falling to illinois in the championship game a three kevin o’bannor is on target anderson jerry pollard bart lennox our officiating crew o’banner bottom a three walker spread it for arms now liddell three defenders in the area and ladell gets the bucket washington driving kick ball movement arms got the defender to lean book it a three for justin arns and that was a tough shot banner puts it on the floor seven of shoes kareem thompson loses it busted play lots of three. just under 13 minutes to play second half knock away jurgens streaking to the rim a steal and bucket for carlos juergens washington playing alongside cj walker ohio state just searching for offense right now trailing 49-42 the cut the finish and the foul cj walker with kyle young who could play the four play the five taking away a bit of their versatility in the front court and forcing zed key and seth townes into minutes walker in the dribble drive not the guy you want to guard with three fouls and a bad back but good defense on that possession no look lydell fills the lane and scores off the window plus one jurgens tight defense there from walker into the hands of a smith eighth to shoot screen a smith the blow by the finish so suing controls hard cut jello denied shang weaver with the block they’re the best average 11 3’s a game on pace to surpass that average ledell wheels on the inside a tough bucket for ej ledette washington looks in that direction oh a really difficult delivery washington with a floater average he’s got 13 today and ohio state goes in front by one oh better count it a three and you can’t give him space at all with the block for ohio state walker takes it contact is good using the class cj walker we’re tied at 56.

Without a 5 38 remaining in the second half [Applause] mackie arena and right now oral roberts looks out of sorts a smith nobody there points for ej liddell were knotted up at 58 a piece a smith rejected the full palm by suing great defense in the south leading the two seed ohio state 58-56 liddell a back in on obama in a crowd he finishes and ohio state take advantage with walker teardrop cj walker puts the buckeyes in front by two and big time play coming out of the timeout there for ohio state executing on both ends of the floor defensively and offensively [Applause] [Music] here in the second half washington inside the yard dwayne washington jr a long two-pointer not afraid of the moment washington loses the ball thompson ahead a smith accelerates rejected do not go in there on ej liddell but look at this defense right here liddell i mean first of all he smith so fast in the open court i don’t know it might have hit the backboard washington now facing one-on-one coverage with a smith’s spin off the mark ledell offensive rebound and he’s going to look to clear need some help ej liddell rims out and rebounded by lotsus first team all summit league it’s a one-point game second attempt for o’better tie game and right now you have to expect either washington five seconds four seconds washington step back jay short we’re going overtime bonus basketball in west lafayette oh banner isolation pumping bodies with washington makes his move too easy too easy he had the smaller washington junior on him gives it up locks this pull-up off one leg he can’t get it to go re-vented by o’banner takes it strong and the foul and bird right now liddell has not touched the ball here in extra period lindell straight in for two a smith peeks to the clock seven on the timer makes his move step [Applause] the drive and a travel turnover oral roberts little house they need washington crosses off the window yes sir and a foul 50 seconds to play high screen roll action smith swing it oh banner misses on a three ball 72-69 oral roberts washington with a purpose big shot no rebounded by thompson and a foul called with 22.9 to play for east central community college in mississippi expect ohio state to push it again washington as he drives you don’t need to necessarily take it all the botting up got a 15 seconds left ladell. he has cut it to one 14.6 remaining he converts these or not o banner is five of five on the day now six of six the 15 seed in the south trying to pull off a shocker state has no timeouts remaining eight seconds left they trail by three orange the jumper doesn’t go off the window not to the outside washington off the mark and it’s over it’s march expect the unexpected arnold roberts has pulled off the upset you

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