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getting lineups and then maybe changing your defense be smart smart has played well missed the last game on monday knocks down the first shot the effort and heart that he does died in three-pointer got it when he looks at tatum now he goes i think he got taller they still list him as six foot eight against toronto on monday night in the celtics last game nice thank you just watch it it’s nice to see jalen brown he can produce them sparring the ball had 23 points the other night is marcus smart’s one-year-old young kid who’s just already showing he has no fear of the nba dragon shot won’t go but a foul three plus to four offensive rebounds a game if he gets brown he has shot really well from the perimeter considering the lack of time the teams were together as brown goes to the basket you see to me that’s why we’re having an also mike where you could try different combinations so the short period and then the lack of exit jaylen brown inside major three-point shooting teams you just cannot foul the jump shooter dragons gets inside [Music] and brad both these teams are fairly similar from last year that there’s some ways to learn he’s a rookie but he’s older than tayden what areas that you’re getting the shots so if not then you got to change some things here because boston has come out by some room tatum good defense there now 24 second violation excellent defense from the celtics lee brings it the other way for the snail and an easy two yeah grant williams off the bounce butler trying to draw some contact to the pros he’s a self-made player he works very hard in the off-season tyler hero from dalani to go off the floor positive the events tatum gets inside this time took a reverse dribble and got all the way to the rim oh that’s a foul he got hit oh there it is and they counted the act of shooting again on the other look you could see at the angle even not happy with the ball [Music] butler nice pass inside their game that’s the ultimate painted area olynyk knocks down the three-point duck on six threes for a long time nice pass ice in and out can’t get up to that the defensive guys were right there he didn’t fool anybody ball up from him more active on the offensive glass duncan robinson gets another good look duncan robinson nails another 13 in the first half drives can’t get it to go the tip it is good and the heat have their first lead of the night it is for these players to bring about awareness and and also bring them out and like single one of those games driving inside that one a little too strong that edges out good defensive player brown tries to get it oval takes it away from him but when he falls pass inside the thompson williams shot way off thompson right there 13 points now for tatum hero tries at the other end using that left on miami olynyk stepped back straight on three not for the heat grant williams that’s a thread after missing the first 25 of his career last year and another foul against the cell painting the spin move gets inside another slam for jake again for the celtics with the ankle injury tatum tries again tatum for three his third three-pointer pass inside tyler hero up an underpass inside achua throws it down ball still loose picked up by the celtics richard fakes the three now drives goes in nice robert williams and he’s a prime time player under pressure 13 years now in the league pritchard throws it out to robert williams opportunity this season dragon floats it andre iguodala oh my god away from that early lead a chance to take the lead into the fourth dragon up and under final seconds pritchard jumper too strong the tip is up and good [Music] mike all right it is as the fourth quarter gets underway out of io drives gets inside scores it’s his 13th year as the head coach out of io here’s edwards carson edwards scoots inside [Applause] i thought he beat him he thought he beat him to the spot yep up to 6-10 standing in the corner every place he’s played he gives you a hundred and goes stripped and stolen by jalen brown give it up give it up nice make sure that they take advantage of a nice pass and the rocket finishes [Applause] oh butler difficult two guys in double figures tatum at 24 brown at 15.


No one else in double figures looks like tatum took a shot [Applause] shot won’t go fight for the rebound marcus smart comes out of the pack inside pass and the finish back when they came out of that timeout and what it is it’s slowing the other this one boston down now and you can see they don’t have any marcus smart finds tice tyce just shy of falling knocks it down seven to shoot him steps back puts up the three puts it in jack and their three-pointers gone called they’ve missed their last eight threes brown for three corner three if he had to make them now’s the time to make him keeps his dribble alive back to brown corner three the tip from williams won’t go this everything has been beyond the three-point line they’ve been outworked here in the last two minutes now make something happen here now inside out of bio adebayo gathers out to robinson for three dang duncan robinson from downtown now they’re playing man the man miami’s man-to-man smart a lot of anxious moments 27 points for tatum five more threes robinson drives to the mask and kicks it out dragon straggage to tie it one goal rebound out of bio back out dragons another good look [Applause] marcus smart on the drive trying to draw contact on the follow it’s gone

credit by: morgan center library and Sports Highlights Ph on youtube

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