Hermitcraft 8: Episode 2 – POTATO BOY

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what’s on earth has happened here this is not how i expected to log into the hermitcraft server i seem to be at my campsite but i seem to be surrounded by forest the forest has claimed my base hmm it took me a long time i didn’t notice i didn’t actually notice the missing l i i thought i thought someone was was saying peace love and no plants and i was like i don’t like that but then i realized have they done both though okay good because i use my ethically harvested glow squid ink on those signs and honestly it’s quite difficult to come by i don’t know if i’m gonna be able to get any more glow squids don’t voluntarily kill themselves very often so you know i have to count my lucky charms there now i’m going to pose the question who on earth did this whilst knowing entirely who would have done this it is 100 the guy who doesn’t seem to be able to put backs on his builds i mean look at this what’s going on here i mean it looks great from the front but this this just won’t do so i say we do him a favor i’m going to take the trees that is so graciously planted around my base and i’m going to replant them because you know that’s what i do and i’m going to replant them at the back of his base we’re going to finish off the back of his base using trees wait a minute has he put i was just wondering has he put one on top of my living roof no my living roof has actually remained unscathed i’m kind that’s a missed opportunity dude so the many trees have now been removed i now have a ton of wood which i’m incredibly thankful for and also a bunch of saplings this is going to be more than enough to do what needs to be done i just need a little bit of dirt here we go here we go saplings and bone meal oh yes oh my goodness the one that was next to the dirt actually grew and it’s probably grown ridiculously tall yes things are going well come on grow yes they’re always absolutely massive ones when they’re next to blocks now i must admit i i am facing some bone meal shortages here and i can’t actually get any more i don’t even remember where i got these bones from but regardless they are coming in handy now let’s see has this worked yes yes it has this is a big improvement i feel like we have definitely made it better i have missed this little bit though so let’s fill that in and now i think my masterpiece is finished and i gotta say you know from the front it actually doesn’t look too bad i mean don’t get me wrong there’s certain bits to look at our place but the leaves the leaves actually fit in with the kind of greenery that he has going on with the build where things start to go a little bit sideways is when you start to look at it from these sorts of angles oh man this is so ridiculous this is so stupid it is it is a mess it is an absolute mess you have to remember he made a complete mess of my base and i just thought i really hope this doesn’t escalate past this point like i hope we can i hope we can end this tree battle now before it becomes a tree war which i guess does bring me on to my signs i mean that they could be a little bit aggressive i saw you were struggling with the back of your base as always is that too much is that too much so i fixed it for you peace love and plants the fact that i’ve added peace love and plants to the end with a love heart there’s a love heart in there i feel like that should i should calm things down a tiny bit one can only hope because i only have a tiny base so it can’t take much more triage anyway here’s wonderful i think that’s enough of that for monday so my plan of action for today’s hermitcraft episode before it was thoroughly derailed was to build an industrial carrot and potato farm making use of villagers now this isn’t going to be happening on the top here this is going to be almost like decoration for the much bigger and more industrial farm that’s going to be underneath but of course that much bigger and more industrial farm requires lots of space and to create that space of course i have to swing my pickaxe around a lot wait what i was running away from that creeper and he just upped and climbed the ladder after me what on earth turns out it’s been a thing since 2011 so it really isn’t that special but i’m still shook i tell you what else is shook in me this hole here it took an hour one whole hour what now that’s not that long in the grand scheme of recording a hermitcraft episode you know these things take many many hours to record but this this with a haste to beacon this is like a five minute job what on earth has happened to the boat and pole the boat and pole the boat and pole has become the boat i gotta be real careful because yeah going down to the bottom there would not be fun in terms of the design for this industrial potato farm we’re going to be using a pretty standard one that involves villagers one villager on the inside of here who’s a farmer the other villager who is just a standard villager and then the farmer tries to throw potatoes at the villager over there might just be the worst explanation of how the farm works ever but the good news is is that it’s a reliable design it works incredibly well and each layer should produce about 700 potatoes per hour i think which would mean 1400 potatoes in total that seems actually like an awful lot that seems like far more than i’m ever going to need so hopefully i’ve got those statistics totally wrong and it produces less than that but with that being said i do have a solution for the oversupply and i’ll talk about that in a little bit first i need to work out how i actually want this thing to look and i must admit i’m liking this already yeah i i’m i’m really liking the vibe of this i want this to fit in a fairly similar theme to my tiny house so it’s going to be very planty lots of flowers and lots of wood and i would say this is a solid start yes this is looking incredibly cool so now that the whole structure is all constructed and ready to go i think it’s time that we actually start getting villagers into this thing which gets a little bit scary just because villagers have a real tendency to do absolutely ridiculous and stupid things and we don’t really have too many of them over in the village over there so instead of risking it with our few remaining villagers instead i’m going to build up a little villager breeder over there so that hopefully we can get a good supply and this should be it like if i get two villagers on top of this fence post then they should start producing babies that will drop down into there now obviously this bit is the easy bit the tricky bit is actually getting the villagers into this thing it is always a nightmare with that being said is there already a villager breather that i’m just totally unaware of this definitely sounds like more than a few villagers okay i think i think this is good i guess this absolutely was not necessary and i shall now remove it because it’s very ugly there is always something incredibly entertaining about transporting villagers by boat i mean he just looks so dissatisfied with what’s going on oh that’s a problem i mean no wonder he’s so dissatisfied with what’s going on i’m driving the boat all right and also we’re in a boat on land like already that’s a frustrating situation but they’ve got more unlike me driving it but actually on the point of dissatisfaction i should probably make sure that this guy’s all right with what’s going on you know i’m all about the peace love of plants i need to consider this guy’s feelings should i see um did you like the village that you just came from okay so are you unhappy about leaving that’s good and you you totally don’t mind being in my industrial potato farm for the rest of your life but that doesn’t bother you fantastic absolutely fantastic peace love and plants baby peace love and plants so villager one of four should be about to volunteer himself into this hole here that is perfect he should stay there now fantastic i just need to get a few hopper minecarts in place in front of him and that should give us a fully transparent item carrier through her so our villager that’s in here should try throwing potatoes at this villager but then they’ll instantly be picked up by these hopper minecarts and make their way into our storage system all the prep work has now been done for our second villager and once this guy is in this layer will then be fully operational and will start automatically farming potatoes which of course is incredibly exciting this seems to be good he seems to have converted himself into being a farmer which is fantastic everything is now in place i guess when potatoes start growing he should start harvesting them and doing his bit he totally did not do that so now i’m wondering if maybe i put him in slightly later in the day maybe it was past his working time and that totally wasn’t the case either so after three hours of designing and testing in my creative mode testing world i managed to get a design that was working and then i came back onto the hermitcraft server to find that actually it had been working the entire time that i was testing the system that’s the noise that i make when i don’t know whether to laugh or cry right well my designs and my tests in the single player world were completely pointless because this is fully functional and working incredibly well so let’s get the second layer constructed much less frustration later all the villages are now in place and everything is all up and running so we have got two layers of this rather industrial potato farm and if we take a look down at the bottom it is doing rather well and that isn’t including drops from the top layer so this is just the bottom layer working while i’ve been building up the top layer so we’re gonna have we’re gonna have far more potatoes than i think i’ll ever need you know in episode one when green called me potato boy well i think i might just be potato boy we’ll definitely be coming back to that i just want to let you know that i have waxed you you have wax first time’s free this is this is good the greatest about my waxing service is it’s a surprise every time i don’t know that’s what you want from a waxy service i just checked my face to make sure we were talking about the same sort of waxing because if you waxed off my mustache i was about to be quite cheesed off dude your van is shining like it has never shined before hang on a minute hang on a minute what stage have you waxed my karma vlogs in dudes i’ve just realized that they might not be in the face that i’d like them to be here come around the front come around the front come around the front come around the front here we are this is this is not this is sub-optimal dude you know you’re it’s real rich okay messing with a guy’s copper when one has so much copper on their roof okay i have eight copper blocks in my bus okay you have 400 cover blocks okay that’s true that’s true that is very true you have to you have to be real careful here buddy you have to be real careful are we going to listen to wonder wall yeah let’s do it no i got something better oh are you ready he’s gonna be here we go what’s he doing what’s this happened what was that i have no idea he’s back everybody okay oh wow i am uh oh no he had to turn a wonderful one it’s not quite as good as it it’s not quite as good wow what is this level this is this is the one this is the new timmy the wonder pig i think oh my goodness we got a wonder pig we got wonder wall what else are we gonna get this wondrous i mean geez this is yeah village full of wonder that is exactly what we have here oh impulse yeah well i have you here oh don’t kill my pig that’s not going to happen oh no new service here in town impulse it’s called scars waxing a surprise every time the first time here is free by the way okay um we are available 24 hours to satisfy your waxing needs i like it and uh yeah the first time it’s free i appreciate the service car just like this is gonna be a great service we don’t have the wax yet bubba i was going to say just to clarify i i saw no wax being used there buddy that was just purely a beast no wax just an axe you have to say that right and then you have to jump on your ride and celebrate that as if that was like a 10 out of 10 joke all right so we’re going to rewind right with the magic of editing all right no wax just an axe that’s just logan you’re welcome thank you bye-bye anyway remember potato boy well i got a little bit tired of people commenting on my lack of shorts oh my goodness i’ve got a lack of legs so i’ve decided to take my suit back out the wardrobe and put it back on but i’ve also turned myself into a natural potato i am now i am now potato now don’t worry i’m still all about the peace loving plants okay i’m still not going to be killing anything but i’m also going to have a heavy focus on potatoes i mean look at me i’m carrying two potatoes i didn’t even plan to hold two potatoes so that’s absolutely hilarious potato boy is here to fulfill all of your potato needs i’m actually going to work on that now it’s time for hermitcraft business number one i’m going to set up a potato based vending machine not just in this area but also in other areas of the hermitcraft server my redstone testing world is so strange you’ve got things from hermitcraft season seven hermitcraft season four this is from before hermitcraft this is hermitcraft season three sugarcane pillar sugarcane brickworld hermitcraft season 2 and this build was the first build i constructed in this redstone testing world and it still works nice nostalgia trip aside let’s construct this vending machine design one look great but it only gives 48 items because i’m terrible at maths it’s also absolutely enormous because i don’t have any slime so i can’t make sticky pistons which makes things considerably bigger in the redstone world but after some serious ingenuity and engineering i’ve managed to get myself a fully functional design so this is where the hermits pay and this is where their potatoes pop up it’s like a proper little vending machine i forgot about my skin and these are all the resources that i need to actually construct this thing so i would say we were all pre-prepared and after some serious resource gathering on the hermitcraft server i am now fully kitted out to make four of these so i’ve got all of the resources required to build four of these redstone contraptions now you might be wondering how i got these item frames well it’s it’s quite simple i was the good person and i didn’t go out and kill the cows instead i stole it from green’s base so stage one of this process is dig out a three by five by seven hole to put all of the redstone circuitry inside off then it’s the soul sand block in the center surrounded by sixteen i think 16 droppers in total then the way that we actually activate this thing is making use of a redstone lamp and then observers detecting the flashing of the redstone lamp so essentially when a redstone lamp gets powered by a short pulse such as one from an observer it actually increases the length of the pulse by one tick which means that observers connected to it then give two pulses so the way that we’re getting a whole stack of items out of this system is obviously we’ve got 16 droppers when we hit the button it gives two pulses and then when the button pops back out it gives another two pulses giving us four pulses which is 64 potatoes maths or as americans say math so now it’s just a case of connecting up all of the redstone which is actually all quite simple most of it can be done on top of the surface which is incredibly handy for the construction of this thing and then it is just all the decoration blocks why does it sound like i’m selling this as a product like this vending machine is the item that i’m selling oh dear has come back to haunt me i’m still trying to sell flatback redstone contraptions anyway the build is now complete and it could be yours for just 9.99 on hermitcraft.com despite that being incredibly convincing it’s not actually for sale here it is in all of its glory looking absolutely fantastic so this is the potato boy tater vendor it is one diamond for three stacks which means that you have to press the button three times this system is now all up and running but you may notice yeah there’s currently no spuds in it i do however have an absolutely enormous quantity of potatoes at this point in time and i’m gradually trying my best to smelt them up quickly but it seems like the farm is actually way too fast for my smoker so we’re gonna need to double up first we need to clear up this absolutely colossal backlog of potatoes that we have so there i’ve been the super smelter and now i’ve added in this tiny little system here which essentially doubles the speed of the system by having two smokers instead of one and that should hopefully be enough i mean i’m amazed by how fast this thing generates potatoes i mean we still have a pretty insane backlog to clear here as well i have way too many potatoes this is a real issue even for someone who is a potato this is a problem well this isn’t annoying at all refilling these things is definitely fun i love my job so let’s give this system its first proper test i have got 18 baked potatoes so we should end up with one extra stack 14.

That’s confusing these bottom two do not seem to be firing and that’s weird i fixed it all up and then what is going on here well you know the other day when we were in the boat and you called me potato boy i was like man that has a ring to it so i’ve become a potato i wish you could see my face in real life he’s a very strong tater like i’m not quite sure what i’m looking at no neither am i i must admit you know it’s it’s oh it’s our hands as well yeah the hands have been added and then sometimes i just hold two potatoes for effect just because it really just drives home the potatoiness of everything that’s going on you know you know i logged in earlier briefly and i thought you were just wearing a gold helmet potato boy tater vendor oh yeah this is when you take a vending machine you know i’m just i’m working on it the redstone should actually be almost done uh if i get this i might do my first test right now what could possibly go wrong there you go you can you can now get potatoes if you if you want any and then that’s that’s where you put your payments and things i think you’ve started a business venture where not a single person wants to buy anything all over again that is totally my vibe actually that is but see here’s the plan this is not going to be the only one i’m gonna i’m gonna cover the whole server [Laughter] oh okay good luck to you taterman cause what do you not think this is gonna work out do you not no i as your friend i fully believe in you okay good well anyway it’s uh it’s nice to see buddy um your base looks cool and uh i guess i’ll get back yeah thanks for thanks for finishing the back of it for me that’s quite all right dude does that end the war by the way like the the planting thing is that done oh no oh no it’s just just begun you best not close [Laughter] so with potato vendor number one done it’s now time to expand our reach who do i think is deserving of a tater vendor vintage beef i mean he’s got beef in the name i feel like potatoes they’re not really his vibe the three hooligans there’s three of them that’s that’s and there’s a magma cube at the end of the tunnel there so i guess this is the one that i’m going through just a reminder that this this and this are all starter bases hermitcraft is a strange place i will be the first to admit that there is a certain element of risk in the location that i’ve chosen for my next defender i am getting ridiculously fast at building these things though this this is becoming second nature for me so the second vending machine in the tater vendor enterprise has been constructed and i imagine it’s going to be hugely successful and profitable next vendor is going to be going into iskal and ethos base now this one features a slightly modified design because i’m going to try my best to get it to fit in within the environment and not stand out too much it’s details like these that are going to make me the most successful business on the hermitcraft server and i would say i’ve done a very good job indeed all it needs is potatoes and water and then i’ll be ready to go so on to the next one which is gem stress and false’s swamp absolutely perfect so now all we need to do is pick up all of the potatoes to actually put into these vending machines so that they’re useful and then that business [Music] what is that what [Music] what what i mean there’s only one oh my goodness the mega tree oh my goodness this is ridiculous does that go all the way up to the build limit i mean i imagine it goes all the way up to the build limit this is quite the monument i don’t even know how to get rid of this i don’t even know if i should get rid of this i’m just going to ignore it because this gown’s popped over for a quick adventure i’ve got a new shirt um do you what color is your shirt normally oh the same color i i i kind of liked it so i bought the same so this is this is a new shirt yeah right oh yeah yeah it smells neat that’s got that new smelt like [Music] i can’t do it i can’t do that i’m gonna die i’m literally going to die yeah and me me too yeah would you like to mend my soul by helping me on a little bit of a quest this is very good mending is very helpful so what sort of quest is it well i need a trident right and how do you want me to help you with that i mean you have to understand i i can’t kill anything so i can’t kill anything now no dude i’m all about the beast the love and the plants have you not read the front of my bus look so seriously you can’t attack anything right no but i could stand around and i could watch you maybe uh i think we should find one of those drowned there are drowned temples is this a yeah is this a new thing yeah i was 13 four years ago what you’ve got to be joking that literally this season of hermitcraft so far has been me learning things about minecraft that has existed since like 2011.

Is that is that a drowned temple that’s somehow generated on the land yes yes i don’t think they spawn the drown though because i think the ground has to be i think it has to be dark that’s crazy look there’s even a sea lantern up there should i get further away from this thing because it might affect might be within the 30 blocks thing um maybe the thing is if we find one that’s deep down it will be dark in daylight this was a terrible adventure this is the worst there is there is a chest in here though i’ve i’ve got it already i’ve got the treasure map in my hand there’s a bunch of wheat and coal you missed out on so joke’s on you do you want to get it do you want to go and get this treasure is this going to be our new task because you’ve realized that maybe getting a trident is potentially not going to happen so now you’re just coming up with a separate plan i just don’t want to look like a failure you know yeah yeah i’m with you the fact that there’s two boats here is maybe a bit concerning they’re both mine i can’t remember if i did this treasure oh well this is the worst treasure hunt i’ve ever yeah this is the worst dude oh it’s lit up over there this is not a good sign this gal this is still here you i just heard you right click oh yeah no there’s feathers die right nice has this has this adventure been successful or what like it would be nice if we could at least at least kill one round yeah i mean that probably would be good what is that bee doing over there he has got himself real in a muddle aye yeah yeah should we rescue this bee is this our new mission sure yes maybe you could get him in the boat yeah that’s what i’m thinking but you’re taking a seat all right dude pop in i’ll happily sacrifice my space go on get him oh that was so cool what are you doing he’s fishing he’s looking for fish go on yes yes oh what not no i can’t punch him go on you crashed into him maybe you have to be out the boat you have to get out of the boat okay i got an idea big no big brain we’re meant to be saving the bee yeah we are we are get in the stupid bolt b i’m nudging i’m nudging the boat i’m not doing that it’s a diving bee oh he was so close he was so close he was so close he’s teasing up here oh yeah he’s gonna die now he’s lost his stinger man we have we’re terrible at everything i’ve been i feel bad now i feel genuinely bad i didn’t realize that i thought that i’d let him attack me well i think he could have some success i think i think he’s i think if his sting is gone i think he dies i don’t want to watch that he seems to be all right actually no he seems to be he seems to be he seems to be thriving if we unload the chunk he’s gonna be okay oh no he’s in he’s in the water no no he’s he’s all good he’s all good dude he’s fine he is thriving he’s driving okay he’s right behind you we might be able to get this should i punch him again where’s he off to he’s now he’s suddenly on a mission i think he’s fishing the clown fishes oh oh oh i i told you we should unload the chunk we should have unloaded the chunk well that was hugely unsuccessful but it was successfully unsuccessful in that it was so unsuccessful that it became successful again because it was so hilariously unsuccessful yeah i think that makes sense right i’d say that’s a good point to leave off this episode it’s been incredibly fun we’ve done a ton it’s it’s been awesome goodness gracious me i hope you enjoyed i’ll catch you next time see ya you know just between me and the three people who are still watching this video during the outro i’m genuinely concerned for my lack of minecraft knowledge it seems like every single episode i produce i’m getting new information about minecraft that has been in the game for many years that i was just totally unaware of i mean i did i had no clue that drowned had their own structures what on earth

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