YPC 2021: DAS sind die Teilnehmer! YouTube Predator Cup 2021

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With a slightly adjusted mode, an incredible price for you guys watching and a big surprise for both the contestants and the fans, the YouTube Predator Cup 2021 will once again make its very own history! Let me introduce the 24 contestants who will for give it their all while fighting for the crown for Europe’s best Predatory fisher! Herbert Ziereis, who came all the way to the finals in 2019, made it to the semi-finals in 2020. Maybe he and his “Hikes” -team will finally be able to take the crown this year! In 2020 Simon Torenbeek was one of the dark horses. However, he didn’t make it past the first round. The Dutch product developer of Abu Garcia/Berkley is ready for a rematch! Competing for the Japanese line manufacturer “Sunline”, Henrik Haack makes his debut at the YPC 2021. He, too, has been a part of other tournaments before though. Being from Northern Germany, Henrik enjoys catching perch and came in 3rd at a Japanese bass tournament in 2018. Back then he also caught the biggest fish of the tournament! Last year he had a baby and therefore couldn’t participate.

This year, Dustin Schne is more motivated than ever to be able to represent his brand “Nays” himself again! After already having won in 2018, he wants to take the trophy home again! Current champion Enrico Di Ventura plans on doing the same thing! Now being a part of the LMAB-team, he wants to do just as well as he did last year! His former team, Westin, has some great representatives too: Toon van Ham is the youngest contestant this year. However, he shouldn’t be underestimated! He posts some great fish to his Instagram almost daily! He knows the waters of the tournament very well! Therefore, we can expect the Belgian to be very well prepared. This also applies to another YPC newcomer.

Patrick Marrable, who is representing reel manufacturer “Lews”, isn’t just known to be an expert when it comes to Holland, he has also been successful at various Streetifishing tournaments. Were excited to see how far he is going to make it! Jasmin Spingel-Petersen by Moby Softbaits was one of the viewers’ favorites last year! She lost against Enrico during the quarter-finals. She definitely has what it takes to make it very far this year! Malte Gatz was one of last seasons pleasant surprises as well. In 2021 he wants to make it even further using his Gunki colors! A YPC without Dietmar Isaiasch is impossible! Of course he’s also one of the most anticipated anglers during this 4th season! Seika Pro team leader Veit Wilde was able to improve his position year by year! If he manages to do so again, he should be able to make it to the finals this year.

Florian Over, too, has had success at the “Profi Liga” before. He was vice-champion in 2018 and will represent the fishing magazine “Fisch und Fang” at the YPC 2021! Besides Simon Torenbeek, the Netherlands have another strong angler in the race: Evert Oostdam, organizer of the Predator Tour. Just like during Perch Pro, he will represent CWC. Adrian Prus makes his debut at the YPC too. The globetrotter is very experienced and has fished in all kinds of waters all over the world! He’s very familiar with the desired kinds of fish too! The DAIWA team member sure has an ace up his sleeve! Last year, Jan Pusch was off to a great start.

However, it started to go downhill from there. This time, the 2017 Vice-European champion will make sure to represent “Finval” properly shaved and well prepared! Christian Wieneke who represents “Savage Gear” is still looking for a rematch! Despite his best efforts he only came in 3rd during the first round. He wants to make sure he makes it further this year! We almost can’t believe he will finally be a part of the 4th season! Perch-Pope Johannes Dietel will represent “Shimano” and will enrich the tournament with his incredible knowledge and his admirable skillset for the first time in 2021! Also, a newcomer but not quite as famous yet: Dirk Ostrowksi is representing “Hearty Rise”.

He loves catching pike perch, fishes in the Netherlands regularly- exclusively from ashore! Were excited to see how he will do. France will once again be represented by Sylvain Legendre. Having been national champion four times already, he wants to get his “Fox Rage” team a lot further than last year. The Belgian YouTuber Landry Rausens who is fishing for “Fish Explorer”, wants to prove that he can do better than what he has shown us last year! Lets see if his plans work better this year! Switzerland will be a part of the tournament again too! Will Markus von Euw and his “Bullseye” -team make it even further than to the quarter-finals like last year? Well, he for sure has what it takes! Semi-finals, quarter-finals, 4th in the first round: Daniel Andrianis previous results at the YPC look quite good! It hasn’t been enough to take home the trophy yet though! Will he finally get the organizer hechtundbarsch.de a spot in the finals?! This year Poland will be represented too! Tomasz Lewandowski represents one of Poland’s biggest YouTube fishing channels! Last but not least, the Newcomer of the Year 2020 is one of the most anticipated anglers during this year’s tournament! Were looking forward to Marc Ptacovsky by “Illex”.

That’s it, these 24 anglers will be a part of the YouTube Predator Cup 2021! We will see some new anglers, I’m sure we’ll all be in for a few surprises! Of course we’ll see many established anglers too. In case you want to witness the draw of the groups: Make sure to tune in on the 14th of January, we’ll do it live here on our channel! Ill see you there..

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