Granada 0 – 4 Barcelona – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 1/9/2021 |

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and you can see the look on jordy alba’s face who knows it this will be a tough one the nazares are a good good side and you know some people say the past doesn’t matter and simply the present is what matters but what’s football without recalls in habit near back and back to mark andre ter stegen who seems to be back to his miraculous best it’s amazing how good a defense can be when it gets confidence deyong may be a little over confident cleared away puertas with the fire i’ll tell you what phil that’d be even better with the crowd behind them delightful projectile first who paid that he cuts to his right and merely can’t smuggle it past duarte the diminutive pedro knows it situates his dampers on but whitney does well in the end huge huge rolled messi has opening and now bends a little bit of it to try and compose more good rune by antoine through the centre deflects for griezmann and he doesn’t delay this time if it was deflected was it an message they think about it and the flag comes up was it an intent to play by the defender they’re going to look at this on var lifetime it doesn’t glance as if this was accidental he cannot see here from that direction have a look again beautiful missile from busquets wow i think he’s going to try to clear that and that regards a purpose to me and it looks like they are heading back to midfield so before they even go to var ricardo the burgos beng and now trying to calm things down is Granada losing its cool take another glance that’s an attempt to play the ball right precisely and busquets is trying intentionally to find pedry but the rebound takes it to antoine and he is quicker than a chinese delivery now beautiful make away but he sells it brilliantly and again well ray back in your daylight that’s offside sometimes i do sometimes i don’t they lost to various recreations because they just had a roster to play with the other is the fact that at home this is a team that’s only lost one of eight so it’s not over yet here’s the yong embelly explodes far positions and smuggles it through and only wide but naturally very calm shot deflected wide they’re staking over to scramble and give delicately Barcelona trying to complete the alleys neat play in for soldado tight direction and he roughly sneaks it through but wide of the goal it’s the right run at the right time herrera in the way though good step in duarte nice spy soldado was he on signal bides down pellet off the boot of puertos and again tears staging to the rescue i don’t think this one’s offside is it it is yep good substance very hard yeah very difficult all the different gestures going on this would be an almost impossible shot from 40 gardens out on an inclination from dead center luis silva in the center of his six arson blame into him td and he couldn’t extend was ready not enough for a foul-smelling though says the ref simply gets again on top of this competition today good extend opportunity at the top for messi and he sounds the net glass wonderful from lionel as he leads this one in and he doesn’t conclude the defenders cry here he makes some odd newspapers the beautiful ball pinned it in and again a voodoo destination wonderful placement and the neurons inside of his ability must be the size of a bowling ball uh that dance coming off bousquette’s entrust but it was before it would be considered in the attack i would imagine well we’ve seen them committed phil again there’s no consensus on this the ball comes down grazes against the appendage or the side they don’t know that going the other way antoine interprets the count 10 the argentina follower cleaner the neutrogena and again the rampages that is messy this is where he likes it now what’s he got against duarte neatly trimming inside padre a trip outside the box just now the pass was blocked but the ref calling the fouled at a free kick for messi and marsa 5 in the wall and it looks a lot like a skirt to boot messi goes through makes the bull’s eye he brought about by his mons wallace ricochetting device here the damn booster where the inconceivable becomes the predictable and where the lunatic becomes the expected benevolence the madness of him insane knack they’re stymie him upstairs they’re bar him downstairs but he strands the needle with a tether again there’s the foe committed by janet teki and here’s the magic being that transmits this divinely does it take a touch nope he steers his course through this like james tiberius kirk steers that spaceship through an asteroid subject immense great finish nice ball wide vallejo ricochets through back post huertas across shoots but right to the fingertips of ter stegen performing the resist extended and then threading the direction through with it 66 possession you’d nearly expect a bit more seven to five in shootings but this could be another one for frankie de young griezmann tries to clear pulkier staying with messi perfect griezmann testifies dembele meets him shot rapidly to the corner oh the marksman griezmann and another goal for barsa well this starts from a splendid pellet by sergey bousquets but then it just gets brilliant and this is a superfinely splendid strike from griezmann yep where’s your crazy dance the fantastic one this one phil take a look comes the surgery he insures it immediately drops a pint of brew into a shot glass here lovely rainbow pass for antoine he agrees it and then he hurtles it fabulous poise on him and a wonderful slingshot from a tighten tilt the french alliance now and look at this dynamic wow so you know you’re valuable here you’re going to have a future here it’s not his way neat intuition and he approximately got it all was heading away our place dest yarns it for trinkal the young portuguese winger starting to get hypnotized hypnotized kaleidoscopes are back in fashion griezmann nice ball back to pianic with a busquets-like pass to busquets off to ricky weaves it through around vallejo down drives brathwaite and the foul just outside the area disavowing the opportunity it could have been a goal but it will be a red and a free kick for Barcelona what it is is a participate playing the jedi main quirk against Granada and his epithet is ricky pooch look at this ball absolutely perfection from the youngster and again we’ve seen it before anybody that knows a football app say that this kid is an emerging brilliance Barcelona with a chance for its fifth of video games and again there’s no messi so there’s a bit of a discussion one of the other it’s griezmann or the howitzer and i am only employed main coin on the blaze with change griezmann looking forward to three but it will be pianick looking for his first there’s one game he had a puapor game and he got snatched in half time i don’t remember which tournament that was that’s brilliant nice use by kennedy but ter stegen ensures it through the trees virtually met by sanchez but it simply voyages over the center circle back heel by brathwaite griezmann into the middle for martin but again first one so sharp-witted and immediate it uttered the other actors term and seat to find the privilege man and again in for martin brathwaite he got inside of everyone but duarte with a person and clevernes of signature and it is the symbolism of Barcelona it’s exemplified in ricky pooch for me he comes in to turn in a good display at the end even though the game was long decided four-nothing Barcelona back up to third in the counter you

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