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The Texans’ QB is reportedly unhappy and wants out. Any QB needy team should be on the phone previously .

DeShaun Watson potentially requiring out of Houston is the predictable aspiration to this mess. It wasn’t long ago the Texans were apparently on the verge of perennial playoff places with enough upside to contend for a Super Bowl. Since then, the team has suffered from appalling coaching and a series of inadequate decisions from owned and mismanagement that have turned a promising listing into laughingstock.

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As bad as things have been, there was still one beacon for Houston. They still had Watson, assuredly one of the best young quarterbacks in the league — who still managed to throw for almost 5,000 grounds and upright a QB rating of 112.3 with limited weapons or help. Everyone has their breaking point though, and it appears Watson has reached his. Now he’s reportedly miserable after being frozen out of the front office hiring process, with some pondering he could ask for a commerce. While it would expense a bonu of sketch picks and future resources, crews should be blowing up Houstons’ phone with the lingering of a stoned ex.

Here are a few franchises

New England Patriots

Why it forms smell :

The Patriots are moving on from Cam Newton and are in dire need of a quarterback. It’s apparent that nobody on the roster has the skills to get the job done, and with Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels at the helm Watson would be able to make a huge impact. As entertaining as it is to represent jokes about the Pats’ miseries, they’re still a really good team who is close to returning to the playoffs. Watson and a few cases nips would certainly put New England back on the right track.

Why it doesn’t :

A trade for Watson is going to cost a lot. The Patriots don’t have a lot of solid tradeable assets the Texans would be interested in, implying this would take a significant number of high-pitched drawing selects to get a deal done. That’s antithetical to how Belichick passes the team, If we assume it will take, say, two first rounders and a second to get Watson, is that a bargain the Patriots would be okay with?

That’s really tough to say, and would be the largest sticking point here.

Atlanta Falcons

Why it makes sense :

The Falcon are considerably better than their record depicts. I foresee 2020 was an outlier, and with a little support this crew will be really good again. It emerges the Falcons are ready to move on from Matt Ryan, and rather than rolling the dice on a top QB, adding Watson to the roster would be incredible. This would be a dream scenario for the Falcons, who have a history of being happy to make large-scale trades.

Why it doesn’t :

It’s hard to come up with a reason why this doesn’t work. Frankly, all it would make would be the Texans making Ryan in return( together with picks) and this bargain is done. Draft a new QB with Atlanta’s No. 4 select, have them learn under Ryan — it’s a pretty good scenario if you’re Houston.

Washington Football Team

Why it builds gumption :

This is a playoff team, with an nobility defense, and enough offensive weapons that they’re pretty much a quarterback away from making a major propagandize. Washington has boat consignments of cover gap, representing they could afford Watson AND still get a weapon or two in free agency.

Why it doesn’t :

The big sticking point for Watson in Houston is dysfunction, and while the ship has been steadied under Ron Rivera, this is still one of the most dysfunctional teams in the NFL. Would Watson be happy? That’s hard to say.

San Francisco 49 ers

Why it acquires ability :

This was a hugely disappointing season for San Francisco that was wracked by gash, but that also presents an opportunity. Here’s a unit, one year removed from a Super Bowl, with a potential to chastise its biggest problem by arrive an elite quarterback.

Why it doesn’t :

I can definitely construe a scenario where San Francisco either wants to give Jimmy Garropollo another kill, or tell a young QB learn behind him. If the 49 ers value their resources too much that’s the only sticking point to plucking the prompt now.

Carolina Panthers

Why it impels feel :

Perhaps it’s a touch early to declare that Teddy Bridgewater isn’t” the guy ,” but it’s looking that nature. Statistically Bridgewater was fine during his firstly season in Carolina, but he appears to be more of a player who won’t lose you a game, rather than win you one. Carolina is being given a lot of quarterbacks in lampoon drawings for a reason, and Watson would be a better, safer gambling — with infrastructure facilities around him for success.

Why it doesn’t :

The biggest publish here is cap space. Carolina would need to clear significant coin off the books in order to take on Watson’s salary, and give up resources in the process. Would Houston take on Bridgewater( plus picks) in return? Do they have any interest in Christian McCaffery? These are the kind of contracts the Panthers would need to move in order to constitute the seat required for Watson. That’s tough to imagine.

New Orleans Saints

Why it becomes ability :

New Orleans constructed its last-place 15 years off indicating Drew Brees. It was a good idea to get a talented, young quarterback then, it’s a good idea now. It’s scary to study how long the Saints’ could remain atop the NFC if they manage to pivot into going DeShaun Watson now.

Why it doesn’t :

The Saints are in cap hell. They have too many participates stimulating too much money. As it stands there are going to need to be significant slice or restructuring as it stands to get under the cap, before we talk about adding another $23 M to the mix.

That said, NFL accounting can get artistic. The question is: Who on the Saints roster would Houston take on to get a deal done?

Miami Dolphins

Why it concludes sense :

The Dolphins are far more complete than anyone expected, and 2020 proved they’re ready to make a playoff push. I’m of the opinion that Miami doesn’t < em> need to make a move, and offensive issues with Tua Tagovailoa are more a product of Chan Gailey than Tua himself, but there’s no doubt that Watson is ready, right now, to take an installed team to the next level.

Miami has the cap room to assimilate Watson’s contract, and Tagovailoa is a heck of an resource if the incoming Houston front office likes him. This could be the most likely destination when the dirt settles.

Why it doesn’t :

There’s something to be said about staying the course. Tagovailoa might not have finished stimulating the rookie influence that Joe Burrow or Justin Herbert did, but there’s plenty to be optimistic about. This could be a case where sitting, and making things develop is preferable to trading apart their boon of assets to get Watson.

credit by: morgan center library and sbnation.com

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