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earlier today during a segment on first take stephen a smith read a text he received during the show from someone very close to the situation that said ben simmons quote doesn’t work doesn’t listen and everyone around him is everyone around him is family and he’s constantly babied you can imagine how that’s playing out in philly sixers vp daryl mori will have a very busy off season trying to figure out the next step michelle steele has more in tonight’s sportscenter report it is a stunner in south philly not so sunny in philadelphia 48 hours after a devastating game 7 loss at home ben simmons love is hard to find i’ve never been more embarrassed for an athlete in my life watching sports more than i did ben simmons in this series i’m still like stunned sitting here that that we didn’t win the game seven at home sixers president of basketball operations daryl mori facing lots of questions about the team’s max contract point guard who was m.i.a offensively from the field and the foul line can you tell us that ben simmons will be a 76er next season not addressing ben simmons but any move that will help our team win the championship or improve our odds you know we will look at and do if it makes sense this wasn’t the process sixers fans envisioned question marks surrounding a young talented core after another second round exit but whether maury makes an aggressive move following a playoff flameout for one of his star players will be a storyline for the rest of the off season ultimately you win or lose mostly with your players it’s my job to get the best players we didn’t have quite good enough players we’ve got a good foundation we just have to do better i have to do better everyone has to do better when asked how simmons could get better at the line and as a shooter maury said that head coach doc rivers and simmons spoke quote for a long time about it and added that everybody needs to figure out how to improve i’m michelle steele for espn nba insider brian windhorst joining us now in sportscenter wendy what’s the biggest challenge for daryl mori with regards to ben simmons’s future in philly here well kevin he’s got to protect his value which is why he was very cautious in his words today regardless of how he truly feels he can’t come out and say anything that would imply that he wants to trade ben simmons because the challenge was going to be even if he decided to come to that where is there going to be able to get for him if he’s you know if he’s coming off the situation where he’s had just the worst moment of his career in talking to executives around the league there’s a lot of interest in ben simmons if he was made available on the market today there would be maybe up to a dozen teams would make offers but it’s the quality of those offers that daryl mori is going to have to worry about and he’s going to have to be very careful with his behind the scenes move and his public statements not to show that hand and potentially give away what their position is going to be when do you mention behind the scenes so what role does joel embiid play here potentially a very large one joel embiid is under contract but he is eligible for the super max contract extension this off season that’s five years 200 and approaching 30 million dollars but before that conversation can take place you know that daryl moray is going to come to him and discuss the future of the organization you do not sign your franchise player to a contract like that for having frank discussions the same situation happened in houston when daryl moore was running that team and james harden signed the super max contract as they examined opportunities to change the roster so joel embiid will have an opportunity to weigh in on what he would need to be in the future whether daryl moore takes that into account or not we’ll have to wait and see thanks for watching espn on youtube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribe to espn plus

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