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we made it so every mob looks like a pig we never knew what mob was coming at us will we be able to beat the game before a pig blows us up well you’re about to find out also only a small percentage of people who watch these videos are actually subscribed so if you like this video please subscribe it’s free and you can always change your mind later enjoy all right are you guys ready yes let’s go let’s go go go go go what is this thing what is this thing wait why are you going why are you waiting is it actually a pig i think it’s actually no it’s a sheep yeah maybe i am a cat boy who knows oh my god oh he’s in this weird era too okay so like how has your guys like week been or whatever that hasn’t recorded in so long did you fall from heaven or was that just your face george stop why are you taking my crafting table yeah why why would you get more wood i’ve i’m getting more wood now that i put i’ve got all my stuff why is george on like his speedrun era all of a sudden i’m gonna go fit into the game i’ll see you guys later you took my crafting bench again dude what is your problem wait what that pig’s flying look at it what is that wait what is that we know it’s not it’s a b it has to be a b oh my god it’s going crazy wait oh wait what is this oh wait that’s a b it’s a b is it yeah you can tell because it had a little bottom falling off i wanted to get mad at me let’s see what happens punch it punch it with your fist oh my god oh oh oh my god oh my god wait what he killed him you’ve got like a bee stinger right in your chest wait oh my god look don’t react just hold your face oh what where’d it go wait hold the axe again oh it’s gone oh man where’s it we need a cake all right we finished cooking our good spoon or juicy meat let’s find a cave now what oh my god killed him oh that was what is yours . yeah you see that what is wrong with you dream look at this pig look at his big feet look at the big speed look at me look at me what the hell what am i doing hey guys watch this guys oh my god crazy what the hell wait can you even swim normally try and swim i’m swimming i’m swinging kind of all right george stop moving alright give me a hug george [Laughter] you guys are so dumb come here [Music] [Laughter] [Music] now there’s going to be like scary mobs what are these pigs it could be anything oh no oh my god wait what what it didn’t even like come towards me or anything what we have to come back what are your chords we’re at minus 240 220.

Oh my god you just got wrecked all right get your stuff down quick i’m getting it [Applause] all right all right let’s go what is that hold on be careful be careful wait let’s see if it runs towards us oh it does and that’s what is it wait what it was a spider i think no it’s a creeper dream heard the noises like i think that’s a spider is that a cave there on that island look there’s like a hole oh wait that’s a good good yeah i’ll go investigate as well yeah i’m when the crew goes to investigate one go when the boys investigate [Laughter] oh great it’s just a stupid water we investigated poorly i don’t know it’s ridiculous wait oh wait this is zombies a zombie is ridiculous my name is nicolas what are all these are these all zombies you just print me with an axe sorry sorry why is there somebody peeking oh my god oh my god that’s right get in the water get in the water get in the water and eat why are there so many yes i’m not take the bite of truth should i take the bite of truth oh god like pig creepers are more dangerous wait you know what’s kind of interesting about that like wasn’t the creeper made from like like a bugged pig that’s true that’s kind of interesting history i’m in oh oh my god they’re all blowing up oh my god two creepers just blow up yes wait look i have a pet pig i have a pet pig wait can you make it sit i don’t know is it sitting oh wait it is sitting look wait oh oh no there it goes it’s gone wait i can make it sit but it doesn’t look like it’s sitting it’s sitting now what is wrong with this pig it’s like my dog is broken it won’t move oh my god that beast pissed okay you know what i’m gonna leave my dog here to live out its days because it doesn’t want to follow me you guys remember like back like when i first started like recording with y’all like i was just really like weird with like my vocabulary like a different personality yeah i remember that i would just talk weird you would act differently you would act different on camera and i remember like i got so mad at you a couple times i was like just stop like just why are you acting so different it’s like it’s like he was like trying to i was just i was just like nervous no i was just nervous yeah you were you were just trying to be like cool yeah okay i’ll give you that i was trying to be cool i wasn’t trying to be funny you were trying to be cool you were like oh i need to like do act like this to be cool but then it was like we’re just like no like just be normal because i’m cool i’m cool without having to try to be cool no but it’s bad like it’s fine you don’t need to be cool like that’s what we were trying to tell you only a dream can be cool i can’t believe it took us this long to find a cave holy crap oh my gosh what’s there’s pigs attacking me yeah it’s almost like that’s how that works and it was like flying all my face and the batteries oh my god there’s so many pigs and they’re all attacking me i see what you mean i really copied exactly what you said creeper pig creeper pig does whatever a creeper pig does uh blows up stuff um does noises creeper pig oh wait oh god it’s a creeper pig wait someone come here look what quick what look in the hole oh my god it’s a it’s a pig butt yeah i like pig butt isn’t that bacon isn’t bacon pig butt george oh my gosh please give me that okay thank you george loves me he just gave just clip that out of context without me asking anything george may you know george may give you a rose but i’ll give you raw meat dream get out of here what do you mean get out of my promise get out of what what do you mean i said get out my furnace you stole all my iron i didn’t take anything you you’re stealing oh my god are you guys ready to go to the nether aye aye captain oh who lives in a dream i wanted to see spongebob what was he out here he’s in his weird era yeah he’s in his saucer [Laughter] oh what nothing oh lava bucket yeah all right listen just wait i’m making everyone’s stuff oh you wanted to mine gold no there’s diamonds oh where’s the diamonds stay away from them stay away from them yes my ping is better even though we live in the same house [Laughter] guys i’m like armor yeah i have like payment for diamonds i need my diamonds or i can just forcefully take them look at how much i have gear you stop that stop stop i get get out of here oh he’s oh dream over dream he’s smelling iron over here get over here get over here quickly i got one i stole one from him look dream where’s your name look this is what i think about your leather cap no george are you serious no dream stop dream stop dream stop george george .he’s running back . i have this for you maybe you can do something with that you guys around you’ll be okay there’s a fortress wait really whoa let’s go dream you want me to impress you ready don’t fall don’t fall don’t fall don’t fall don’t fall i did it he’s good wait look what is this what is this what else could it possibly be yeah it’s a pigment come on hold on shush let me listen to its noises it can’t be anything else oh okay speedrunner dream Minecraft god dream dream is one of the four pillars of Minecraft look at the pig oh my god oh my god look at the gas watch out for the gas oh it’s so annoying look oh wait what look wait i’m killing things look i’m gonna die oh my god wait is that a god yeah no that’s a cast okay there goes the blaze rod so hectic this is so hectic this is so hectic oh you’re a god you’re a god it’s like a tiny little pig wait guys guys there’s a bastion right over here i can see it like if i look at this weird angle there’s a there’s a bash down so we can go over there and get gold and then trade with pigs a bastion bastion according to my preliminary calculations we only need one more there it is let’s go let’s go oh my god guys go go oh holy holy crap i got obsidian there’s so many pigs i want to lose their child we have gold oh god oh god oh god oh god help me help me guys i don’t even know where you guys are i’m i’m at the top i’m at the top oh god oh there’s there’s the hog i’m out of here dude no i’m good i’m good i say we just mine gold and oh i’m dying what am i dying to run george run i’m running no i’m not having this i say we just mind gold oh wait i just have you have you uh got these double chests no i haven’t it’s full of brutes dude it’s full of bricks george where where’s that chest it’s hit all right you lure them away i’ll get it it’s here thank you so helpful i’m dying i’m dead i’m dead i’m gonna die i’m gonna die i’m going to die don’t i got the double chest i got the joke no dream run this way i want two hearts okay i’m here to protect you can we guys seriously look there’s the dumb guy here he’s rude i think it’s a brute oh my god yeah it is a brew oh nice all right dude what’s this oh wait i have a golden chest right i need to put this on oh oh that’s a hogland’s hogland oh yeah good call it’s another these are more hard ones oh shoot oh sound messed up i gotta get out of here i think the gold blocks are like in the ground on this one i’m pretty sure actually i thought about it oh my god i need food dream i have no food why is that a gold dream was it in the ground oh my god not really but i don’t have an i’m picking up come get it where oh i don’t know i got out i need food 68 minus 160.

Guys everything on the server is mad at me just killed yeah i can’t i have no food i have no food and i only have six hearts i’m just well you hit a pit oh wait what are these these are the you hit a pigman yeah i thought it was a hog i’m going into the heart of the lion oh my god my handsome savior hey guys i watch this i’m going to trap them you ready there’s just one but it’s funny oh it didn’t work there’s the gravel isn’t on a thingy it’s fine how are we going to get enderman oh there’s so many pigs oh my god why does he keep doing it i’ve done that twice oh they’re all mobs dude none of them are food how are none of these food how are they a almost george eat george’s like the luckiest person creepers are like act like food yeah they do like it’s like it scares you because like they just they ah they said that oh god the creeper i i i dropped my inventories full and so i didn’t pick it up and then a creeper blew up but it didn’t blow up the pearl somehow all right here you take the blazers i need pants can i have pants oh god forbid no i i don’t you you asked me for the one thing that i literally don’t have you walk up to me and the only piece of armor i’m missing is pants and you asked me for pants well i thought like you were just not wearing them for some reason it’s the only piece of armor that i’m not wearing and he asked me again look i love how we can set up just our pantsless and then sure it’s just i thought i went straight up i was like wow that’s not even impossible all right so someone’s diagnosed this way i’m going all right thank god we have the best speedrunner on the case wow this is crazy look what’s down there it’s crazy wow there’s a hole oh did you lose your water yeah i did no you didn’t you didn’t i did all right bye how did i survive then because you just lived you happen to live oh okay it’s like right here then pretty close he’s tamed what the hell wait what he’s writing about i wanna try wait it’s glitch oh don’t get it i mean the horse they’re like glitches oh my god oh what a shot that was a good shot what is wrong with you jump down oh we’re on sync i placed that for you like that yeah that’s nice hold on i can’t see we finish each other’s sentences how do you sing it that’s kind of weird he didn’t really finish my sentence george didn’t do it like that when i did it with him oh all right whoever finds it first wins what you’re gonna find it because george is in here he’s trying to get his horse down we’re gonna get to the end before he even gets his horse down that’s not sure george are you seriously doing this right now there’s no way he mined his horse down he minded it yeah i mind the horse all the way down there’s like a million dollars it’s like glitchy yeah and you got blocked have we found the room yet no i’ll find out oh my god. i’m not yeah there’s like a zombie apocalypse i spent like the last five minutes getting that down here yeah did he kill it he killed it as soon as i got down .that’s kind of funny to be fair that’s not funny hey yo how many was in the portal i didn’t check one you know what like that’s gonna take us forever because one we’re all one point six point five and two we can’t even see which ones are enderman so i vote that we cheat we need to have a council meeting jordan’s gonna vote too george is gonna vote that we’re cheating so it doesn’t matter it even matter in your own videos doesn’t matter what you say we are cheating wait how about this how about this we introduced this no we introduced this in the afros video that isn’t out yet but they probably won’t be out by the time and i’ll position us quicker but look you know what to do george george do it you have to do the the ritual yeah you have to do that yeah i’ll do the ritual you’re ready no no i’ll i’ll teach you the ritual this is the ritual that’s how it works okay it’s called it’s called the piglen prayer okay or the pink oh the pigment prayer and all you go all you guys that’s it all right go ahead try it try it all right it worked oh my god that was sitting there waiting that is insane i want so many extras that i don’t need i have some new footage to submit to the speedrun wait if i just do this and this then no way oh we didn’t set our beds oh okay one shot oh my god. the dragon looks so ridiculous oh my god look at it it looks so dumb dude it looks like it’s like that’s i didn’t actually did not expect it oh i got it sign up wait i think they’re all destroyed there’s one more right it’s up here all right where there’s one more there’s one where where oh i see it i got it get the pig or the dragon it looks so dumb it looks so dumb ridiculous how do i i keep looking at these stupid entertainment because like you wait watch this no way if i do it you have to do something nice oh my god what did you say nice like that jordan before you died george what are you doing oh you’re spectating wait how do i hit this thing it’s i’m inside of it just kill it how how where’s his head i can’t see where i’m at in the pig oh i got it okay i’m making a bed wait i’m making a bed all right where where where where right there place the bed right there on the side oh no i didn’t even look gosh i couldn’t see this this dragon is beefy bro look how short its body is all right looks like here you go here goes that take the take this bed these two beds kill it um it’s over here replace it place it right there i’ll tell you from the outside oh my god jim’s gonna die emoji nice oh it’s so low it’s so low shoot it i’m gonna kill it no you’re not no you’re not i am i am i am you’re not allowed i’m gonna kill it i’m gonna kill i it doing more damage when you’re in creative mode george i don’t know where his hitbox is i’m kind of popping off i’m gonna kill him i’m gonna kill him oh my god someone’s gonna get it come back oh i’m trying .let’s go it’s me look at me let’s go let’s go

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