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millions of americans now digging out from one blizzard as a brand-new structure takes influence in the south and takes aim at one of the busiest trip eras of the year a commonwealth of emergency to open 2021 as ponderous blizzard and sparkler propagandize northward from texas through the heartland then all the way east into northern new england a foot of snowfall paralyzing interstate traffic in texas some drivers stuck up to 14 hours tonight notice moving to the southeast where a rainmaker has already prompted heavy rainfall watches from tallahassee to columbia south carolina that whirlwind pushing north along the i-9 5 passageway with snow inland and a wintry mingle sure to make for deceitful driving the forecast in a moment but we begin tonight with abc’s stephanie ramos right here in new york metropoli tonight hazardous winter climate flinging regions of the country with millions ability dwelling from the holidays a major tornado organisation cleaning from the south into the northeast bringing heavy snow ice and rain parts of west texas mining out from more than a foot of blizzard this is miles and miles several hundreds of motorists stuck in traffic for up to 14 hours due to the tricky cases one wife with diabetes trying to avoid a medical disaster by allotment her prescription in the car i’m trying not to make my prescriptions right now because i don’t want my sugar to descent too low in oklahoma snowfall and ice thumping out supremacy to thousands icy road conditions stranding autoes semis slithering off the routes this 18 -wheeler toppling onto its side ramming a guardrail two reported tornadoes touching down in georgia this mobile home flung over by high winds disabling person or persons despite cdc urges not to travel due to covet more than 15 million people flying across the country for the winter celebrations rain and snowfall could affect travel over the next 24 hours with tomorrow expected to be the busiest daylight for air travel since the start of the pandemic the travel headaches aren’t over here in the northeast black ice is a concern tonight as temperatures are expected to drop below freezing and a brand-new tornado set to impact much of the east coast tomorrow return travelers very little time to prepare whit all right stephanie thanks hi everyone george stephanopoulos now thanks for checking out the abc story youtube path if you’d like to do more videos demo highlightings and watch live happen coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to download the abc report app for separate report alertings thanks for watching

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