Georgians line up to vote in Senate runoff election |

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and more than 3 million people have already cast their ballots in georgia as the last voters head to the polls today to decide control of the senate democrats need to win both elections to get to a 50-50 tie making vice president-elect kamala harris the deciding vote the races appear to be neck and neck 538’s polling average shows democrat jon ossoff with a slight edge over republican david perdue and democrat rafael warnock is leading republican kelly leffler by just over two points abc’s elwin lopez joins us now from atlanta with more on this elwynn georgia has been in the national spotlight for weeks now but it all comes down to today so what are the candidates and parties doing to try to get those last voters out good morning diane so we’re in the final stretch and i can tell you this that voters here have already started to show up to cast their ballots and georgians understand that the stakes here are high already more than 3 million people have cast their ballots ahead of today that is double early turnout from 2018 and even with those numbers so high we saw at least a dozen people here waiting in line before the doors even opened this morning and what are you hearing from voters yeah so voters are telling us listen i can tell you this myself we’ve been getting mail texts phone calls non-stop and so they’re saying that not only is it important to vote in this election but it is also their civic duty take a listen for me it’s a big deal because we see here the power of the individual you know each of us have a a purpose on this earth god put each of us here to make a difference and every now and then you get to see it very clearly and this is an election where every vote counts every individual counts and it’s a powerful message that in general in life each of us are very important and each of us can can make a world of a difference you know my grandparents were holocaust survivors and they taught us that your politics are private but you always must vote and it’s important to point out that we might not know the results here for days diane and ellen now officials are looking into threats at polling locations we heard cecilia touch on this a little bit what’s the latest yeah so the georgia bureau of investigation says they’re taking a look into specific threats into 10 different counties so we know that they’re keeping an eye on this they’re patrolling those polling precincts to make sure that voters are safe diane all right elwyn lopez in atlanta thanks ellen hi everyone george stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the abc news youtube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching

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