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this morning u.s health officials out with a new warning shooting down suggestions from some top health experts looking to speed up vaccine distribution by cutting doses in half or even delaying the second shot in a new statement the fda warns changing the approved dosing schedule is premature and not rooted solidly in the available evidence adding it could run a significant risk and undermine the vaccination efforts dosing a first dose without a second dose available that’s just not in the label it comes with states saying only 30 of the vaccines distributed so far have been administered so frustrating so frustrating in florida seniors camped out overnight hoping to get their shot but thousands were turned away the governor now demanding hospitals speed things up hospitals that do not do a good job of getting the vaccine out will have their allocations transferred to hospitals that are doing a good job in new york the governor is threatening hospitals with a hundred thousand dollar fine if you don’t use the allocation by the end of this week you can be fined and you won’t receive further allocations the state now confirming its first case of that more contagious covid variant a man with no recent travel history testing positive at least three others in contact with them now waiting for their test results that uk variant has spread to at least four states making the race to vaccinate all the more urgent and doctors say another variant from south africa could be even more contagious scientists are closely monitoring these mutations to make sure the current vaccines still work against them the general suspicion is that these current variants are still likely susceptible to vaccines however we don’t know that yet the uk mutation now forcing britain to impose a new national lockdown it’s clear that we need to do more together to bring this new variant under control the number of people in the hospital there is now 40 percent higher than what the uk saw at the height of the crisis last spring which left 35 000 people dead the weeks ahead will be the hardest yet back in the u.s more than 128 thousand people are in the hospital with kovid ers are overrun with this post-christmas surge still looming is this in every i mean they’re beds in the pool way beyond falls yeah um we’re running probably 300 of our normal capacity right i mean 100 the situation in los angeles county is so dire ambulance crews are now being advised to cut back on oxygen use and not to take patients to the hospital if they have little chance of survival it’s nonstop and it has been for the last few weeks and you know we’re all hands on deck the flow of critical patients non-stop this emergency hitting mid-interview is the person okay yeah no i mean stabilized i would say and back to the vaccine troubles in san francisco officials warn if they can’t give out the shots faster the vaccines may expire before leaving the warehouse

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