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How are you? How are you? Podium number 100 for Fernando Alonso and second in a row, something that had not happened since the Singapore Grand Prix in 2013, he managed to chain two consecutive grand prix on the podium for the last time. I am going to tell you one thing regardless of the mess that is He has mounted the podium He could not podium I tell you that even if the international federation had not backed down as it has backed down I would be happier than a partridge from this Saudi Arabian Grand Prix if I were Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin and in fact I was huh Fernando had just taken the podium from him and he was happy and content because there was something much more valuable and much more important than a podium, he had 99 and it is the fact that the Aston Martin project continued to work and in a grand prix like this one on a circuit like this one that arrives where they had it marked in red As a circuit where presumably they were not going to go well because they went extraordinarily all weekend Well, only the exception of the abandonment of Lance Stroll It’s good that this is of course a step backwards because reliability is essential in any championship but they would have to start despite the fact that they had taken the podium because they have confirmed themselves as the second team in the category behind Red Bull far behind Red Bull but ahead of Mercedes and Ferrari of Ferrari of Mercedes I don’t really know the order here of course it has been Aston Martin Mercedes and Ferrari and it’s not a flash in the pan it’s not a flower from a solo circuit in Bahrain is that on a very different track they have also shone and it was mr23 it works and well yes the podium has finally arrived but I would like to talk to you a little about the podium because it is everything It is all surreal I am coming saying for a long time that the sanctions when they are mainly sporting, that is to say something that has happened on the track and that is easy to confirm or verify, they have to be applied e immediately because when they are not applied immediately they generate an extremely large punishment to see if you have to comply with those 5- second penalty that Fernando had to comply with because he had positioned himself incorrectly on the grid and you do it in the Peter stop and there are 30 laps to go and someone detects it or does not detect it but it happens at that moment that a mechanic with the rear jack has touched the back of the car before 5 seconds and you consider that those work on the car I can’t believe that it takes you 30 laps an hour to communicate the sanction because of course from then on the damage is irreparable if you tell Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin that two laps later, as happened with Ocon in Marín, who was told that the stop and the five seconds had fulfilled us And then he had to fulfill ten more Carlos they told him two laps later and they told Fernando two laps later Well man it’s a nuisance for them, but you can try to increase the buffer with George than when Fernando was told to increase the buffer with Russell to 5 or more than 5 seconds because I don’t know there I think this is Martin He was wrong Because there was a penalty and it’s going to be 10 no Out of five, he did it in three laps, he managed to put time in Russel and it is something notorious and Fernando himself and the team confirmed that once Fernando passes the Red Bulls, he goes into saving mode, not safety in safety mode so as not to break anything because he knows that they are not going to catch him from behind and he simply kept the mattress but if he had wanted to he could have run a little more And surely take out those 10 seconds if you tell him when he is celebrating on the podium that you are going to take away the podium you have no defense option makes no sense and then let’s see Aston Martina has protested and argued that there are precedents in which it has happened other times that someone has touched the car s but you have not worked on them and here is the linguistic disquisition no What is working on the car because the mechanic puts the jack and whatever hits it with the jack touches the car with the jack No it is not working on the car until don’t pick it up no one works in the car no And that is what the international federation has accepted something that will nevertheless be discussed in Australia to make things clear no because the worst thing is this which is work that is not work you can touch no You can play, we have to make things clear.

In any case, I think they have backed down because the ridicule was frightening, that is, the damage was not taking away Aston Martin’s podium, the damage was to themselves for having taken an hour and 30 laps to It cannot be made that unacceptable decision, but I insist that Fernando has achieved podium number 100 and has defended himself In a circuit where his biggest problem continues to be the one they had in Baren, which is top speed If we take the telemetry of Fernando’s qualifying lap and compare it with Checo Pérez, then you realize that in the three drs zones there is about 13 kilometers per hour of speed difference, that is, bench plus aerodynamic load, the Aston Martin men and according to what Pedro de la Rosa told us, they do it because removing more load makes the car not work.

So they have Of course they need that load so that the entire aerodynamic system of the car works And if you remove it it stops much slower but of course if this It’s what you have at top speed, you can’t go after the redbulls and defend yourself on the track against cars that do have top speed, it can be complicated, of course, the redbull hasn’t even been a battle, it was impossible, what happens is that Fernando has been extremely smart and intelligent when Bueno has won the position from Checo Pérez I think it was not in the plans But it has gone badly Checo Fernando has gone very well dry he has tried to ce rrarle has not been able to lose the position, he has not risked too much either because he knew that sooner or later he was going to recover his position with the drs and Fernando but that moment not to put up too much of a battle And from there take the slipstream and the drs to He checked to get away from what was coming from behind And it worked because he opened up a mattress then the safety car came, they made the stop, he completed the 5 seconds and when verstappen arrived and it happened to him, well he did Exactly the same thing, he took advantage of verstappen to take the good wheel as cycling does suck the wheel and get away from the Mercedes that were coming from behind And he has been playing with them those four seconds five at the end because he needed those times that they had asked him from the extraordinary race team Fernando very happy with podium without podium he was very happy and now I imagine that when they have confirmed it, more because the pod thing is very nice io number 100 the bad news because the continuation of what we already knew Red Bull Van as a shot and here they have not been able to hide that they had to run but escape because they had the penalty and started from behind and checked because they were leading and got as close as possible this penalty at the end with which they had to give everything for more or less a second and little difference per lap of the Red Bull with the rest an outrage it’s an outrage it’s been very nice because they’ve let them fight and it’s been very nice because Checo Pérez has stood up Checo Pérez has had a huge impressive weekend since Good since Friday Saturday in the qualifying lap which was a scandal and in the race he has been tremendously smart he has been very fast and has held the pace when when Max he was coming from behind there was a moment of uncertainty with the team when they asked him for a target time and he asked why and if Max was going to do it Max N or he stopped he didn’t stop and in the end they asked him about the lap the fastest lap Max wanted it I also checked that fast lap that little dot decided who would be the leader of the world championship Because first second in baren second first the positions are changed the fastest lap in barin Joe had done it with the Alfa Romeo with which that point decided the leadership of the world championship and Max Verstappen Well, he has not forgiven him, he was very clear that he wanted that point and he has achieved it but if the Czechs continue this level this Czech version 4.0 If they follow this level and they let them compete against each other at Red Bull because the rivals are far away, we can have a great time because we are going to have two races in each grand prix, the Red Bull one and the rest and the Red Bull ones can be very nice and the from the rest too Because behind there is a lot of equality Mercedes Aston Martin Ferrari will alternate with the pace of the races depending on the circuit they will be able to go further up further down and Depending on the evolutions that are also being introduced in this Grand Prix, Mercedes went ahead to look at the storms that were generated in Bahrain, tearing their clothes off, Hamilton, that the concept was wrong, that they had been wrong, what a disaster that everyone crestfallen and pensive and it turns out that they have ended up here ahead of the Ferraris and they have not had such a bad pace if one lap they are not going very well but in race pace they are quite good not as fast as Aston Martin of course Not as fast as red but here ahead of Ferrari It must be said that Ferrari, in their defense, the safety car has not been good for them, it has been really bad for them to see this movie, it has been very good and then a part of the race has been a bit bland, not because I Russell could not catch Fernando because Fernando played with him Hamilton couldn’t catch Russell and he was wearing medium tires that held up quite well until the end Carlos couldn’t he could catch russell and leclerc couldn’t catch carlos so they all stayed there a distance of around two three seconds and there have been no position changes well we’ll see all I’m saying is that if the absolute disaster of Mercedes in the last grand prix things have changed here but I would finish behind that team that was in absolute disaster 15 days ago.

So I don’t know who has more absolute disaster if Mercedes or Ferrari that in addition to not having rhythm at least in the race they lack reliability because they were the first penalized of the season due to changes in engine elements, Carlos’ race to see complicated since Saturday because it was not a very brilliant classification, he himself has recognized it And that obviously has weighed on him and the safety car It did not benefit him and the only positive thing is that well, within the rhythms they had, he has been able to keep Charles Leclerc at bay, he has not been able to come close to throwing lec lerc Carlos has not left him and that is good in the case of Mercedes, be careful because it seems that for the next Grand Prix in Australia they will introduce the change in the concept of the car, let’s see, it has to be a relative change.

The car has to be the same, they will change something, they will put the pontoons on it, they will get into the styling a bit in the fashion that is on the entire grid, which is to have pontoons and this experiment with pontoons is zero. Putting four sheets of carbon fiber there is not that simple, you have to change the cooling system, change the position of the radiators in many changes in that small change in concept and it will surely have consequences for the management of the season of the Mercedes team and the for budget management because they have worked in parallel on two different concepts because they were not very confident in last year’s concept In short, what a good result p For Fernando, a good result in general for the Spaniards and a good result for us that we have had in the race that is passionate, fun, competitive at some points and with two Spaniards placed among the top 5 on the grid and placed up there in the battle on Sunday of races and I told you in the last Grand Prix this is going to be repeated many times and well it has been repeated this second time and it is going to be repeated a third time a fourth time a fifth time and I think it will be something we will see throughout the season and it’s something historic this hasn’t happened many times so dreaming dreaming about this daydreaming because it really is a privilege to be able to experience what we are going to experience this year it’s a pity about red bully that it’s so far away but well in any case let’s enjoy it because we We are going to have a great time and don’t worry, 15 days will fly by.

Come see you later..

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