Biden announces nuclear-powered submarines for Australia during meeting in San Diego

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The president is ending a whirld day in America’s finest city to. President Biden flew into San Diego aboard Air Force One. We watched it touchdown right te at Naval Air Station North Islat around noon for a meeting with military allies and a Democratic fundrair in Rancho Santa Fe. Good evenin. Thanks so much for joining us.

I’m Marcella Lee. I’m Jesse Pagan. At Naval Base Point Loma, President Biden talked about a pact with two other nations to share submarine technology and strengthen their fleets.

He wrapped up his night with a fundraiser in Rancho Santa Fe. CBS’s Richard Allen breaks down the visit as the president gets ready to run for a second term.

And according to an official frm the Democratic National Committ, tonight’s reception here in Rano Santa Fe for President Biden had about 40 people in attendance and expected to raise roughly $1,000,000 for the DNC. Oht the president didn’t know t. Yeah, that’s crazy. That’s the chopper carrying President Biden lands in the polo fields f Del Mar before a motorcade whisd him off to Monday night’s fundraiser. Construction worker James Vanderbilt, working nearby, did a double ta.

I’ve never even that close to a president. Yeah. It’s super crazy that even though he’s right there while President Biden has yet to formally announce reelection, tonight’s event at an $8 million home in Rancho Santa Fe is the latest sign he’s gearing up for another run at the White House.

We’re putting ourselves in the strongest possible position. To navigate the challenges of today and tomorrow, President Biden began the day at Naval Base Point Loma within historic meeting with the Prime Ministers of Australia and the .

Biden calling this an inflection point in history that will affect the prospect of peace for decades to come. the United States can ask for no better partners in the Indo Pacific where so much of our shared future will be written announcing that the three nations which formed a partnership 18 months ago known as.

Arcus are accelerating plans to provide Australia with nuclear powered submarines in an effort to help counter Chinas military buildup in the Indo Pacific reg. Arcus has one overriding objective to enhance the stability and the Pacific amid rapidly shifting global dynamics. Dr.

Arzan Tarapore is a research scholar at Stanford University. It is China whose Navy is growing at unprecedented rates, that is actually. Setting the pace for military developments in the region, countries like Australia are simply catching up, arguably. Arguably belatedly from San Diego, President Biden will head north to Monterey Park in Los Angeles County, the site of a mass shooting earr this year in which eleven people were killed just as Lunar New Year celebrations were beginnin. Their President Biden plans to discuss the White House’s efforts to curtail gun violence.

And following Monterey Park, President Biden will then head to Las Vegas, where he’s expected to discuss lowering prescription drug pric. All right, Richard, thank you. And before his reception in Rancho Santa Fe, President Biden stopped at San Diego International Airport. There, he was greeted by San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, Congresswoman Sarah Jacobs, County Supervisor Nora Vargas ad the chairman of the Saquan Bandf Kumeyaay Indians, Cody Martinez.

The group took a photo before President Biden then hopped on Marine One to head to the San Diego Polo fields in Del Mar.

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