Pakistan: Karachi inundated due to rain water, two deaths have been reported due to heavy rains | JPNN us

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and moving on to south asia pakistan has been experiencing heavy downpour the intermittent monsoon rains have continued to batter parts of pakistan since saturday night submerging several low-lying areas of the port city of karachi as per reports at least two people have been killed and two others have been injured in separate rain related incidents taking the death toll to 304 from more than five weeks of heavy rains and flash floods in karachi motorists and pedestrians were stranded as traffic was disrupted in the city flash floods triggered by heavy rains have also caused massive destruction in the kybert pakhtunkhwa province washing away at least 50 houses and many power stations now as for reports many locals have initiated rescue work and shifted affected families to safer locations they have also blamed authorities for not taking steps to drain the water from the roads foreign and going to the situation authorities have issued a holiday in karachi in hyderabad both in the southern province on monday now since mid-june monsoon rains in pakistan have swollen rivers damaged highways and disrupted traffic almost 9 000 homes have borne the brunt of these torrential drinks this is an annual phenomenon where much of pakistan struggles with heavy monsoons every year draw criticism about poor government planning and lack of initiative to avert the repercussions of the flash floods.

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