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The ceremony is called a ‚limpia’. La Limpia translates into “the cleanse”. This practice is a deep-rooted inheritance from Aztec ancestors, as they believed everything in this world had a spirit. Rubbing the herbs means to expel evil and hostile forces from the body so that the spirit receives strength. Body is now ready and blessed to continue its stay on earth free of any tragedies, setbacks or ill-wishes from others.

Does a boiled egg really work for buises?

Surprisingly, there is some truth to this folk remedy. A boiled egg can indeed help with reducing bruises.

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Here is a video of a dermatologist, Dr Sonia Batra weighing in on this egg defying practice.

Apparently if you incur an injury, using cold compress and warm compress can help it heal faster. The boiled egg is actually a viable substitute for a warm compress but you must use it after the 48 hour mark.

The first 48 hours you should be using a cold compress only. The reason is because the cold will help constrict blood vessels to reduce swelling and bleeding.

After the 48 hours you should switch to a warm compress. The reason is because the heat will help the blood vessels to open up and speed up healing. The enlarged blood vessels will help bring nutrients to the area and that helps to heal it.

  • Dr Sonia Batra does recommend that you remove the shell before you use it to roll it over your bruise.

Alternative but more practical egg cleansing

Surprisingly, there is a somewhat similar custom in Asian culture where an egg is used to heal the body. The difference is that a boiled egg is used. Basically, this ancient family custom is done whenever someone has an injury such as a fall or a bruise. They would take the boiled egg and rub it all over the injured area. The cooked egg is suppose to make the bruises go away faster.

Here is an online forum of many users reporting the use of this remedy.

For bruises, my grandmother used to get a hard boiled egg wrapped in a cloth to rub on the bruise…. and then throw away the egg…

Well just today i got really bad bruises from doing nun-chucks in Tae Kwon Do. My mom said that rubbing eggs on them would help so i did a search on google to make sure. So here i am! So you say you have to boil the egg, peel off the shell, wrap it in a cloth, and then rub it over the bruise. Sounds right. Well thanks for the help!

Does egg cleansing actually work?

Do you believe that this shamanic ritual can work? I mean can a raw egg really get rid of bad energy and predict whether or not you’ve a curse placed on you? Can you really tell if you’ve enemies because the egg yolk is all seeing?

We find it a little hard to believe that an uncooked egg can do all of this. The entire ritual does not even require the egg to be in contact with your body. If you truly believe this, you can basically egg cleanse yourself at the supermarket by grabbing a pack of eggs and waving it all over yourself.

In fact, you could be the greatest villain of all time by taking this pack of egg filled with all of your negative energy and place it back on the shelf. That way some unsuspecting individual will buy the egg and consume all of your negative energy. Congratulations, you’ve managed to curse someone.

Egg cleanse meanings

Depending on the combination of all three factors from the egg cleanse reading, it could mean very different things.

  • Water smells bad or you see blood. This is a sign that there is evil in the works. Someone may have used magic against you. It could also mean that you may have an illness or disease that you’re unaware of.
  • Small spots of blood in water. This is a sign of bad luck and could’ve been caused by strong witchcraft.
  • Cloudy water. Sign that there is a loss of the soul or energy.
  • Egg yolk has shape of a face. You have an enemy. If the face looks slender then the enemy is male but if the face looks round then it is a female enemy.
  • If the yolk looks like an eye. This means there is an evil eye.
  • Cobwebs in the egg whites. Someone is jealous and wants you to fail. It can also indicate that you’re tangled up in a complicated situation.
  • Small bubbles in the water. This is a sign that the negative energy was absorbed by guardian spirits.
  • Clear water without abnormal shapes, scents, and blood. This means that there is nothing unnatural happening around you. You are safe.
  • Needles or spikes. There may be people around you with bad intentions. They’re typically classified as energy vampires because they suck away your positive energy.

Once you’re done reading it, you should throw the egg out in the trash or flush it down the toilet. Do not consume the egg since it is filled with negative energy

How to read an egg cleanse

You are suppose to wait for the egg to settle into the glass of water which takes approximately 5-10 minutes. When you try to read the results, you should look straight through the glass.

Do not try to look at it from up above and down into it. If you do, you could potentially reabsorb the bad energy that went into the egg.

The egg cleanse reading is based off of three factors:

  • The shape of the yolk.
  • The shape of the egg whites.
  • The color of the water.

How to do an egg cleanse

This is the Mexican way to do the cleanse and all you need is an egg, water, salt, and lemon juice.

  1. Purify the egg. You must rid the egg of any initial negative energy by cleaning it. Wash the egg in a cup of water with some salt and lemon juice.
  2. Fill another glass of water. Grab a separate glass and fill it halfway with water. Let this clean cup come to room temperature.
  3. Tell the egg what you want it to do. Grab the egg and speak to it by telling it what you want it to accomplish. Some examples are ridding yourself of bad energy or washing away any curses and bad luck.
  4. Roll the egg all over your body. Take the egg and roll it all over your body from head to toes and don’t forget your arms! The egg does not necessarily need to be in contact with your body physically but it can if you want it to. Imagine the egg absorbing all of the negative energy as you do it.
  5. Crack the egg into the room temperature water. After cracking it into the glass, let it sit for about 5-10 minutes.
  6. Interpret the results. Depending on what the egg looks like in the glass of water, it could mean different things.

If the egg cracks while you’re doing it, you need to start all over with a fresh new egg.

As you can see from the video, she does the ritual whenever she feels heavy energy, bad vibes, or feel like someone is sending evil eye her way.

History of egg cleansing

This is an ancient shamanic ritual that can be found all over the world but the most well known variation is the Mexican egg cleanse that was described above. This Mexican form of spirtual cleansing is called “limpia de los huevos”, which directly translates to egg cleansing. It is a practice that has been passed down for centuries by curanderos, which are traditional healers or shamans in Latin America.

This practice have also been found in Italy and the Phillipines, where they use the egg cleanse in a slightly different way.

Italy. The Italians practiced benedicaria, which is a family-based spirtual tradition to cure diseases and ward off evil. They do use an egg to cure evil eye but prior to rolling the egg all over your body, they bathe the egg in holy water first.

What is an Egg Cleanse

Egg cleansing uses an uncooked egg to roll all over your body, not necessarily touching it, to absorb and expel all negative energies. All it requires is one raw humble egg and nothing else.

Some of these touted benefits are as follows:

  1. Cure diseases and illnesses.

  2. Purge evil, bad vibes and bad luck.

  3. Draw negative energy out of the body.

  4. Detect evil spirits.

  5. Detect if you’ve been cursed by an evil eye.

  6. Tells you if you have an enemy.

Practitioners and believers alike, all allege that it can basically cure anything that is wrong and can be wrong with you. Now whether or not you wish to believe it is up to you… How mighty is a raw egg to you? Nonetheless, we’ll explore every aspect of what this spiritual egg cleanse is all about.

Phillipines. The Fillipinos practice pagtatawas, where they use an egg as a divination technique to uncover bad energies and demons.


Well there you have it, an egg cleanse can potentially rid your body of evil and impure energy if you believe in it. If you don’t you can still use a different form of egg cleansing such as boiling the egg and rubbing it on bruises to make it go away faster. The boiled egg cleansing is actually supported by science

Modern day

Despite the advancement of modern day medicine, there are still many believers out there. In fact, you can find many individuals practicing the egg cleanse on tiktok.


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