Apple store workers vote to form a union in Maryland | JPNN us news

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Apple store workers vote to form a union in Maryland.

Silicon valley giant apo has witnessed a majority of its employees vote to form a Union in the united states state of maryland this is a first for the tech giant as the workers demand a say in deciding wages working hours and safety measures as per the u.s federal agency voting was conducted on 110 employees among which 65 voted in favor of the Union and 33 against the vote came after a group called the coalition of organized retail employees also known as apocal campaign for Unionization once the u.s federal agency certifies the voting results the employees will form their own branch of the international association of machinists and aerospace workers or iam in short i am the iam or i am president said that he applauded the courage that the workers represent he added that the victory showed the growing demand for Unions at apple stores and different industries across the nation prior to the workers fighting for a Union apple’s director of distribution and human resources encouraged employees to consider a collective bargaining agreement she emphasized that an intermediary would complicate relations between apple and its employees although the us has seen a decline in the number of Unions in the past decades several have won symbolic victories in the recent months with president joe biden voicing his support we on is now available in your country

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