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China Floods and storms in southern China.

hit by heavy downpours since last week southern China has been pounded by Floods and storms Floods have triggered severe mudslides in the rural areas of the country leaving five people dead and several others stranded amid swirling waters streets have turned to swollen rivers as cars and single-story houses are swept away in at least two counties in guizhou province in guangxi region of southern China five villagers were killed when a house built on wood or of wood was lost by torrential rains rescue work is underway in some areas as Floods continue to rage rainfall in some areas of China has been the heaviest in 60 years as the first bout of summer rains known as dragon boat water peak state weather forecast reported that heavy rainfall will persist in several provinces of southern China until early next week China has been prone to summer Flooding for years but in recent times it has become more vulnerable due to deforestation and Climate change

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