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meanwhile pressure and brazilian police in the murdered journalist case continues to mount now there are questions that are in fact being asked in terms of how the investigation is progressing as more murky details have emerged a third suspect has now been arrested by the brazilian federal police the third suspect was being detained in the murder of these of the british journalist dorm phillips and also his indigenous expert bruno pereira has been identified as jefferson de silva lima the rest has come after lima surrendered with the italian donote police station located in the remote area of the jivari valley bordering peru in colombia jefferson conforming meanwhile police continue to expand their investigation into the case in the latest brazilian cops have said that both men who were shot dead using a hunting ammunition british journalist dom phillips was shot once in the chest while bruno pereira the indigenous expert was shot once in the head and twice in the chest the details have emerged after the police officials were able to recover buried human remains after amarillo de costa oliveira the first suspect arrested in the case confessed of his crimes forensic exams also confirmed that the human remains found in the rain forest belonged to the two men international outcry against the killing is continuing to grow brazilian authorities are to act fast and this of course is a demand that is building up brazilians also staged protests against the murder in suffolo local residents as well as indigenous groups marched in the city holding banners and also raising slogans they condemned the killing of the two men in the amazon rainforest and demanded for justice for the murdered the two men who were murdered in the rainforest were missing for nearly about two weeks the last known location of the missing pair was in the jawadi valley which is a strategic area for environmental crimes including illegal mining fishing logging and drug trafficking in your country download the app now and get all the news on the move


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