‘Xi Jinping’s little gag’: China’s new aircraft carrier named after Fujian province

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um now let’s uh look at uh you know all that money we send over to china to build all these uh or build all the things that we we don’t bother building here anymore well coal fly plants yeah that’s right what have they been doing i wonder what the chinese have been spending their money and building on oh hang on they’ve got a new aircraft carrier here it is it was launched this week uh it’s their third aircraft carrier built entirely domestically nice nice streamers as well um and that’s all good chinese champagne as well they’re they’re rocking and rolling um so they’ve got aircraft carriers this one’s called the um fujian which is uh a very it’s a zijing people look at the rainbow colors yeah they’ve got rainbow colors because it’s they’re peaceful and compassionate aircraft carriers tolerant diverse aircraft carriers this one is called the fujian the taiwanese aren’t they well it is called the fujian and that’s the point fujian is the province immediately opposite taiwan gag so the people of taiwan might want to well they’d probably probably be getting more familiar with that aircraft carrier before the decade is out

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