Dozens dead, millions stranded as floods hit Bangladesh, India | JPNN is News

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the rain has been relentless in the eastern city of silit in bangladesh has been overwhelmed twice by flood water within the last two months but the flood this time is much more severe even in the center of the city there is water up to my hip huge swathes of northeastern bangladesh are flooded after days of heavy rainfall rivers have burst their banks villages are submerged an estimated 4 million people have stranded the army has been sent to rescue people and schools have been turned into relief shelters in neighboring assam state in eastern india more than 2 million people are affected by flooding and landslides over the past two days the water level’s been rising rapidly since 7 a.m rescuers have been checking in on people who live here we’ve rescued and evacuated almost 150 people and will bring another 50 who are currently stuck bangladesh and eastern india are regularly affected by floods but experts say climate change is making it worse often it’s the poorest communities that are hardest hit there’s water everywhere around six to seven kilometers the area is flooded people don’t have anywhere to live and they have to go to higher ground flood water has inundated our house this has created a lot of issues for people here as well as animals there’s also the issue of a lack of food it’s the start of the monsoon season in this region it lasts until october people here are dreading many more months of non-stop rain and the flooding and misery it brings victoria gatenbee al jazeera

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