Keio Line passenger attack case stated that “I am intoxicated by the Joker again”

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It is newly found that a man arrested in a case where a passenger was attacked on the Keio Line train and 17 people were seriously injured watched a movie at a hotel in Kobe and stated that the joker was flooded again. Hattori: Today’s suspect left his parents’ house in Fukuoka and stayed at a hotel in Kobe, but he said that he was fascinated by Joker again after watching a Batman movie at a hotel in Kobe. Also, Hattori had been staying at a hotel in Hachioji for about a month before the incident, but it was newly found that he had dyed his hair at a beauty salon in Shibuya six days ago.

I’m investigating as if a person planned a crime while moving from place to place.

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