“Pumice stone” drifted to Kanto in November … What is the scale and impact? (October 31, 2021)

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Pumice stones may also be washed ashore in the Kanto region Pumice stones, which are causing serious damage mainly in Okinawa Prefecture, may be washed ashore in the Kanto region. The prefecture started the removal work from yesterday due to the problem of pumice stones being washed ashore. [Music] It is difficult to work on the pumice stones that filled the coast. Mr. Sashika, who attended the prefectural countermeasures meeting yesterday, is a volunteer who has cleaned the pumice stones that arrived at the coast to protect the beautiful sea of Okinawa and Shirahama.

I was told that I wouldn’t come The work to collect the pumice has begun, but the temporary storage location and such things have not yet been decided . It is believed that the sea grapes have arrived in Okinawa. The direct sales office of Okinawa’s famous sea grapes has been temporarily closed from the 25th due to the influence of pumice stones . At the same time, pumice stones are sucked in, so there is a risk that the pipe will be clogged and broken, and business cannot be resumed until the light city is removed .

The possibility of drifting to the wrinkled island is natural, so I can’t resist it, but if I can take some measures, I’d like to do it for a while.

It is a predicted simulation image. The blue part is a light child. In the future, it is possible to ride north on the Kuroshio and flow to Kanto from the beginning to the middle of next month in the end of Shikoku . I wonder if it might reach Kanto at the end of November. Well , the fishermen working at the Odawara fishing port in Kanagawa are raising anxiety.

It ‘s best if it doesn’t affect your work .mice Next month, when people are wary of drifting In the middle of the season of amberjack and stephanolepis, I’m afraid that if it drifts ashore, it could cause great damage . I ‘m worried about the influence of Kansai 3 pumice stones. Well, when I watched the video, I felt that it would be really difficult . I thought that I wanted to do this.

It seems that it will take time and money to remove this boyfriend, I think it will be difficult. Pumice stone that may be washed ashore in Kanto late next month. How much will actually flow is cheap and may come to the days that remain as a nostalgic lump, this pod may be painted overseas, and it is difficult to predict.

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