2022 Honda Civic Si — Wait, it’s new?

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roadshow news recap starts right now honda is once again our lead story the 2022 civic si was just unveiled it is slightly more powerful than before and of course a bit sportier than your run-of-the-mill civics beyond that tesla dominates the ev market and new vehicle registrations prove that chevy teased the upcoming corvette z06 and we’ll see what we can glean from the little video the bowtie brand shared and finally the nissan leaf all-electric hatchback well it may transform into an suv but we’ve got the scoop on that and a whole lot more happy friday everyone and sean it’s great to see you once again and it’s great to be back yes welcome back craig craig is here for those of you who missed craig here he is right here he’s back in the house but yes happy friday indeed glad to be here as always yeah i i don’t know that anybody missed me i don’t miss me but you’re stuck with me because i’m back again so for better or worse uh you know before we dive in like and subscribe if you want if you’re feeling generous it helps us out if you don’t i can’t blame you but if you’re feeling generous hit the like button and of course subscribe but honda civic s i sean you are a honda enthusiast this car it doesn’t look exciting but i’m excited about it what’s your take yeah i’m i’m more excited about this car than i think i was the last generation one even though this is certainly evolutionary uh in terms of the si package um you know the big pieces of this car are basically the same you know in terms of the power train and stuff uh but overall this is like a spicier version of the very good 11th generation civic and that’s a good place to start is the 11th gen civic and then make it more sporty or sportier whatever the correct grammatical way of saying that is yes yeah i was just in the new the 11th gen civic hatchback which is just the standard model i had one uh with the turbo engine and the six speed manual and it was absolutely lovely it was um it felt super refined the interior is practically you know practically luxury it’s it’s so nice i wouldn’t go so far as to say luxury but it’s getting close uh comfortable it drives well and it’s a lot of fun so obviously the civic si should deliver all of that and a whole lot more um but it doesn’t look particularly sporty when you because this is a step between the standard model and the type r obviously but it’s definitely visually a lot more similar to the standard civic than the type r yeah i i’m a little bummed out by that especially because you know honda killed the civic coop and the civic coupe definitely looked the part the previous generation civic coupe si uh the sedan was you know like the 10th gen it it was like you could tell it was an si you know but it was definitely more mild and this is very mild in my opinion you know not a lot differentiates it uh unless you’re looking for like the dual exhaust and the slightly revised uh shapelier look up front um but yeah i i wish they did a little bit more because it’s it’s not scratching that itch for me for an si in my in my opinion you know it seems to be the type r is going to be super wild the standard car is you know appealing to a very broad audience i feel like there is a little bit more wiggle room to do something more with the si to make it look more the part yeah exactly at least though you do get larger breaks there are standard 18-inch wheels that should have a matte finish uh and there’s a free or flowing exhaust system so little tweaks that um that do separate it from the standard car even though it’s it’s still mostly mainstream here uh you do get the 1.5 liter turbo which is good for 200 horsepower in this application which apparently is five less than the previous si which is a bit of a step backwards uh you do get 192 pounds of torque though honda claims the power band is broader which is very unhonda-like as as someone with an s2 thousand would know sean their honda’s famous for its high-winding engines and uh more torque at lower speeds is just no yeah don’t do that yeah that’s not what honda does craig i know craig i know once uh one show i think we were talking about the new honda passport and i was like i’m not a big fan of the pilot or the passport and you’re like oh you there’s a honda you don’t like and i was like actually i’m not a ginormous fan of like many modern honda vehicles because i i don’t think they’re as good as they can be uh it just in my opinion and that is coming from somebody who has loved honda’s for a very very long time um but yeah and i’ll add to that list i did not like the previous generation civic si in sedan or coupe form i thought it was too anonymous when you drove it it looked the part you know i liked how it looked and uh you know it wasn’t bad to drive but while driving it i was like you can get this similar sensation in a used vehicle specifically like a ford focus st you know like the civic the civic si is affordable and that’s really great because the last one started around like 24 25 000 which is pretty cheap for the performance you get in the package but i was i couldn’t help but wonder i’m like is your money best served somewhere else just because that 1.5 turbo was super torquey i mean it was so quick off the line just basically the antithesis of what i think i think of when i think like si or integra gsr which was zero power down low gotta work for it wind it out and then all of a sudden you know you get some momentum going you know from those high winding engines back in the day so i was a little bummed to see that the 1.5 turbo is still here um it’s not a surprise i didn’t think they were gonna be like oh we’re gonna tune the 2.0 liter instead you know like they would have done that but um i think the what may save this car is i believe they said honda uh implemented a much lighter flywheel so hopefully that will help with things yes i mean i didn’t find the the 1.

5 turbo in the standard civic to be a problem it was plenty zippy and seemed willing to rev although the one thing i i think could be improved the clutch pedal was a little bit too light just like i i don’t want like leg press day i don’t need that for a clutch pedal but a little bit of starch helps you feel the engagement point you know and when it’s too light it can be a little bit iffy sometimes till you get the feel of the car and so i wish it was a little bit more a little bit more starch to the pedal but then the bigger issue was and this is not exclusive to honda when you would downshift to try and slow down there’s zero engine braking there is absolutely nothing like the car you you can step on the clutch and the car will coast at the same speed as if you’ve got it in like third gear and i think they do that for emissions and again it’s not just honda but it was just like why why are you why i want to slow down i’m coming up to a corner and i get nothing so sorry end of rant but uh the new civic si sander standard six-speed manual gearbox so hooray for that shorter shift throws and supposedly firmer mounting points for for the linkages and stuff so that should be good and of course that lighter flywheel which you had mentioned sean and for purity’s sake no automatic and i am all for there you go yeah it’s you know si stands for sport injected so good on honda you know for keeping the stick alive i mean even in the standard civic you can get a hatch with a stick shift that’s where they’re still offering it um i actually owned a 10th generation civic sedan with a stick when that was an option and it was perfectly great to drive around you know it wasn’t the best stick clutch combo i’d driven from honda or in a particular vehicle but it’s still really good honda knows what they’re doing uh particularly when it comes to that you know despite the lightness and stuff like that sometimes i kind of don’t mind that because if you’re daily driving it you definitely don’t want something like too heavy because then that’s just obnoxious to drive in traffic i i’m thinking of you know if people see the chevy ss photos over my folder over my shoulder sometimes uh that clutch was goofy uh sometimes it felt like heavier but other times it was crazy light and i owned that car for a long time and i still don’t think i could ever catch where the clutch point was perfect you know kind of thing but regardless all i’m saying is sometimes a light clutch isn’t bad um in my opinion but yeah yeah uh uh predictably plenty of chassis changes to the s.i the usual suspects though nothing outrageous so they’re talking stiffer springs you get starchier stabilizer bars they’ve reinforced some mounting points and then the steering is sport tuned whatever that means i know right well honda’s saying this is gonna be the best to drive si they’ve ever built and i think 1999 and 2000 will have something to say about that so that’s quite a bar to set yeah 20 years ago well we’ll see if they can pull it off right yeah that might just be the honda purist in me being snotty i’m sure this will be a lovely car to drive you know at the end of the day you know compared to a lot of other things you can buy this is going to be a perfect car for somebody who’s looking for something more engaging to drive every single day with plenty of usable power as i like to say it’s that still that’s just enough power where you can have fun but not get in trouble you know going 80 in a 35 or something like that trying to roll through the gears you know i’m a big fan of that you know so i’m excited to drive this car um eventually and uh hopefully it impresses me more than the last one i think it will just because the new civic itself is such a solid package over the 10th gen and the 10th gen was good it was a good car um but the 11th gen i think they really hit a sweet spot with you know design packaging materials overall refinement i mean it’s like a baby honda accord and i the accord is one car that i really still like that honda does well oh yeah accord is probably probably still the best mid-sized sedan you can buy there’s some stiff korean competition but easily better than an altima or a camry so yeah if they’re benchmarking the accord with for the civic that’s a good place to start um but curiously like that i’m sure this new civic is larger than past accords right like the size of ours just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and this is like a full this is practically like a full-sized car probably from the 80s but oh yeah i would say even the early 2000s look at the size of what a like a 2001 accord was that it’s probably dimensionally very close if not this new civic is larger i i would bet my money on it yeah i say that only because i was just gonna say i say that only because you know i drive a vehicle from 2001 which was considered a full-size sedan and i’m like man like there’s midsize sedans today that feel larger yeah live in the avalon life you’ve got the opposite ends of the spectrum sean you’ve got the avalon here’s your winter your beater car and then you’ve got the s2000 so there’s no middle ground with you oh no my friend we i i have the fancy camry it’s the lexus es not the avalon oh that wasn’t based on the avalanche i’m sorry i forgot yes yes yes yes there’s a big difference okay avalon i know it’s not an avalon ffs as the kids are saying these days [Laughter] it’s okay you just came back this week we’ll let it slide yeah thank you i appreciate it um so yeah civic si uh pretty much what we expected as for tech you get the usual suspects apple carplay android auto nine inch infotainment system and like a 12 speaker bose sound system is available too no pricing yet but uh probably going to start around 25 grand which uh is not a bad price but we’ll have to see what honda officially says what do you think sean it’s gonna be more than that it’s gonna be less than that no i think it’s gonna hold steady i really do i i think that is such an ace a panda sleeve to sell a good chunk of sis is the fact like it’s still really affordable i mean the average new car cost something like forty four thousand dollars in september like this is twenty thousand dollars less than that and i mean look at everything you can get still this is a fantastic interior it’s gonna still be fun to drive uh the the amenities are just bountiful for around twenty five thousand dollars so the only last thing i will say before we move on from si is i was looking at you know acura keeps teasing the integra that they’re bringing back the last teaser was of acura showing the integra’s new uh manual transmission obviously we are very much assuming that the new integra will be based on the civic that’s a no-brainer it has they haven’t confirmed it but that’s going to be what happens we also know that the integra is going to be a five-door hatchback for a long time myself and many other people said if honda is going to get rid of the civic coupe s.i then give us a civic si hatch well it doesn’t look like that’s happening but it sounds i i think this is just me i have no solid information any concrete stuff whatsoever i think one of the integra models is going to basically be a civic si hatch like that 1.5 turbo as it’s tuned for the si is going to be in the integra maybe as the base model maybe as a mid-range and then there will be perhaps a type r version of the integra i just figured i’d throw that out there if you know people agree or disagree go ahead and sound off in the comments but that’s my thinking is that if you wanted a civic si hatch uh it’s gonna be the new integra check out the acura store let’s see what they got yes uh yeah but very good observations sean and i would agree with you i think uh that’s a very smart decision for honda to do and didn’t when they teased the integra didn’t they show a model that kind of looked like a lift back or am i mistaken yeah yeah no that yep for sure it’s gonna be a five-door hatchback so it’s not going to have a traditional trunk like the civic sedan it’s going to have very much it looks like a similar kind of european uh design that the civic hatch does it’s not as like rakish as the last one or pr or past generations um yeah so you know you’re totally right so maybe rsx sort of profile possibly yeah i’d be okay with that i’m very much looking forward to seeing it you should get an rsx type s sean flesh out your girlfriend almost a little bit more i uh i i almost did once upon a time so like that’s enough for another day because it needed a lot of rust repair too much bondo that was already on the car yes oh no then it’s a good thing you didn’t because you bought the best s2000 on the planet i think aside from yeah yeah no i was going to get this rsx as a winter beater but i was like i really don’t want that much rust problem already you know it sucks it’s because there’s only rusted it’s very worried about it yeah that was kind of my argument in my head but you know it sucked because it had so few miles on it but i was like i’m gonna go for something comfy and got the lexus so yeah nice moving along uh news that should surprise absolutely no one according to experian tesla accounted for 63 of all electric vehicle registrations in the first eight months of the year 63 gosh that’s um that’s a lot and talk about having the market on lock yes like tesla owns the mind share right uh and this just underscores that fact 63 um that was of course led by the model y in the model 3 the model y had about 105 000 and change registrations the model 3 nearly 81 000 and for a little perspective the third place finisher the chevy bolt which is a hot car if you know what i mean uh accounted for about 23 000 registrations a little bit less than that maybe because they’re on catching on fire and you can’t park them near other vehicles perhaps that’s why they’re not selling as many but it also looks a bit like a potato so that doesn’t help but are you surprised sean by tesla’s dominance here no just very simple no i i mean tesla did an incredible job when it first you know arrived on the scene it built its name its profile you know no no one was taking electric vehicles seriously when tesla was building the model s and everyone’s like okay well that’s a super expensive luxury car and then you know they they got through they got the model 3 through to uh you know full scale production definitely had a lot of issues you know there were stories that tesla almost folded amid trying to build the model 3 but they got through it and now you know it looks like they’re starting to really reap the benefits of being first to market with you know i don’t like to call the model 3 an affordable ev anymore it it was when it first launched you know because you could get it under 40 grand stuff like that you know now you’re totally looking at over 40 000 for a model three which i guess that’s around the average price of a new car sold but for a ton of people that’s just not attainable you know for a new car um yeah but no i’m not i’m really really not surprised at their market dominance it’s as soon as you think you ask anybody electric car what’s on your mind it’s tesla everyone knows what a tesla is or knows about tesla or they know elon musk just because he’s a grand marketer and so good at uh branding and putting himself out there and being the like the best cheerleader he can for whether he’s doing tesla spacex or or whatever yeah or ginning up that stock price he’s doing on twitter or i i mean he’s he’s really good at it is is what i’ll say to that um one of the smartest people alive possibly ever so yeah a real visionary and obviously industry changing uh personality here but yeah you wanna you wanna oh sorry craig go ahead no no go ahead sean i was just gonna i was just gonna say on this data there was a really interesting point in this data it was that eevee registrations year over year jumped i you know i don’t have the full data in front of me it jumped like two percent year over year so or they still made up just like 2.7 of all new cars sold of the year-over-year increase the model y alone was responsible for like three-fourths of all of that it wasn’t volkswagen bringing the id4 to market it wasn’t chevrolet introducing the bolt euv on top of the ev and it wasn’t just ford successfully launching and getting the mustang mock e into people’s hands it was tesla it was tesla turning out these model wise and people want that car and i’m just like it’s it’s it’s really really incredible to see the momentum that the company has and you know sometimes i sit here and ask myself like is tesla going to run out of people to sell cars to but increasingly it looks like they’re doing a fantastic job of converting people who may otherwise if tesla didn’t exist i don’t know look at an audi an e-tron or something like that if they were serious about looking at an ev you know like tesla’s just the sexier option for these people you know because yeah they’re just doing a great job with building their brand at the end of the day yeah and like you you look at like instagram or something and all the young people seem to love tesla and be all about tesla and tesla this does all that it’s become like like an iphone or something almost right it’s the gotta have it’s the it product and yeah i don’t know it’ll be interesting to see because a tsunami of evs are coming like you put your hand up to your ear you can hear that wave it’s it’s it’s churning it’s on its way it’s going to come crashing in in the next couple years but is it going to be enough is it going to be enough to like topple tesla i mean it’s not a zero sum game maybe i shouldn’t say topple tesla they don’t have to lose for other automakers to sell more evs because market share is three percent right there’s enough room for everyone to sell more but will people buy other evs if they’re not teslas what do you think sean that is you know it makes me think of years ago um bob lutz was a huge uh outspoken critic of tesla um those and those are his opinions and i’m not saying they’re my opinions but his argument that he said often was that once other he basically said tesla has no competitive advantage he said they’re building an electric car he said once other automakers that have been doing this for a hundred years or you know decades you know once they start doing it what’s tesla but another car company uh so he’s basically he basically would say uh they have no competitive advantage nothing really sets tesla apart you know fast forward five five or six years clearly that’s not the case because tesla has something you may not be able to put your finger on it i personally believe it’s been uh unrelenting branding and turning the tesla name into what you and i may remember and perhaps some younger people don’t is people lining up for the new ipod nano or something or the original ipod yeah it feels that way that it’s that same kind of uh the feelings around it people are like gotta have it you know like what you know people are recording youtube videos of i just got the latest over-the-air update that added car karaoke and stuff like that like you don’t see people doing that for you know the bolt uv that we have in the garage tucked safely away from other vehicles while we wait for a new battery um uh you don’t see people being like oh there’s a new over over the year update for a bolt euv like no one cares you know it’s a great car sitting out there but it doesn’t have that sex appeal like tesla does yeah it’s just it’s a really wild phenomenon it’d be interesting to see if competitors like rivian or lucid um can achieve the same thing and i suspect they won’t be able to as cool as the lucid air is as awesome as the rivian products appear to be um i i don’t know because tesla is like a genericized trademark what do you when you blow your nose what do you reach for you grab a kleenex yeah yeah that’s a that’s a brand it’s not nobody says can i pass the facial tissue please no it’s a clean ass same with like band-aid or aspirin or coke if you’re in the south you want a coke yep it’s like tesla is synonymous with ev for people so it’ll be very interesting interesting to see what happens in the next few years but yeah not surprising tesla makes up such a huge percentage of electric vehicle registration 63 for the first eight months of the year um but we’ll have to see you know we got an f-150 coming out and that’s always obviously a big deal so maybe ford can crack into some of those crack chip away at that lead tesla has we’ll see but anyway um while you’re watching thank you so much of course but when you’re done check out some of our other videos we’ve got a brand new review of the 2022 toyota tundra the inimitable emmy hall drove that and had some very nice things to say about it so give that video a look we’ve also got a review of the 2022 lexus nx which is a small luxury suv it’s worth your time as well andrew crock reviewed that one give it a look we’ve got a lot of great stuff on the roadshow proper youtube channel so um if you’re subscribed to the roadshow news channel consider you know extending jumping ship a little bit to the traditional road show channel because there’s a lot of good stuff going on there um but speaking of good stuff sean we’ve got a chevy corvette in the news what can you tell us about this yeah uh this was uh perhaps maybe the final teaser maybe one of the final teasers before chevy uh finally reveals the z06 that they already showed in full uh unveiled but didn’t provide details on uh yeah there’s part of the video here that they showed and uh uh this was all about uh teasing its 8600 rpm redline you know it’s basically all but confirmed and the worst kept secret that there will be a dual overhead cam flat plane crank v8 under the hood um and that’s what this is all about and in the video which you can see um on chevrolet’s youtube channel and we also have it on the roadshow.

com we wrote a story about this um it’s a very exotic sounding car it does not sound like your father’s corvette um it’s a very weird sound to hear coming from what is badged as a corvette it sounds you know more like ferrari or something like that with that you know higher pitch and and whatnot but they’re just being very coy uh about the fact that this new engine is coming and i’m i’m really excited you know i’m glad to see the corvette uh you know making some big changes because these will this is just a guess again i don’t have any solid information i would venture a guess and say that once this c8 generation is done a c9 corvette will probably be an electric supercar you know because gm is all in on electrifying totally battery electric everything you know so yeah i could conceivably see that you know we’ll get a z06 and you know maybe another zr1 and azura could be like a send-off ultimate performance you know variant you know so i i say enjoy these cars because that i mean it could be the last of the internal combustion engine for them conceivably and i’m not saying that’s happening in two years or something like that but who knows 2030 rolls around it’s time for a new corvette will gm want to invest in the internal combustion engine by that point who knows who knows but flat plane crank v8 sounds amazing uh it does you get a little taste of it in the video this zippy exhaust sound which much like a shelby gt350 or something it’s like you said so i’m just a little bit higher pitched um it’s still very cool um can’t tell much but uh corvette’s z06 probably gonna have more of everything more aerodynamics bigger brakes more speed more fun more cost but hey good stuff costs money so that is true and and actually as this video rolls you will see uh they also teased a z06 convertible in this video at one point there is a drop top version of this car uh that they show in the like a window reflection or something like that so that’s cool to see uh you know it wasn’t clear if they were gonna take this car and do a convertible version just because convertibles you know they’ve really fallen out of favor in the market you know obviously there’s the corvette stingray convertible but you know then you gotta perhaps justify like well we’re gonna build more convertibles with the z06 powertrain you know and bean counters might be like why would you do that [Laughter] yeah so yes more the the ultimate corvette set to debut on october 26th so just a few short days away um and it should be pretty exciting i’m very i’m most interested in the powertrain myself because i don’t know that gm’s ever built up a flat plane crank v8 so be interesting to see what they did there yeah i i can’t uh yeah no i mean everything that comes to mind for me is obviously the good old pushrod v8 you know i yeah i mean that was that was chevy and gm’s thing small block big block yeah you know so i can’t think of anything else that comes to mind yeah absolutely i mean i’ll tell you i’m not a huge fan of the c6 corvette in general just because it feels cheap inside i don’t mind how it looks um but man a c6 zo6 with an ls7 like i’ve never driven one but that’s something i would like to drive and like i could be like yeah i would buy one if i just had money to throw away like everyone should have just a big uh or a small block v8 manual transmission experience which i fortunately had with my chevy ss and it’s it was delightful you did the magic of the much derided push rod although it’s arguably the best solution because look at how small like an ls family v8 is compared to a ford coyote you can’t fit a coyote in anything because it’s so damn wide right because you’ve got those giant quad cam heads the timing chains eight million moving parts and the coyote is a beautiful engine i love the coyote in all its forms but like the ls is just a simpler smaller more displacement i mean there’s so many benefits enabled by the pushrod which people like to dump on so i’ll get off my soapbox again sorry i was gonna say craig will totally go on a tangent about like little internals and things and be like this is why this little socket is better than this other little socket here that’s that’s that’s that’s you 100 it’s excellent never change yes yes oh thank you i i don’t plan on it good but nissan plans on changing it’s a good segue for our next story sean uh kill all the cars because we only want suvs the nissan leaf electric hatchback is going away and rumor has it it’ll be replaced by another all-electric vehicle but an suv sometime around 2025.

Um the the leaf is sort of like the o.g electric car in a lot of ways it was sort of an early you know early adopter is not the right term for that but um an early introduction for a lot of people in to electric vehicles and it’s been around a while and it’s certainly been surpassed by other products in the market these days um and consequently doesn’t sell very much so it’s understandable nissan might want to get rid of that and what is hot right now suvs everybody wants one i mean chevy turned the bolt into an suv so if chevy can do it nissan can do it as well so uh supposedly the leaf is going to be replaced by something and there’s a little bit of higher riding and and more utility but we have to see because they do have the aria coming out right yes yes sometime in 2022 just wanted to answer your question well yeah you could have expounded a little bit sean oh here well let me guess the the uh the aria is coming yes it was delayed uh from this year it was supposed to be at dealers and in customers hands by now um but now it’s coming i think they’re shooting for early 2022.

Uh i think it’s going to launch first in japan this december and then north america is on deck for um early 2022. um so yeah i mean if you’re gonna start cashing in on the suv trend you know the aria would be your mid-size and then i guess you could turn the leaf into a compact suv and then go from there and start building more electric suvs because suvs all the time everywhere always suvs ck suv maybe maybe they’ll bring back the juke name plate and it’ll be the electric juke the guy who knows the juke was a cool little quirky thing um it was it was a quirky little thing it sure was yes it was uh on this on this report though um so far that i haven’t heard anything confirmed for north america about the leaf dying uh basically nissan’s boss in charge over in europe confirmed that the leaf would go away in its place because they build the leaf in a few places they don’t just build it in tennessee here in the us they also build it in the uk and part of an agreement to keep building cars in the uk uh was leaf dies we build new electric suv here so um no final confirmation about here in the us but it seems very very likely like why would you keep a hatchback in the u.

s and then sell an suv in europe if they’re going to get rid of the leaf it’s going to die everywhere maybe it would stay in japan i i don’t know so yeah and nissan did not return a request for comment when i tried to learn a little bit more uh so they’re keeping their mouths that’s not very nice yeah that’s pretty what the heck they could have nice people here off but they couldn’t even just they could have just told me we don’t talk about future product we don’t speculate about future product but they didn’t which i always laugh it’s the standard boilerplate but it’s like all right i gotta ask so i’ll guess just just tell me come on yeah spit it out yeah you can’t comment good enough then i could put it in the store thank you yeah yes that’s how it goes but hey like you said we gotta ask that’s our jobs i mean i guess we don’t have to like it’s pretty well known but we do because it’s the right thing to do yes indeed but yeah yeah so that’s a lot of great stories this week sean for for the yes recap here oh yeah i there were a lot of good topics that we wanted to talk about but we’re running out of time but like i always like to say we have so much more over on theroadshow.com and that includes just today or just on thursday i should say ford revealed maverick fuel economy figures maverick hybrid fuel economy figures and the city figure is 42 mpg and overall it’s more efficient than a honda civic which i was like wow we also have another video over here on the roadshow news youtube channel that you can see that’ll recap all of that good stuff uh craig also wrote about the fact that again more maverick stuff the maverick hybrid will probably sell out in just a couple of weeks and you won’t be able to order one until much later in 2022 you can read about that on the roadshow.com and uh toyota is opening up its big fat wallet and investing 3.4 billion dollars with a b as in boy to start battery production here in the u.s and you can read all of those details again at the roadshow.

com very cool maybe they’re actually going to try doing electric cars now rather than pretending they don’t exist well hopefully they don’t all sound like a fax machine bz4x that’s the last thing i’ll say yes well very good anyway that will do it for today’s show sean thank you so very much for your help and expertise it’s always a pleasure always always a pleasure right back at you thank you that’s very kind that’s the nicest thing anyone said to me today good that’s what i’m here for well thank you uh also thanks to the video crew for making all the technical stuff happen the the the pictures and the sound and like the editing and the posting i don’t know how to do any of that so thanks to those guys and of course most importantly thank you for watching jpnn news recap where we dissect and discuss the most important automotive stories of the past week thank you again for watching and we will see you next time you

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