Tesla prototype battery! Five times more energy?

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can you guys even imagine a tesla with five times as much battery energy storage well the company’s battery buddy panasonic is trying to make it a reality yes panasonic revealed tesla’s new prototype battery and it makes some really really big promises we’re talking about that five times increase in energy packed into the battery pack as i mentioned a 50 reduction in production costs and the ability to scale battery production 100 fold according to panasonic i wish i had more details to share about this because it’s pretty exciting news but tesla and panasonic are being pretty quiet about this prototype however this prototype battery should house those experimental 4680 cells that tesla touted back at its battery day presentation last year and it’s these cells that tesla thinks are going to provide a big boost in competitiveness last year elon musk said these 4680 cells could produce a 16 increase in driving range and tesla’s gonna need that because lucid kind of already pulled ahead with its air sedan with up to 520 miles of range according to the epa estimates what this battery will not be are one of those cheaper more environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate units panasonic already said it has no plans to produce these kinds of batteries even as tesla shifts to that combination for its more affordable standard range cars are we approaching a world where the tesla model 3 can go 400 miles on a charge just like that it sure sounds like it with panasonic working on this battery and it also sounds like this battery could help bring the semi to life finally that’s been a long-awaited vehicle from tesla and who knows it could power even more down the line but what do you think let me know down in the comments and as always please subscribe to roadshow news if you haven’t already and if you have like this video ring the bell so you know when we have a new one go live because we really appreciate it and i will see you in the next one

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