2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 is BIG NASTY reborn!

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roadshow news recap starts right now lots of big news this week but our lead story is the 2023 chevy corvette z06 was finally unveiled and this is a beast of a car it’s got 607 horsepower and it redlines at 8 600 rpm it’s crazy but beyond that bow tie bruiser we’ll also talk about the redesigned 2022 range rover suv there’s a new kia sportage you need to see and then rental car company hertz is betting big on electrics or is it just trying to ride on tesla’s coattails we’ll talk about that and a whole lot more on this week’s episode of roadshow news recap but happy friday everyone and sean great to see you again i hope you’re doing well i am doing just fine craig i hope you’re doing well happy friday to you well thank you so much that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me all week it’s been a doozy i’m ready for the weekend yeah me too well i appreciate it thank you very much so yeah great show like and subscribe if you are feeling generous and uh yeah we appreciate every like and every subscription that we can get so help us out uh but anyway sean we got z06 we got chevy corvette lots of exciting stuff to talk about take it away why don’t you yeah we’re we we’re gonna dive right into this thing uh this is the return of big nasty as mark royce coined the last generation z06 when it was unveiled back in 2015.

Uh this one’s a whole lot different craig obviously the c8 corvette uh mounted its engine in the middle of the car and the z06 takes that a step further with a brand new uh 5.5 liter lt6 is what it’s called v8 engine no push rods dual overhead cams and a flat plane crankshaft well gm can do all that oh yeah it doesn’t seem like it’s in their wheelhouse i know i know what’s up no push rods what the heck uh but no this is this is a doozy doozy of an engine that screams to 8600 rpm like you said uh 670 horsepower i mean really the the corvette team kind of said the c8 was really going to be the generation that puts the world’s uh supercars on notice i think they’re getting pretty close with the z06 from what we’re seeing on paper and what we’ve taken in so far from this craig i mean the performance metrics they’re claiming it has the most horsepower of any naturally aspirated production v8 ever i mean i haven’t checked that fact but i i have no reason to not believe that 670 horses from just five and a half liters i mean that’s huge specific output 120 something 121 i think it was horses per liter so monumental achievement for gm engineers if you can get to like 100 horsepower per liter that’s a naturally aspirated of course that’s a huge achievement but gm is beating that by like 20 percent so incredible incredible it’s got forged titanium connecting rods sodium filled exhaust valves isn’t too uh out there but still it’s very important to have those and then dry sump lubrication all working together to help deliver that crazy output torque though is down a little bit compared to the old z06 which was a much larger displacement engine and it was supercharged so what you’re getting here is 460 pounds of torque but that really shouldn’t affect performance because they’re saying enough that’s the car’s got enough to go from zero to 60 in just 2.6 seconds when you get the optional z07 performance package i don’t know about you sean but that’s pretty damn fast oh yeah that that is plenty fast i i mean i wouldn’t be very worried about the the reduction in torque this is going to be fast you may not get as much of that like snap back in your seat feeling for people who’ve driven a c7 generation z06 this may feel more like you’re being pulled along with the extra horsepower instead but it’s going to be fast like no doubt about it i think uh chevy and the corvette team have made just a hell of a car and i know the corvette purists you know they like that lumpy v8 soundtrack and i do too you know it suits the corvette that’s what the corvette is but i’m also excited for this this pivot for the z06 into the flat plane crank dual overhead cams that more uh exotic engine sound i just kind of think it suits where corvette is going i just the way they’re positioning the car this time i think it’s really exciting and i still think it sounds fantastic that that high-pitched v8 noise that sounds more akin to you know like i think i said like a ferrari in the past or something like that i i think it sounds just fantastic what i i need to hear it in person but when i heard it on the video clip that chevy shared it almost sounded like a v6 to me it did not have that depth uh that you normally expect from a v8 now obviously with a flat plane crank versus a traditional cross-plane crankshaft you don’t get that traditional v8 rumble it’s just the way the firing order is set up um so you don’t get that right out of the box but there’s something even higher pitched about this engine at least on video um so i don’t know if it’s gonna sound all that good but we’ll see we’ll see there’s something to be said about an engine that rips to a super high red line an 600 is pretty damn high so oh yeah it will yeah yeah it you know the the high uh red line is really fun in those slower cars where you can like really ring them out all right now add that element to a car that’s legitimately really fast i mean this thing is just going to rip around places like people are going to get into trouble with this car because the performance it’s offering is you know it’s going to be a fraction of the cost you know like of a ford gt you know kind of thing oh yeah i mean it’s it’s it’s going to be just stupendous what this car is going to be able to do and i also like if you don’t opt for the z07 package it still looks understated in a really cool way it’s not like overly flashy you know like the arrow pieces aren’t crazy it’s just a little bit more aggressive you can definitely tell it’s not a stingray and it is a z06 um i just think they’ve done a really great job at putting this package together at least on paper and video and photos you know that could change you know you drive it you’re just like wow that’s nowhere near where it should be you know we have to save our final opinions but i think it’s safe to say this is a a pretty exciting uh direction for the z06 absolutely it’s amazing to me that gm spent the money to develop this five and a half liter v8 which i understand has its roots in in the racing program right uh you know i heard uh it may have had something to do with the blackwing program perhaps once upon a time that this engine may have been connected uh since i believe that uh the one of the black wings that went into the ct6 uh v uh that was dual overhead cam as well wasn’t it yeah i think there was some sort of like two leaders yeah yeah the engine that only lived for like six months and then gm was just like we’re done with that that was fun yeah guys right but yeah i think i think it has some connections there well that’s good because the cost of developing an engine like this has got to be astronomical and if it’s only going in one car that they’re not going to sell that many of the price is going to be incredibly high to cover the cost so it’s a hell of a lot easier to take your 6.2 liter lt whatever supercharged v8 tweak that a little bit and mount it in the corvette right i mean the 6.

2 is already the base engine naturally especially it already fits in there it already is proven to work mount a blower on it and you’ll have all the performance you need so it’s very interesting that gm went this much higher tech much more expensive pathway with the z06 powertrain and it’s it’s going to add a lot of prestige to the car not that there’s anything wrong with the pushrod v8 they’re wonderful but this is something a little different it’s going to be special yeah very different and i think uh i believe last week we talked about one of the final z06 teasers before the car was unveiled this week and we got a little bit into like this very well could be the last corvette generation with an internal combustion engine as general motors you know their goal is to only sell battery electric vehicles and zero emission vehicles by 2035.

I mean unless the c8 generation is going to live for 25 years you know like there will be another generation corvette or if it dies or whatever happens you know so this could be a really really special corvette uh just from all of these elements that we’re talking about i think especially because of the fact that there’s no uh forced induction involved there’s just something so grand about driving a high performance engine without any sort of turbo or super charging done to it it’s just such a great feeling to feel all that power just come from displacement and uh you know the engineering trickery that happens um just for me i i think that’s a cool moment when you’re driving a car like a z06 or something similar in that respect same thing with like the g2000 or an s2000 yes uh you know my mind went to shelby gt350 first uh that that voodoo engine was incredible yes um delightful but yeah yeah absolutely this this one i think will be one uh love it or hate it that will be sought after in the decades to come for corvette fans and maybe people who wouldn’t look at a corvette you know this could just be an excellent branding exercise um because you know it’s gonna undercut lamborghini and ferrari right it ain’t gonna cost lambo or ferrari money it just can’t it’s a corvette like that’s their main advantage it’s like value pricing it’s still delivering a hell of a lot of performance so i would be yeah remember everybody you you you go to a chevy dealer to buy a corvette where they’re also selling a attracts you know like that’s just part of the experience you get when you buy a corvette you know you’re not walking into a boutique dealer you know kind of thing um so yeah exactly as your point craig is part of the experience is this value pricing and getting more bang for your buck that’s what corvette has always been and part of what has made it so successful as a name plate yeah absolutely uh this should be a pretty sweet track car with uh what should be i would imagine a very linear power delivery you know just the engine rev so high it should be super smooth and no no surge of torque at you know just off idle like you get with a turbo or a supercharger so it should be a track beast they’re promising up to 1.22 g’s on the skid pad that’s a lot of g’s um and the z07 package also gets you carbon ceramic brakes which again are ideal for repeated abuse on the race track they’re also offering carbon fiber wheels which should be pretty interesting and help cut down on unsprung mass and deliver even better performance so lots of good stuff here oh gee is what i would say to that but uh yeah this car looks fantastic it’s gonna enter production uh next summer uh we don’t have any prices yet uh but you know like we said expect a value play for the performance you are getting but certainly expect it to cost a premium over your standard corvette stingray yes sir yes siree indeed but i will i i’ve i’ve got to think it’s going to be more than six figures but how much into the six figure territory who knows we’ll find out i don’t know yeah you ask your magic eight ball later craig okay is there an app for that because i have my phone here but anyway i uh moving i’m sure there is there probably is uh range rover 2022 range rover i should say redundantly say land rover range rover that’s the official name uh redesigned suv now in its fifth generation i was at the background or event for this vehicle they showed it to us briefly a month or two ago but i wanted to ask you sean um what is your take on the looks of this thing i personally think it’s stunning but i you might agree with you 100 actually when i uh saw these materials i was like wow that looks like something that should be on a spindle at an auto show as like a design study it’s so clean and smooth there’s just really no hard edges it it holds that range rover prestige aura about it and then you get to the rear end and again it looks like this futuristic concept suv with those tail lights i i really think it’s this perfect blend of classiness that you expect from a range over range rover but this forward-looking appeal if that makes any sense and sort of that word vomit i just threw at you it does make sense what i love about it is that it’s just the design is so clean it’s like the designer said okay putting the pencils down this project is finished we don’t have to add another crease we don’t need another line here we don’t have to change the stamping we don’t have to add trim we don’t need a gigantic grill to have presents right like you look at a lexus or even an audi these days and just like whoa guys you gotta you gotta step back for a second that’s just getting out of hand everything about this vehicle is so tasteful it just it stands out from the crowd just because of its subtlety right yeah and it’s funny i think there needs to be more restraint like this yeah it looks and i’m not saying this in a bad way it looks old but in a good way you know like it looks it’s so familiar where you’re like it doesn’t really look new but then also at the same time you’re like that looks really fresh and new it’s this really weird back and forth when i’m i’m staring at this car it’s just and i guarantee you that was probably the design brief is we don’t want to change what a range rover looks like because people know what a range rover is but we want to make it fresh is kind of what the feeling i get from this thing is don’t mess with success but we’re gonna design a pretty handsome suv and i just think they nailed it inside and out the trim the materials they did everything it’s just so classy and gorgeous and i know you and i uh we played a game once upon a time if you were you know we were like a lincoln navigator or cadillac escalade i wouldn’t have even considered a range rover the last one it was like it was nice you know but at that point i’m like i don’t know i think an escalade is nicer i’d take this hands down like give me the baton and i’m running away with the range rover not even a contest yeah what’s interesting they’ve so the the design is super modern you get you know led headlights and whatever the retract there are retractable door handles on the outside but and and the the body’s body side is super clean but you also have some classic range rover styling cues the sort of tapering roofline the rising sill and that strong shoulder line those are all things that if they’ve had for decades on the range rover name plate and they’ve sort of retained those so you you know it’s a range rover but it’s it’s a little something different right it’s new but to your point sean still looks old in the best way possible um right underpinnings are bra are brand new it’s a new architecture that’s about three-quarters aluminum and it promises to be 50 to have 50 percent greater torsional stiffness than the outgoing model the new range rover is a big suv you can get a short and long wheelbase version as before but uh rear wheel steering is now standard it moves the back wheels 7 degrees one way or the other that gives you greater maneuverability at low speeds more stability at higher speeds and they’re saying the thing has a turning circle of just 36 feet which is less than a honda civic sedan which is pretty crazy because that’s not a big car uh off-road capability should be pretty strong as well up to they’re saying 11.6 inches of ground clearance and it should be able to drive through more than 35 inches of water which is rather a lot of water um i wouldn’t trust going through that much but if they’re saying you can so i mean yeah somebody somebody else go buy one for us and drive through 35 inches of water that’s enough that’s more than i would freak out if you know there’s half an inch of water like in a basement 35 inches if i see that on the road i’m like i don’t think so i’m turning i’m trying yeah that’s like waste deep water like yeah uh new power trains to get excited about uh the base is going to be a mild hybrid inline six uh with a 48 volt electrical system get you 395 horses 406 pounds of torque but then they’re offering a new bmw sourced 4.4 liter twin turbo v8 uh they’re promising 523 horsepower and 553 pounds of torque from that engine which should be pretty nice it’s interesting that they’re replacing their old five-liter v8 that they had for a number of years so going with the bmw option there uh they’re going to have a plug-in as well with 434 horsepower this is coming out in 2023 by the way 434 horsepower and 62 miles of electric range which is pretty impressive for a vehicle of that size yeah that’s going to be a pretty big battery pack in there yeah craig i i have right now our long term volvo xc60 recharge and that has like 20 miles when you have a full battery and it’s like why is this even here just just build a regular hybrid at that point you know like it’s you take like you take like three trips and your battery is empty so yeah i yeah i like to see if you are going to do a plug-in hybrid like pack some usable range into it you know like that’s just my opinion because even if the goal is you drive you come home and charge it’s like well the goal shouldn’t be you drive for 15 minutes or 20 minutes and your battery’s empty and then you’re still running errands and now you’re just burning gas you know yeah yup yup yup and as a former chevy volt with v owner it’s understandable why you appreciate that extra range because what did the the car have the second gen was it like 50 uh 54 miles of range i think 52 i think was the epa estimated rating on the second gen volt and yeah it was great it was plenty to do what you wanted to do around town and come home without kicking the engine on yeah yeah then get home plug it in and you’re ready to do it all again the next day um but that plug-in model which is coming out in 2023 president president is the upcoming full electric model which is due out one year later they haven’t shared any info about that but a fully electric range rover should be pretty interesting um obviously probably performed quite well we’ve got a bunch of other evs coming out from the hummer family to the ford lightning the rivian products so um they didn’t give us any numbers but it’s probably going to have a bajillion horsepower and pounds of torque so performance should be pretty good inside yeah inside land rover is taking an interesting approach again the interior is very cleanly designed it fits nicely with the exterior but they’re offering some interesting materials they’re having leather that’s more ecologically it’s been tanned in a more ecologically friendly way you can get non-leather alternatives across the lineup and they’re offering some wool blended fabrics too so these again are kind of like old school offerings in a way right you used to have cloth seats and everything and and and going way back you would have materials that were made out of natural things and they’re kind of bringing that forward into the future to be more sustainable so i think it’s very interesting i love it i love it i love i love just love to see this i’m so done and leather is so overplayed leather doesn’t feel hasn’t felt special in a car for like like 20 years you know like it it’s so overdone it’s so nice to get into something else where designers have played with different fabrics and materials and stuff like that because now all of a sudden it’s setting you apart you know yeah get some nice premium fabrics in there interestingly though on a couple of the models i know the sv variant will get this they’re offering some very intricate marquetry it’s it’s wooden inlays for the trim which looks super cool it’s it’s like little mosaic patterns in the wood itself very stunning and then also the sv model can be had with ceramic accents they have it on the shifter uh the climate control rings the volume dial and a couple other places so again more interesting materials and i think this is a trend we’re going to see going forward not just because it’s it’s more ecologically friendly but also because it separates you from the pack right you can have plastic like you said or a leather like you said sean but then everybody’s doing that so how do you actually stand out well throw in some ceramic accents that’s one way to do it yeah yep i just totally agree i just look at that interior and i’m just so impressed with the the variety of materials in there and it feels so sleek and modern and i even get kind of like uh what’s the term i can’t think of it but just kind of that i don’t know i can’t think of the term so never mind but any my takeaway is it’s a gorgeous interior excuse me while i have a brain fart right now it’s okay you’re allowed it’s friday afternoon so yeah uh as for tech expect the full range of stuff from adaptive air suspension cruise control yada yada blah blah go read any modern car review and see all the tech that’s listed you’ll probably have the same stuff in the range over here uh 13.

1 inch infotainment screen with the pivi pro infotainment system and they’re also offering a 13.7 inch digital instrument cluster which which looks super sharp the redesigned range rover should be available next spring and it’s expected to start at around 105 000 including destination fees so start saving up your pennies sean or get a paper route as a side hustle do people still read the paper i don’t know you’re going to find out well i better take the job first and then and then find out yeah that’s how it usually works yeah but anyway um while you’re at it when you’re done watching roadshow news recap head on over swing on by check out the main roadshow youtube channel there are a couple videos you should totally check out we’ve got one that looks at the 2022 gmc sierra it’s a first look video hosted by john wong our very own john wong you got to check out this new truck if you haven’t seen it already it’s way more premium than the outgoing version also we have a couple other videos to check out we’ve got video on the range rover and of course the corvette z06 so if you want to see more about these particular vehicles or even hear that z06 startup sound you probably want to hear that uh head on over to the normal the the standard roadshow youtube channel and check out all of that great content but moving along kia sportage that was just announced and it’s been completely redesigned very interesting stuff here sean there yeah i mean i i don’t know i think i’ve said it before a bajillion times but like seriously what is in the water at hyundai kia design because when i for i mean we saw this suv previously because kia revealed it globally before these u.s specs and stuff were revealed and it’s just like park this thing next to a crv a rav4 an equinox i mean the competitive set and tell me like what looks new and fresh and i’m not saying this is a pretty looking car or it’s going to age well or anything like that but in the moment you know you’re just like wow that’s that’s something that’s different you know and for a lot of people especially in the compact suv segment i mean that’s a that’s a tough segment to crack what are you laughing at it is i just you said well that’s something that’s just like yep that sure is something that’s it has design no that is something but no it this is a totally new vehicle inside and out this is kia’s version for people who don’t know of the new tucson so it rides on the same platform uh you know hyundai’s kind of going for this uh kind of vaporwave retro future aesthetic where kia’s taking it it’s definitely still futuristic but in no way does this look like the tucson at all um you would be hard-pressed to be like oh yeah those two are related if you ask somebody who didn’t know about the industry um it’s 7.1 inches longer 3.4 or sorry 7.

1 inches longer and a 3.4 inch longer wheelbase a little bit taller a little bit wider but that gives people a lot more legroom and cargo space most importantly um so the proportions they look pretty good uh on the inside specifically as you see with this b-roll uh going on there it takes a big long uh infotainment screen and digital gauge cluster and puts it right smack dab in your face um i purposely i i personally feel like this is getting a little bit lazy from hyundai in kia because that is the exact same cluster you will find in a ton of their other vehicles and for me that dilutes specific vehicles and makes them feel less special i it’s just checking right it is a big screen infotainment you need digital gauge cluster check and check we’ve got these parts ready throw them in go done yep and everyone you know the big yes yeah it’s not just hyundai kia but uh you know i just got out of our long-term uh kia carnival minivan and i’m you know like looking at the new uh sportages interior and i’m like kind of feels like i’m sitting in a carnival you know like it’s definitely different it’s not identical and it by any way shape or form but it’s just like the screens kind of make me feel like i’m in a very similar car and i know that’s not something that many people experience because they’re only buying one specific car at a time where you know craig you and i sometimes are fortunate enough to flip in and out of a lot of different vehicles to experience them but um yes that that part just feels a little like for me but overall i think it’s a very nice uh looking suv from a design standpoint so far kia’s only mentioning one powertrain and that’s a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder should be good for 187 horsepower 178 pound-feet of torque uh like i said that’s the only powertrain they announced so far uh but a another powertrain will be announced at a later date uh i’d bet my money on that being a hybrid or a plug-in hybrid uh like the tucson offers uh this vehicle will offer a diesel elsewhere in the world and uh i think hell will freeze over if they brought the diesel to the us for some reason so it’s probably a hybrid yeah and maybe like the one six turbo which right yeah the hybrid other hybrid bits are the two they have the lovely two-five turbo that just has loads of torque so that’d be a good fit in there if they wanted like a sports car small crossover sportage gt or something like that yes or the sport as some people call it yes i don’t know what the actual pronunciation is but we in america we say sportage her sportage spore spore tag or something like that sport sportani yeah yeah yes exactly but you get apple carplay and android auto what a surprise there there are standard led headlamps and automatic high beams very nice to have and they’re also offering a trail ready sportage x pro model which comes with 17-inch wheels and all-terrain tires as well as beefier looks and a whole bunch of different like exterior accents which i always question the like the off-road model of some front drive you know family crossover like who’s actually taking the rav4 trd pro you know to their local gravel pit i can’t imagine i mean maybe people are but i don’t think so it’s it’s just uh if anyone’s interested i did a special conversation with our other reviews editor john wong about the tuner car culture and how off the off-roading culture seemed to replace that and that craig what you just said made me think of it because those time those kinds of suvs just kind of play into that scene where it’s just like they don’t really have any capability very marginal improvements but they’re just playing into a trend where people are really into these outdoorsy rugged looking vehicles right now and people are just snapping them up and i don’t see that ending anytime soon you know who knows what trend could come and replace that but yeah everyone’s got to have an offering if if they want a suv there’s got to be an off-road rugged looking one so that’s what this uh x-line sportage trim is for the kia totally but i guess they didn’t have any pricing or finalized trim breakouts just yet but uh it should go on sale in the first quarter of next year so they better get on that because that’s coming up pretty quick so yes hopefully we’ll have pricing and a trim walk sooner than later yeah um last last major story of the show though uh hertz went bankrupt not long ago uh but as they’re moving out of that now uh they placed an order for a hundred thousand tesla vehicles a hundred thousand and they’re claiming they want to build a modern mobility ecosystem i mean they’re not really building anything but you know what i mean so yeah they’re gonna have a whole bunch of model 3 tesla’s out there people could rent for their initial order from tesla which sounds like they’re suggesting they’re going to be buying even more in the future uh and they’re going to give people access to the the automaker supercharger network what do you make of this sean is this a cynical move designed to ride on tesla’s coattails to cash in on the tesla brand you know uh what’s the word um the cool factor or something it’s cachet yes or is this uh just a smart business move to be more environmentally friendly i don’t know i think it’s both uh you know everybody’s seeing uh the i think you said last week that the title wave of electrification that’s will be crashing down on us in like the next five years or so or even sooner um and i think hurts fresh out of bankruptcy under new owners you know clearly people were huddled up in a room together trying to hash out how can we make hertz relevant uh and after we restructure and their first big bold move was we’re gonna spend a lot of money on a bunch of teslas because people like tesla’s and guess what i guarantee you people will be like hell yeah i want to go rent a tesla like so yeah i’m going to go to hertz and get one you know uh a part of this is hertz is also partnering with uber and uh uber will be getting up to 50 000 of these hertz made hertz owned teslas made available to uber drivers so uber drivers can go to hertz and be like yeah i don’t own a car but i want to drive for uber so may i please rent one of these teslas and they’ll have weekly rates that a driver can pay uh and that sort of thing so they’re really i think trying to diversify from away from the fact that we’re not just the counter you go up to and ask for the uh the mid-size after getting off your plane but like they’re trying to find different avenues where they can be relevant uh in a very fluid changing automotive industry but overall i think it’s super smart because tesla doesn’t make millions of cars per year as i’m sure everyone knows they do like a couple hundred thousand you know kind of thing so if hertz is buying 100 000 of them that’s a significant portion of tesla’s uh production chart pi whatever you want to call it that is now consumed so now if you know uh rival rental company whatever a hertz rival is i know they own different brands so i’m not sure what is an actual rival to hertz they’re like oh yeah we want to do that too they probably can’t because tesla will probably be like we don’t have the capacity to build you also 100 000 cars yeah i mean that’s a tall order to fill but and especially with the production issues that tesla has had not necessarily right now but beforehand production problems but then also supply issues that are racking not just the automotive industry but tons of other industries as well and then you throw in the chip shortage on on top of that and it just becomes more and more difficult to make products that you can sell so who knows how long it will take hurts to get those hundred thousand teslas um maybe many years i don’t know but um yeah they’re saying the first ones are coming next month in november they’ll be available for people to walk up to their local hurts store and be like i’d like a tesla uh to rent so i’m sure it will be uh perhaps more uh focused on areas where electric vehicles are more common at first they didn’t say how this is gonna roll out you know so i’m not sure i would expect a model three at every single hertz counter across the us starting in november but uh i mean this is moving very quickly um but yeah it’s a pretty big deal and if you’re wondering why you’re seeing a lot of photos and footage of tom brady um they hired him to do new commercials playing up the fact that hertz is jumping in on this tesla fleet and uh tom brady’s the guy who’s gonna sell it to all of you to hopefully get you to walk up to a hurts counter to rent a tesla good luck because to your point you the point you made a minute ago you’re not gonna find one of these when you get off the plane at the uh the bismarck north dakota regional airport or whatever you’re they’re gonna be probably in california you’re going to find a lot of wind instead a lot of wind yes yes so anyway good news that tesla hertz is electrifying its vehicle fleet once those 100 000 teslas do arrive they say that’s going to account for about 20 percent of their global fleet uh which will be electrified at that point which is pretty interesting so that’ll just about do it for the show this week but uh before we check out sean i understand you had a few other stories you wanted to promote before we sign off you know it there was a ton of other stuff we couldn’t talk about this week including the fact that it looks like the biden white house finally came to an agreement with other democrats and the federal tax credit uh if everyone still remains on board for the federal tax credit for electric vehicles will go up to 12 500 craig that’s a 5 000 boost that we could be in for or for people buying an ev uh there’s also news that ford is delaying the over over the air update for blue crews uh so those who were eligible won’t be getting that until early 2022 that should have been here already there’s a new amg sl it yeah it does suck yeah for people who really want blue crews but uh yeah there’s that new amg sl and all sorts of more stuff that you can read about fine check it out this weekend on theroadshow.com i wrote a lovely story about a mercedes-benz van concept did you read it sean no at least you’re honest it’s the mercedes-benz sustaineer it’s a it’s a van that uh has a bunch of like eco-friendly features so check that out too anyway i will i will check that out you should and not not you plural you specifically sean i’m not talking to the audience you check that yes because i know you love a commercial ban yes anyway that is a wrap folks not a turkey wrap or a shawarma what i’m trying to say we’re done here so thank you so much for watching uh we wouldn’t have a show if it weren’t for you guys thank you sean for helping host this program and thank you evan miller for handling all the back end technical stuff the editing the posting the uh making this all the backgrounds and stuff i don’t know how he does it but he does it and it works well so thank you guys thank you so much for watching roadshow news recap where we decide to discuss the most important automotive stories of the past week and on that note thanks again for watching and have a great weekend happy halloween you

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