Residents on South Shore of Massachusetts get power back days after nor’easter hits

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and we just got the power back right now. Fantastic out of the darkness and into the light. John Fitzgerald is one of the fortunate ones in Norwell to finally get the power back on right as we watched it return. But on old meeting house lane it was this old oak meeting his house, A 100 ft tall tree slammed straight onto the roof into his daughter’s bedroom as she was sleeping inside. There was a loud bang sounded like an earthquake.

That earthquake turned into a headache as power crews had to replace polls, but his neighbor is grateful despite the delay. We were expecting Tuesday Wednesday at the earliest for us to be addressed. But they’ve actually come along and address things a lot quicker than we ever expressed. And it’s not just local workers getting the job done crews from far away places today. Making the day of people who live here in Norwell and situate who’ve been without their power for days.

The expertise of navigating around lines and bringing electricity back is what these contracted workers from new Brunswick are used to and they’re also used to this negotiating complex situations in the middle of neighborhoods that have been cut into woods and where the woods still sometimes meet the neighborhood, they’re taking it out Tuesday, suppose Lieutenant really for Tuesday morning at seven a.m. The tree is supposed to be coming up in Norwell.

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