Utility crews making progress in restoring power to South Shore of Massachusetts

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crews from as far away as Mississippi were in hard hit areas of Plympton and ducks berry saturday. Many homes left in the dark since Tuesday storm. I don’t think anybody thought on Tuesday that comes saturday, we would still be without power. Once we assess this, we saw that there was extensive, widespread damage, particularly on the south shore. Some neighbors were so frustrated with lack of power.

They left homemade signs in front of their homes to get utility crews attention. Everybody’s working so hard. I can tell. Driving around, we see trucks, we see tree workers. So I know it’s just, it’s tough.

It’s part of living in New England. Um, but yeah, I’m happy that soon. Hopefully it’s going to be back friday night lights with no power turned into saturday afternoon football on the south shore. Halloween preps are still on track for sunday’s trick or treaters. Town hall and schools in Duxbury have been closed since the storm hit.

But with Cruz making progress, both expected to be back open on monday. This is really a big mobilization and the damage is just extensive.

After assessing all the damage up and down the south shore and the Cape over the past several days, many weather observers agree The storm damage here may be among the worst storms in this area over the past 50 years in Duxbury.

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