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the moscow format meeting is all set to begin today the crucial meeting will have representatives of russia afghanistan china pakistan iran and india this will be the second time when new delhi will come face to face with the taliban abdul salam hanafi the second deputy of interim prime minister mullah hassan hakund will be leading the taliban delegation for the moscow format many analysts in light of moscow’s invitation to the taliban and because of russia’s standing in the world have speculated that it may as well drag afghanistan out of isolation as for india’s participation in yesterday’s troika plus the indian envoy to russia d.b venkatesh varma was quoted in an interview last week to russian media he said and i quote india shares the concern in the international community about the current crisis in afghanistan the doha process which india was not part of or the troika plus process which india was not allowed to participate in both trucks led to different outcomes india and russia may have traveled along different roads but our destination is common president putin spoke to prime minister modi in august following which secretary of the russian security council general patrushev visited india and had extensive discussions with indian national security advisor ajit davao subsequently we have had a series of engagements between india and russia not all in the public domain the indian envoy also confirmed that a representative will be attending the moscow format talks on wednesday well for more on this our correspondent anas malik joins us live from kabul good to see you anas malik this meeting is crucial what more do we know about the delegation that will represent the taliban government as a format well two things uh eric it is indeed a very crucial meeting the taliban had put out a statement giving this semblance that this meeting would tan mount to recognition as well uh russia are quickly issuing a statement on their part and saying that the invitation does not mean recognition so that is number one number two the second part of your question that who is part of the taliban delegation well abdul salam hanafi who was leading the taliban delegation as part of the member of doha team or the doha political office first when the uh when this moscow format was launched on the 4th of september in 2017 now he’s leading the taliban delegation in his capacity as taliban’s interim prime minister for afghanistan alongside him is the taliban’s acting foreign minister uh amir khan and other official officials as well more or less we’re seeing a repeat of the team that was sent for the moscow format but all but in all important and crucial meeting that will focus on multiple issues but one thing that is for certain the the desperation on the power of taliban that is to seek international legitimacy that is certainly not happening eric malek i’ll go to your first response various countries that are part of the format have refused to recognize the taliban government critics say that this meeting will give room for the taliban to persuade these countries to affirm their legitimacy is that likely to happen or highly unlikely to happen well legitimacy at this point of time is not on the cards uh because there are pressing issues that need to that needs to be resolved first being and first and at the core of it the all-important issue is the issue of terrorism uh because we’ve seen uh that a terror emanating from afghan soil or at least being alleged that it is being i mean that it is being emanated from afghan soil it is a bigger problem for neighboring countries and largely for the for regional countries as well uh yesterday the troika met in uh in moscow uh including pakistan russia and china it was supposed to be an extended talk of talks but u.s pulled out last minute uh these three countries those who met at the core of them is the issue of terrorism as well pakistan lhasa has been impacted by the taliban pakistan that it says is operating from afghanistan for china the issue of uighur militants and etim is a bigger problem and for russia the concentration of is in the northern side of afghanistan that eventually leads towards central asia that too is a problem so convergence of uh uh on these issues by the international community is there but until unless the taliban live up to their commitments or show that they have the will and capacity and capability to live up to their commitments to eliminate and eradicate the meanness of is and other terror linked groups until then legitimacy is not happening one thing more terrorism is one issue the other issue is to ensure human rights are safeguarded rights of minorities are safe called guarded and then women’s rights girls are allowed to go to school those are safe they are given those that safe assurance until practical actions are taken at least the in the issue of international legitimacy it’s currently not in sight unless these actions are met which the taliban have committed eric finally malik will the u.s pulling out of the format have any bearing or significance absolutely it does have a lot of bearing and significance for the fact that troika plus was the extended triangle format was formed in 2017 its first meeting was formally convened in 2018 following uh all of this all of the four countries uh appointing their special representatives uh i remember in 2018 when this first meeting was convened uh it was the idea was to keep afghanistan out but discuss afghanistan from a regional perspective so pakistan china russia and u.s uh the first meeting was convened in beijing in 2018 after the appointment of salman khalilzad and ah i mean if you look at it troika has been at the helm of shaping afghan dialogue or the intra afghan dialogues or the u.

s taliban dialogue as well the last striker meeting that took place uh try extended troika meeting that took place was on the 11th of august this year in doha four days before the taliban took over and it had denounced any military uh takeover of afghanistan by uh uh any party that included taliban so now at this point of time when taliban have militarily taken over afghanistan u.s pulling out in the absence of international legitimacy there would be a lot of there would be an impact on the troika on uh the moscow format meeting and u.s pulling out would have some ramifications eric that was anas malik giving us the very latest from kabul afghanistan thank you very much now from new delhi our principal diplomatic correspondent siddhant sibal has sent us this report well today is a crucial day in terms of the meeting the moscow consultations on afghanistan 10 countries participating including india view from new delhi is the issue of humanitarian crisis in afghanistan also inclusive government we know that new delhi has already drawn a line when it comes to uh what has happened in afghanistan in terms of the government formation uh the indian leadership talking about that the government has formed without a negotiations and of course we know that when it comes to humanitarian support india has been traditionally a strong supporter of afghan people uh by providing uh the humanitarian aid but this time there is a regime change and that is of course the big question but um largely pakistan china and of course the taliban leadership will be present at the meeting and this is the second time of course india will be formally sitting with the taliban so that visuals or the optics do matter uh amidst the changes we have seen in the region but nonetheless a very important meeting happening in moscow and of course india’s presence at the table as well uh given that how india has been a strong supporter of afghan people for the last 20 years in terms of infrastructure development capacity building and other things sudan sybil for veon in new delhi you

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