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10 richest companies in the world what is the richest company in the world if you think tech companies dominate the list you thought wrong there are several parameters by which the richest companies in the world are ranked these include market cap revenue profits and brand value here are the top 10 richest companies in the world today number 10 alibaba group 620 billion dollars the alibaba company is one of the biggest virtual trading platforms in china and the world attracting the attention of buyers by both affordable prices and a wide range of goods presented founded on april 4 1999 the company provides consumer business consumer and business services through web portals as well as electronic payment services a search system for customers and cloud computing the headquarters is located in hangzhou china it was founded by billionaire jack ma and is currently headed by daniel shangji as the ceo china’s biggest e-commerce company had 117 and 600 full-time employees by the end of march 2020 number nine 10 cent 738 billion dollars tencent is a venture company a conglomerate an investment holding and one of the largest companies in the gaming industry this chinese giant founded in 1998 occupies the ninth position in the ranking of the most expensive and richest companies worldwide its services include social networks mobile games music web portals payment systems e-commerce internet systems smart phones and multiple player online games which are among the largest and most successful in the world in their respective categories the headquarter of 10 cent seafront towers also known as tencent binhai mansion is located in the nanshan district shenzhen as of 2019 the company had 62 885 employees number eight facebook 757 billion dollars facebook was developed by mark zuckerberg in february 2004 the facebook social network is currently visited by more than 2 billion people every day and the market value of 584 billion dollars is simply an astronomical indicator of popularity for the internet project today facebook yields more than 22 billion dollars net yearly profit due to online advertising moreover the company is a leader in terms of profitability since its net profit increased by 54 within the past year alone facebook is headquartered in menlo park california usa and employs about 52 000 people number seven tesla 834 billion dollars tesla is the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer which also manufactures solar panels and batteries at the end of 2020 tesla and 27 other us companies formed the zero emission transport association zetta which will promote the transition of all u.s vehicles to electric traction the company currently has several electric vehicle models including a sedan crossover roadster and even a large truck for cargo tesla was founded in 2003 by martin eberhard and mark tarpinning and only in 2004 elon musk became the main investor of the company and chairman of the board of directors although musk was not the founder of the startup it was thanks to him that the company achieved such heights and worldwide fame tesla is headquartered in palo alto california and employs around 48 000 people number six alphabet inc 1.2 trillion dollars google the internationally famous internet company recently changed its official name to alphabet because the company was out of the scope of google search engine long ago and now it owns plenty of other companies as well sergey brin and larry page who jointly created the mega company in 1998 are the heads of the internet holding more than 30 popular services and sub companies are part of the holding adwords android youtube to name a few google is headquartered in california and had 127 thousand and 498 employees as of 2020.

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Number five delta electronics 1.4 trillion dollars delta electronics thailand public company limited is a subsidiary of delta electronics incorporated it is engaged in the production of electronic products that include various power supplies industrial and construction automation systems infrastructure for alternative energy and electric transport and much more the parent company was founded in 1971 and a regional office in thailand was established in 1988 and now in terms of market capitalization the subsidiary is aiming to become the most valuable company in the world the president of the thai company is currently mr chang tai hasing it has over 83 000 employees on its payroll number four amazon inc 1.

5 trillion dollars on january 7 2019 amazon became the most expensive company in the world for the first time overtaking its competitor microsoft today it ranks fourth in the list of the most valuable and richest companies in the world amazon is an american retail company that sells and delivers various goods over the internet internet users suppliers and producers can sell any goods on their own by using amazon’s website as an online venue the company’s major business line is selling various items the popularity of service soared thanks to high quality goods low prices prompt delivery and a wide assortment it was established in 1994 by jeff bezos amazon is headquartered in seattle washington in the united states according to the overall estimates the company employs about 647 and 500 and has more than 162 billion dollars in assets at the given moment its annual turnover amounts to approximately 232 billion dollars number three microsoft 1.6 trillion dollars the third richest company in the world is microsoft the internationally famous corporation was founded in 1975 by bill gates who is one of the richest men in the world today at that time microsoft was the first software developer that suggested using package software for home computers that would thereby make the pc experience user friendly and intuitive this software the microsoft windows operating system was a real breakthrough since it allowed ordinary users to master pc skills easily the system brought the company incredible success and huge profit today microsoft is one of the leading companies in the pc software market as well it releases new generation windows operating systems a set of applications to work with documents called microsoft word and many other software programs besides microsoft produces its own mobile devices and accessories video audio and office equipment the company is headquartered in redmond washington united states and employs approximately 163 000 people number two apple 2.2 trillion dollars for a long time apple was the most valuable company in the world but due to the situation with the disappointing iphone sales it’s lost its primacy yet the situation is much better now the company is winning its position back today apple is the third in terms of market capitalization at the same time the company continues to occupy the first position on the most expensive brands list today the company logo is recognized by many people as apple became truly the most successful brand its value is estimated at 1.2 trillion by experts from rating agencies the company was established on the 1st of april 1976 by steve wozniak ronald wayne and steve jobs the trio initially engaged in the assembly of home computers and producing proprietary models of pc but their greatest success came just in recent years when apple introduced the line of its mobile products to the world the iphone smartphones and the ipad tablets nowadays the range of its products is wide and include smart watches computers and laptops tablets and smartphones and more however the hallmark of apple gadget’s popularity is high quality stylish design and a brilliant marketing program by steve jobs today the company has thousands of offices brand stores and service centers worldwide with a staff of nearly a hundred and thirty two thousand employees apple is headquartered in cupertino california usa number one saudi aramco 2.4 trillion dollars after the successful issue of shares on the stock exchange saudi aramco saudi arabian oil company became the most expensive and richest company in the world it officially published its financial statements first in 2019.

Shortly after the release of the shares on the ta dowel stock exchange the company’s value almost reached 1.9 trillion dollars the oil giant has exceeded all expectations with the issued shares its ipo is considered one of the most successful in history they say that saudi aramco is going to use almost all the profits for various mergers purchases and expansion of its influence in the world in particular the company intends to become a leader in the production of liquefied natural gas today saudia ramco is considered one of the world’s leaders in oil production and reserves sa already has branches and subsidiaries in china japan russia the united arab emirates the usa great britain and other companies the company also collaborates with luke oil rush doyle shell total sa cinepec and others it is owned by the saudi arabian government the main office is located in durham and it has over 79 000 employees so there you have it 10 richest companies in the world i’d say that tesla deserves a higher spot what do you think let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like and subscribe oh and turn on post notifications

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