Typhoon No. 14, direct hit on consecutive holidays] Flood damage in various places “Tornado” (September 18, 2021)

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Let’s do it 7:00 am Nest guitar in front of the station Because of the strong rain and wind, the rainwater on the ground is also blown away by the wind Typhoon No. 14 that hit the first day of the three consecutive holidays It was stagnant in the East China Sea until this Tuesday Eventually, rain clouds developed and on Thursday, the course changed to the east and landed in Fukuoka Ehime Wakayama.

This typhoon caused a series of landslides and flood damage . I had eaten only the 80mm law of my father’s roof until 3:00 am, which was in the process of being overridden . Typhoon No.

14 that landed near Arita City, Wakayama Prefecture When it comes to the part, the sports couple became clear [Applause] It is over Mihama Town, Wakayama Prefecture The roof tiles are blown off due to the influence of the top This is a video taken from above Mihama Town, Wakayama Prefecture If you look closely, the roof of the house is half Agricultural house 6 o The onions are exposed In Mihama-cho, a strong wind that seems to be the top of the rain blows today, and about 50 houses in the town were damaged by the roof tiles flying off.

I was polishing it. I thought I’d go to bed already, and I felt like I was rushing into something like a chick. It was a tremendous shock from my younger brother . This gust has injured a traditional man with broken glass .

The Wakayama Local Meteorological Observatory has announced that this top is likely to be a tornado . A woman in her 60s was found dead and is believed to have been washed away in a flooded river.

It rained heavily from the morning when it first appeared. The river that runs through the residential area has also risen at 0:30 pm. The width is being chased by the key, but it is raining again.

And if you look at many people, it’s a white hut. The apartment is almost invisible in Wakayama. This is the only good place near the Tama River . It wasn’t Typhoon No. 15 two years ago, but I pushed for more than 2 meters.

Install a water stop plate at the entrance so that there is no What kind of banna is it just made here, so I’m defending it here, so I’m worried about the one who sucks it every time it happens.

It rained more than 60 times an hour in the U.S. military and it rained heavily at 11:00 am in Yokohama, but the rain was getting stronger . It’s early in the river .

Three rivers flowing through Kanagawa Prefecture are flooding Water is flowing in a nearby park It ‘s in front of Nissan Stadium, which is a walnut guard , but the performance has been submerged. The water has risen to the height where the bench sits. Flow Conkermis spreads in the park and the water rises to the height of the seating surface of the bench .

This park has the function of reducing the risk of rebellion as a playground that uniquely fills the ditch when the water in Tsurumi rises. I’m fighting a good fight on the leather swing because I’m continuing to use the equipment .

I encountered a successor employee. Then , push to start actual hunting, and based on the amount, you will eat cancer or the recovery of Mars afterwards. Wall clock meandering With the approach of the typhoon It’s getting cold and I have a cold, but if you look at the sea, you can see that the white waves are hitting the rocks. I feel that a typhoon is approaching the listing. I was taking measures to open it from the beginning.

I put a net on it so that the tree wouldn’t break even if it hits the rain, or if I shake it a lot of rain even temporarily, the sound will be alive and I will not be able to breathe and I will run out of oxygen, so I will not be flooded.

In this field, we grow eggplants and peppers, but it is said that the eggplants were harvested earlier due to the approach of typhoon No. 14 , and the direct sales office that sells the harvested vegetables was temporarily closed today. There was a reason to take such thorough measures. The house was completely gone from this area to the other side .

The bones of the house are owned by the typhoon No. 15 in this field. The roofs of 4 out of 5 buildings I suffered damage such as being blown away. I think that if you don’t prepare carefully, you won’t overdo it. The impact of the typhoon is Tokyo Ueno Park.

All schools Taiwan Festival was originally scheduled to be held in June this year, but it was postponed due to the influence of the new corona, so it was planned to be held for 4 days from yesterday. Today’s event was canceled due to the approaching. I want to feed my mom, so at least 100 minutes. The organizer of the event is stepping on and kicking. There is, but everyone complains properly like that child and they are returning home.

Well, the weather is likely to be better after tomorrow, so if we prepare for tomorrow, Typhoon No.

14 will be an extratropical cyclone at 3 o’clock. Is it changing to a low pressure and moving eastward off the coast of Tokai? Due to unstable atmospheric conditions, there is a possibility that Abe Sugame , who managed late at night, may come to Kanto Koshin and Tohoku Hokkaido ..

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