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In the dictionary what what would we find what would be the definition of sean lock if you look me up in the dictionary you’d get a four-letter word it’s got and that word is of course cute but really i don’t think a dictionary‘s got enough words in it to describe me you know .

I don’t think, i don’t, i think i’m such an amazing complicated i’m more like a sensation an idea yeah the best way to describe me is with a fragrance you smell it you go that’s that’s your knock smell it maybe that hot tarmac and a vet’s flannel you’re an incredibly happy man what’s the secret to your happiness simple things a blue bell the first blue bella spring coming home to a full mouse trap do you ever show your sensitive side yeah i’ve shown it twice uh once to my wife and another time i slowed down for a horse.

I’ve got a an amazing trick. I’m going to perform a feat of prediction i’ve written a word down in this envelope and at some point in the show someone’s going to come up with that word it’s going to come up on that board i’m going to give this to rachel and if rachel be so kind she can open the envelope and the word that will be up on the board there will be in this envelope i’d like you now to open that card the rachel in there is beam rules okay well this is extraordinary this is extraordinary it’s got santa on it oh what does it say rachel to brian and margaret merry christmas merry christmas you pair of tosses i don’t know what happened now but brian and margaret have got a card with beam rules so the other what are you drinking there water a lovely can of water i’ve never seen the new water brand it’s just water lovely i mean it’s it’s from a canal .

You’re just rehydrating are you, i wouldn’t normally with water but it’s so water i’d say cheers sean have you got mascot yes i do jimmy uh following the enormous success of my um bespoke voucher books i thought i’d bring back a christmas selection of uh vouchers which uh you know i think anybody would be delighted to uh to to receive this one for example is to rescind a pensioner’s bus pass you can just nip in front of a pensioner as they’re getting onto the bus hand that in and they’ve got to cough up some of that hard-earned money they want sitting on a house for 40 years

You could design the kits for england’s football team for the next tournament how about ugg boots at a cape the fa have said they’ll honor that i know what mike i know what my granddad would love a chance to host the mobo award now this one’s a bit odd third off number seven products and boots that got in there how about this one have any adult relative jailed for three weeks .sean biggest achievement in life well. i think the money i embezzled from the rlli .

My greatest gene must be rectum of the year not rear of the year no no it’s different yeah this is rear of the year with the gloves off i knew i’d won when i uh i heard three of the judges throwing up behind me i thought i’ve got i’ve got this in the bag sure feet phone cotton yes let me tell you hers is pretty messed up i’m speaking and then of course that got me through to the world so i got to went to the world finals in cancun i thought i was going to win i thought i’m going to win this and then go maradona beat me when he been over set the sprinklers off you

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