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A large-scale outdoor concert was held in New York City, USA to celebrate the resurrection from the new corona virus. Central Park in New York is filled with our prices Western New Yorkers and sharing their joy.Nober-The department’s business is a two-minute rope . Barbera mid day The afternoon concert was held by the city of New York on the 21st. It is obligatory to wear a mask because it is outdoors.

It was seen that the audience enjoyed the music while voicing . In one minute, the author was opened as a resurrection from Corona. The infection spread again in New York City. The new corona virus continues to spread, but the number of infections to children is increasing rapidly , according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, compared to the time of the 4th wave.

More than doubled The number of infected people under the age of 10 and teenagers was 761 in total, accounting for about 17% of the total number of completed vehicles.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of children completed nationwide in the week leading up to Tuesday is 22,175, including those under 10 years old and teenagers. The number has more than quadrupled from 5,347 in the week of mid-May. Why is the number of children infected? I’m very worried that the infection situation is expanding rapidly, but how do you feel about that in the medical field now? Certainly, the number of infected children is increasing.

For example, the number of crafters at schools, inns, daycare centers, and other places where such children gather is increasing. One thing is that the completeness of the virus itself due to the influence of the Delta strain is increasing. I think it’s the number one factor. Domestic infection is the same as the whole family, where one person was infected and the other was two. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 140 outbreaks have occurred in schools and educational facilities in the three weeks until the 15th of this month.

When I hear about infection control measures taken at home in the city , it’s only a rough idea after I come back . I don’t really know what else to do, or the situation at the hospital.

Or 8 Well, it’s an explanation that the number of people who are in trouble in this way will increase as the infection spreads. It may be the case with air purifiers. Well, there is only one in the house, but the night room I have to think about such things as putting it in the house. I asked Professor Terashima about infection control measures that can be taken at home. I think it is important to evoke each room well, especially in places where the whole family gathers, such as the living room, if it is outside in 30 minutes, it is important to replace the air firmly or to do as much as possible within the environment.

Here is a summary of what we can do to prevent infection inside. First of all, it is necessary to make a habit of washing and disinfecting the environment as a countermeasure against infection so far. Even so, it is effective. And notice the change in physical condition. Adults do not notice the change in their physical condition. It is my theory, but even if it is a small change while watching the children’s usual situation. It is important to be aware that due to the spread of the new corona virus infection, Yokohama City plans to extend the summer vacation of municipal elementary and junior high schools until the end of this month and temporarily close it.

The policy is to extend the summer vacation period until 31 days and temporarily close the school.

Also, during the declaration of an emergency until the 12th of next month, we will shorten classes at municipal elementary and junior high schools and high schools and consider suspending club activities. In Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City and Sagamihara City have also decided to extend the summer vacation until the end of this month and temporarily close the school . rice field We will create a wonderful Yokohashi while facing each and every citizen .

In the Yokohama Mayor’s election, the Constitutional Democratic Party recommends the chairman of the National Public Safety Commission, which Prime Minister Suga has announced full support in his hometown of Yokohama, by defeating Hachiro Okonogi and others. Mr.

Takeharu Yamanaka, a newcomer and former professor of Yokohama City University, was elected. With the expiration of his term, eight people, the largest number ever, ran for the election, and the issue was to attract ir integrated resorts including casinos and to take measures against infection with the new corona virus. The defeat of Mr. Okonogi is likely to affect the future administration of Prime Minister Suga. The vote rate this time was 49 points and 0%, which was 10% 1.84 for the previous mayoral election. The point was exceeded The government has begun to coordinate the dispatch of SDF transport aircraft to evacuate the Japanese remaining in the area due to the deterioration of security in Afghanistan .

According to a number of government officials, the government works for international organizations. We are coordinating to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces transport aircraft to Afghanistan to evacuate Japanese people, etc. It is expected that the SDF units that are still on standby will head to the site .

There was a call for support from the local staff working in Japan. The body found in the earth and stone flow in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, was found to be a missing woman .

It turned out to be Mitsuyo Matsumoto, who had been missing after the outbreak of the earth and stone flow . With this, the number of victims has risen to 24, and the whereabouts of three are still unknown. A place like that, a place that hasn’t been completely in the past.

We are working with the idea that there is always a famous car in this place. The situation in Asia has changed significantly until August. Aso Gani Stan is in a situation where the power balance may be lost or the version may be suppressed before the US military completely withdraws, while the balance of power over Taiwan may also change. Verify with the latest video People chasing a transport plane taking off Some people cling to a huge aircraft A figure of a citizen trying to escape from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, controlled by armed forces Tullivan. 800 people were on board This transport plane can carry up to 77 tons of tanks etc.

In the US Air Force c 17 pattern Globemaster 3 cargo hold The US Air Force operates more than 200 of them. One of them landed for the first time at an airfield in Taiwan in June this year. It was carried by three U.S. Senators.

The 27 yen leaked from Taiwan three hours later, but it was physically a U.S. Army tank. I don’t think it was negligible for China, and the U.S.

will sell the m 1 a 2 t 1000 car to Taiwan this month the m 109 a 6 Paradin self-propelled gun. It was decided that both of these have a sink gas communicator, which is the U.S.

Air Force’s ground warfare stimulus b 8 c Joint Stars equipped to command ground forces and attacks, namely the Taiwan Army and the United States. It may seem like a special relationship between the Air Force and the physical integration of operations .

On the other hand, China has recently released a series of videos that seem to be aware of the Taiwan emergency . This video was attended by various warships such as aircraft carriers . It is a state of the maritime exercise It can be confirmed that the Chinese Navy is replenishing the 071 assault landing ship for landing operations with a refueling ship, but it seems as if it suggests that landing operations can be carried out outside the coast of China .

Grasp the situation three-dimensionally using a drone that flies in a flock in the pattern of the landing exercise released last month. An amphibious tank fired at the landing point and landed at once.

This is an improved version of the df 15 and is said to have a new guidance system and a powerful anti-jamming function on the bullet head. As the movement to show off their abilities intensifies, the United States Air Force Great East will respond if nato’s allies progress. If this is the same in Japan and Taiwan, it may be perceived that the United States most of them..

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