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It turned out that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is adjusting to tighten the entrance restrictions for department stores, etc. According to the people concerned, the sound is to clarify the capacity for department stores, etc. by the area per person and the total floor area, and at the entrance and exit. It means that we are making adjustments to strengthen admission restrictions such as installing an automatic counter .

Occurrence of clusters ok Experts have pointed out measures such as department stores.

The government is in an emergency situation due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection. We have expanded the declaration to 13 prefectures and decided to set the deadline to 12th next month. New declarations will be issued in 7 prefectures of Ibaraki Tochigi Gunma Shizuoka Kyoto Hyogo Fukuoka from a short period of this month to 12th next month.

In addition, six prefectures such as Tokyo, which will expire at the end of this month , will be extended until the 12th of next month. The government will hold a countermeasures headquarters tomorrow after consulting with a meeting of experts to make a formal decision .

On the other hand, 148,504 infections and 26 deaths have been confirmed nationwide today. In Tokyo, 1962 cases of infection were confirmed, which was the highest number of infected people on Monday. In addition, Kanagawa Chiba was confirmed to have the highest number of infected people in the past in Toyama, and seriously injured people nationwide.

It was revealed that 1603 people have secured the third inoculation for the fourth consecutive day, which was the highest number ever. Minister Kono appeared on a private broadcast program and the third inoculation of the new corona vaccine.

He stated that he had agreed on the supply of boosters and revealed that he had secured the required amount for the third inoculation.Furthermore, the ministers said that he would announce the specific supply contents soon. Let’s take a look at the progress of the nationwide bombing inoculation . Mr. Imaminato Yes, we will look at the figures for all generations.

Next is the vaccination rate. At least 49.3% of the people got the first vaccination , which is close to half, and 37.2% of the people completed the second vaccination.

It is compulsory to show it.

This shop, which is open from 6 am , asks customers to show their vaccination certificate immediately. 100,000 people open all over duc sinker re Large-scale city tmc Around the day New York City eats and drinks Amaran i had to do s barbera sj wi- fi push rb storm assistant voodoo From next month 13th, there will be a move to resist due to penalties, but it is a form of strengthening measures to promote intake due to the violence of Delta stocks allowed by the Indian side. In Taitung Ward, combustible waste is being collected, but new corona infections by employees have occurred one after another, and non- burnable waste has been suspended .

It is said that it became difficult to secure personnel to collect garbage because it was confirmed that 16 staff members were infected. Multiple people positive for the new coronavirus infection announced on the site have been confirmed.

In order to maintain the garbage collection system, the cleaning office has devised the staffing and has endeavored to carry out the normal collection work. However, it has become difficult to secure the necessary staff for work, so we will suspend the collection of non-burnable garbage during the following period. Currently, about 20 of the staff of the street cleaning office are waiting at home. Collecting garbage etc. is to be done as usual.

The inability to collect non-burnable garbage is affecting various industries .

Spray cans collected in bags Hair salons in the ward use a lot of sprays at this time, which is a problem. August song It’s a busy time, so it’s difficult to say that you can’t put it out.

It ‘s also a hot time to leave it alone, so there are voices concerned about the spread of the impact at this miso specialty store. I was asked.

It ’s cotton trash, so it ’s not so troublesome, but it ’s a decent burnable trash. There is a discontinuation of the provision of familiar administrative services Now it is a situation where the same situation can occur anywhere . While record heavy rains continue in various places, heavy rains may continue tomorrow in 9 weeks, so strict caution is required. It ‘s a denial at 7:00 pm Mr. Tadashi started to get stronger around the evening, and now it’s about to hit the body .

Record heavy rainfall continues in various parts of western and eastern Japan due to the stagnant front of the arm. This record heavy rainfall has nearly quadrupled the amount for one month in August. Six people have died and four people are missing nationwide.

In Unsen City, Nagasaki Prefecture, three family members have been landslides. Fumio Mori died after being involved The whereabouts of her husband Yasuhiro and her daughter Yuko are unknown.

The search is scheduled to be conducted tomorrow. On the other hand, the front line that brings heavy rain will move north again , so there will be many places where it will rain very heavily in Kumamoto and Kagoshima until tomorrow morning . The Meteorological Agency says that there is a possibility that heavy rain special warnings will be issued again in Kyushu and Hiroshima prefecture. Expected rainfall is expected to be 250 mm in southern Kyushu and northern Shikoku region, and 200 mm in China region. Ah, I don’t know if you don’t know it.

Thank you. Thank you. Mr. Ohno’s house, a housewife living in Tokyo. A man visited here and immediately went to the kitchen.

The tour Kiran a , which had a little more head to ask if it was the ingredients you want to sell, would be helpful if you could use it.

I’m a chef with a qualification as a nutritionist, and I’m also a body builder. When I take it off, I wonder why I came to this house. I would be very grateful if you could On-site lunch to cook food for children This time, Mr. Ohno, who has two children in grades 6 and 3 , used this service for the first time.

I have two daughters, but both of them are playing sports very much. It’s also a growing season, so I think it would be nice to be able to cook something like Laria’s protein and calories so that you can build good muscles .

Since I am wrestling, I have put out a menu that allows you to eat the protein that is the source of muscles firmly. You can also eat vegetables with that high protein as much as possible. I ‘m thinking of making something with something like that.

A nutritionist and body builder. A chef who knows all about muscles. Start cooking using the ingredients prepared by himself and the leftovers from the refrigerator. And finally, if you add potatoes and stir-fry, the salmon and potatoes are fried with garlic butter. It became a nice menu that you can get 17.

8 g of protein. Boiled in tomato puree with boiled soybeans tomato boiled 12.3 g of protein can be taken by one person Left-handed cooking 3 hours finished is ya Muscle lunch that survives summer bate Purple cabbage salad Spinach miscellaneous fish is carrot In addition to the vegetable menu containing vitamins b and c, which are said to be good for preventing summer meals such as nokinpira, the menu also includes chicken stir-fry, such as Oba-yaki .

Manchurian color is beautiful. It’s very delicious for 3 turns .

It would be great if this kind of food was served at school. Besides, the chef made a total of 12 such as onion salt chicken, Komatsuna and minced meat sauce, soy milk tofu, etc. I think it would be great if you could make something that you think would be a great opportunity to take on this challenge.The free plan that you entrust to us will make a menu for children’s days for 7,480 yen each time . It has been decided that the event will be held without spectators.

We would like you to understand this as an unavoidable measure to prevent the spread of infection, and we would like you to see the event at home, etc.

It will start on the 24th of this month. Regarding the spectators of the Paralympics, discussions were held by the ipc International Paralympic Committee and the Tokyo Metropolitan Organizing Committee. In principle, it was decided to hold the event without spectators at all venues, including Shizuoka Prefecture, which was irrigated with water. The United Nations Security Council is an urgent meeting in response to the situation in Afghanistan.

Amid growing concerns in the international community, the focus is on whether the Security Council can take a consistent response, such as new sanctions. Many people flock to the opportunity to cling to expectations [Music] Thousands of citizens rush to the airport to flee the country According to Reuters news agency, five people were killed in the turmoil at the airport One night after the invasion of humans, many Tullivan fighters with guns were seen in the city. Citizens no longer needed to protect themselves, and they started collecting weapons and ruled. On the other hand, he escaped abroad, but about the president Russian state media Helicopter full of money It is said that all the cash that left Afghanistan was not filled and some of it was left at the airfield.

Spreading Mont Blanc Actually, tomorrow I’m going to cut the chestnut forest and run out of blood.

Please find it and wait for a while . The first frozen cake sold by Confectionery only at the online shop, Montblanc, is sold out on the same day. If it is half-thawed, you can enjoy the texture like ice cream . There is a desire to have casual people enjoy a little special sweets in the wood, and this Montblanc has the idea of not wasting ingredients in Hokkaido. I found Kuribayashi because I thought it would be interesting to have chestnuts from Hokkaido because I didn’t have an image because I was late, but when I found it, it seems that it was already an excerpt tomorrow.

I definitely want to use it at home, so I waited for a while to cut it down. I couldn’t keep up with the regular schedule due to lack of manpower, and in fact 800 chestnut trees were being considered for cutting down. The trees are not cut and bear a lot of fruits this year as well. I think it’s really a waste to throw away such delicious chestnuts, and I wonder if the producers will be happy.

I think that the chestnut forest is delicious.

Mormon Blanc The chestnut fruits of the northern land that escaped the felling deliver healing at the same inn’s house time. The rapid spread of infection has caused the sales of major department stores to decline. Sales for this month up to yesterday announced by the three companies decreased by 10.7% for Takashimaya, 5.4% for Isetan Mitsukoshi, and 1% for Daimaru Matsuzakaya compared to the same period of the previous year.

This is the first time in half a year since February, and the number of customers visiting the store has decreased due to the nesting caused by the Olympic Games and the rapid spread of the new Corona infection . Due to the stagnant front line, it is raining extremely heavily locally in Kyushu this morning as well. It is expected that heavy rain will occur from western Japan to northern Japan today, so caution is required. It was raining heavily this morning , and record short-time heavy rain information was announced even near Toba City, Mie Prefecture. It is expected that heavy rain will occur locally in the center .

The amount of rain expected in the 24 hours until 6 am tomorrow is 250 mm in Kyushu and Shikoku, and 200 mm in the Tokai region of China. Please continue to be vigilant. Heavy rain continues and heavy rain warning is still being announced. Broadcast from Tokunomoto City, Kagoshima City. This is jr Kagoshima Central Station in Kagoshima City .

It started to rain heavily at this time. It’s raining like this. After that, we will have a rush to work from 7:00 am, but some conventional lines have been affected by traffic such as suspending driving. In Kagoshima prefecture, it has been raining since the beginning of the rain. In the Satsuma Osumi region, there is a risk of extremely heavy rain after this, such as 7204.

5 mm, which is more than double the normal value in August. It’s Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City. What you can see in the back of me is the center of Kumamoto City. The rain had stopped until a while ago, but it started to rain again about 30 minutes ago due to the heavy rain the other day.

In the center of Kumamoto City, the roads have been flooded and other damage has occurred.

Currently, some stores are taking measures such as placing clay bags at the entrance of the stores . Shirakawa Kura is a gently flowing river, but it is re-recorded due to the heavy rains every day, and the water seems to be rising more than usual. It is expected that the rain will intensify in the future. The performance peaches on the theme of diversity and symbiotic society will be released. Our taxable island tour is a satellite work under the general command of actor Chizuru Higashi as the official cultural program of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics .

The theme is gender and shine in a society of diversity and symbiosis Yes Ob Kuresa Stomach blue world tko Web Crew Suzu Pastis John & etc. Faiz’s Milan Stage President of the United Nations made a speech earlier and admitted that the suppression of Kabul by Tullivan was unexpectedly fast. Reiterated that the complete withdrawal of the U.S. military was the right decision as it reaffirmed that it was right for the U.

S. military to end the cold weather to Afghanistan, while the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on the 16th. A press statement has been issued, expressing deep concern over serious human rights violations in Afghanistan and calling for an immediate suspension of combat and the establishment of a new government in which women participate equally..

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