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Atami debris flow, now in the damaged Izusan area, heavy rain again

More than a month has passed since the debris flow occurred in the 3rd district of Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture. 23 people have died and 4 people are still missing. I’m Mitake Mitake, a city that has been damaged by Lou, and even after a month, the remains of the damage still remain vivid. Atami City has an aging rate of 47.8%, which is the highest among the cities and towns in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Among them, it is said that the elderly in the 1st district exceed the ice. I heard from a victim that a movie in Tokyo was swallowed up by a debris flow in a blink of an eye.

It is still unknown. Everyone who was damaged by the debris flow At Toys 3 schools, the building that was the office was broken and soil and stones were piled up all over the place, and the ship was also stuck with earth and sand. It seems that it will take time to recover because the water depth is shallow because it has flowed into the port and it does not function as a port .

At the time of the disaster, Mr. Takahashi was guiding traffic on the road in front of his house when he saw debris flowing near Aizen Bridge near his house . This is a video of Saito. About 30 minutes after the footage of the oil, a debris flow will flow into this area. The video shows the tremendous debris flow’s destructive power.

The heavy rain that has continued since last week has increased the risk of disasters again in the 13 districts of Atami.

Is prohibited In the disaster area of Atami, more caution is required. The above commentary was Makoto Suzuki’s report..

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