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It turns out that 21962 new people are infected with the new corona virus in Tokyo today. The number of new cases confirmed in Tokyo was 1962, an increase of 78 from 2884 last Monday to Monday. By age group, 449 people in their teens or younger, 927 people in their 20s, 572 people in their 30s, 459 people in their 40s, 350 people in their 50s, and 130 people aged 65 and over. The number increased by 17 from yesterday’s 20051 to a record high of 268, and 5 were newly confirmed dead . You may be able to see the sake up close while receiving the inoculation.

Today is a broadcast from Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. Mr. Kimura The inoculation started today at this Tokyo Dome where I am. This is right in front of the audience seats. The concourse on the 2nd floor is an intake booth, so you can take it in this way while looking at the ground .

In order to promote intake to a wide range of generations, including younger generations, this Tokyo Dome Various ideas are being devised. The inoculation at this Tokyo Dome was carried out not only in Bunkyo Ward but also in the 3 wards of Shinjuku Ward, Minato Ward, and 2000 certification was received today. You are welcoming me and disinfection is hunting. Not only that , but the staff at the venue, doctors, nurses, and other high- ranking people are wearing orange uniforms . Well, Giants, Japan is coming.

It was like a family coming to the stadium during this summer vacation . In fact, this younger generation and a lot of parents and children have come to see the love of baseball in the second grade of junior high school.

Even in the club, I was talking about my love for baseball. Pla 9 is crazy. Well, anyway , if they say something like this, that baseball will be involved .

Well, in that sense, I think it would have been better to eat what was able to increase revenue at this venue . Also, if you like baseball, there are more irresistible moments, and you can observe the progress after hitting the explosion in the audience seats.

It’s the ground right in front of you, so if the timing is right, you can see the practice of the players before the night game starts. Not only that, but after getting the vaccination, there is a gift after getting the follow-up. As you may have noticed from the beginning , all the people who killed this original mask of Giants, which I wear, will be given a free gift, so this is the gift of the first vaccination and the 22nd vaccination is gorgeous.

The prize will be won by lottery. For example, this is a glove for vaccines that players actually use, and this is not for sale. Not only that, this chair is what Hara actually uses on the bench. It’s the same type. This is a lottery.

Vaccination at the Tokyo Dome is scheduled for November 18th. Minister Kono, who is in charge of vaccination, will appear on a private broadcast program and ejaculate Paiser. It was revealed that the third inoculation of the new corona vaccine was also secured.

Regarding the so-called booster, Minister Kono has agreed with Physer on the supply of the booster. He said he could show it, and revealed that he had secured the required amount for the third inoculation of Pfizer’s bombing.

Minister Kono has indicated that he will probably hit boosters next year, such as Tokyo. The emergency declaration being issued to one prefecture is expected to be extended again. The government is considering a plan to extend the extension until the 12th of next month . After observing the implementation status of alternate cocktail therapy, which has the effect of preventing aggravation, we went to the medical treatment facility set up in Tokyo and went to the experience together and talked about future infection countermeasures. If it leads to curbing the spread of the vaccine , cooperation with the national government will directly lead to the protection of the dogs and health of the citizens of Tokyo .

The number of seriously injured people nationwide increased by 40 from the previous day to 1603, the highest number ever for four consecutive days, and the rapid spread of infection continues in Tokyo. Then, the number of home recuperators exceeded 20,000 for the first time last week. Prime Minister Kan has taken some measures against this crisis situation. Maintenance of oxygen station for this purpose Actually, the operation has already started in Kanagawa prefecture. It is positioned as an emergency facility to promote oxygen as an emergency measure until the destination is decided for patients who need hospitalization.

I ‘ll put the oxygen of the patient in the hospital in Tokyo, and the sickbed is open. There is also a way to utilize such a place, and there is also a way to collect the Sansokan and do it in some building. Maybe I’m talking to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government now, but experts are raising concerns. The equivalent of an uncle who is screaming is basically both possible for the patient’s symptoms rather than treatment.

Therefore, it is still a big question whether that alone is not enough and the necessary patients can be ponded .

Furthermore, there is a risk that the shortage of doctors and nurses will accelerate due to the opening of facilities, so at present we will increase the number of facilities that can provide some treatment. It is urgent to point out that there is an urgent need for hospitalization waiting stations that started to be installed in Tokyo last month and are now in operation in Okinawa and other prefectures . It is a so-called field hospital facility that provides temporary treatment when the hospitalization destination of the patient is not found. In addition to extending the deadline for the emergency declaration, the government is considering expanding the scope of the declaration centering on Kyoto and Fukuoka prefectures. It is going to be officially decided by the government countermeasures headquarters that will open tomorrow .

I said that even if I fined the ban on the number of lockdowns in the world, I couldn’t protect it. The unstoppable spread of infection has extended to such places that support people’s lives . In Taito Ward, combustible waste is being collected. However, the new corona infection of the staff has been one after another, and the non- burnable garbage has been suspended. The infected people have been in the equal cleaning office one after another.

It is said that it has become difficult to secure .

For this reason, the ward has announced on its official website that it will suspend the collection of non-burnable garbage and non-burnable garbage in all areas of the ward from today to 31st. In order to maintain the garbage collection system, the cleaning office has devised the staffing and tried to carry out the normal collection work, but it became difficult to secure the staff necessary for the work, so during the following period We will suspend the collection of non-burnable garbage . Currently, about 20 of the staff of the Daito Cleaning Office are waiting at home. The remaining staff will collect combustible waste and resource waste as usual.

Non-combustible waste cannot be collected. This has affected various industries . Spray cans collected in bags It is said that hair salons in the ward are in trouble because they use a lot of sprays at this time.

August is a very busy time, so I can’t put it out. It’s difficult to say, isn’t it?

It ‘s a hot time to leave it alone, so at this miso specialty store, there were voices concerned about the spread of the impact . Is it garbage? It feels like you’re facing a lot of life. Stopping the provision of familiar administrative services Now it’s no wonder where the same situation happens. Today in Kyushu, which has been hit by record heavy rain since last week.

It is raining intermittently in various places, but the active front has stagnated and damages such as flooding and landslides have occurred one after another. It can be seen that the entire city is covered with water . The Rokkaku River flooded in Saga Prefecture, and the area around Takeo City was flooded in a wide area, and the appearance of the town changed completely .

The crossing continues to ring The hospital surrounded by vast fields is flooded with caution and can only be reached by boat. Patients were seen on the second floor of the hospital.

Most of the time was flooded. Self-defense even in a trashed house A rescue operation was carried out by the corps. A man can be seen at the entrance, but it was in a critical situation because it was soaked in water up to the chest. Is a video immediately after the outbreak. You can see people using ladders to rescue while it is raining heavily.

It seems that the earth and stone flow hit the second floor of the house directly . Naoki’s parents in the second grade of elementary school died. It’s a house where three parents and children died. You can see that water is still flowing out of the house even after a day. In Gero City, Gifu Prefecture, Hida The river has risen.

It collapsed due to the heavy rain disaster last year.

The national road collapsed again near the site that was just restored last month . This is a terrible torrent. The asphalt on the road is still lying around the shore, and a traffic light collapsed near the site . [Music] A landslide occurred last Friday in Gero City, Nagasaki Prefecture.

Two parents and children went missing. It is near the site where there was a landslide in Obama Town, Gero City, Nagasaki Prefecture . It has been raining like hitting the ground since the morning. 72 hours have passed since the landslide occurred. 59-year-old Fumio Mori died in this landslide .

The whereabouts of husband Yasuhiro and daughter Yuko are unknown. We are calling for early safety as the risk of sediment-related disasters and inundation may increase sharply in a state where it is easy to occur. I interviewed the service . Hello-I may not know it unexpectedly. Thank you.

Thank you. Mr.

Ohno’s house, a housewife living in Tokyo. A man visited here and immediately went to the kitchen. If you have a little more head, it would be helpful if you could use Alan a Alan a .

This guy who started looking into the refrigerator. Actually, I’m a chef with a qualification as a nutritionist, and I’m also a body builder. When I take it off, I wonder why I came to this house. Many housewives who have children now in the summer vacation are worried about making meals. There are various reasons such as it is difficult to think about the menu because the nutrition tends to be biased.

On-site lunch to go to and cook food for children This time, Mr. Ohno, who has two children in grades 6 and 3 , used this service for the first time . It’s also a growing season, so I think it would be nice to have good muscles and to have a menu while paying attention to that protein and calories. Since she is wrestling, she has put out a menu that allows you to take in the protein that is the source of muscles.

You can also eat vegetables with that high protein as much as possible .

I’m thinking of making something with a shake or something. Management nutritionist and body builder Chef who knows all about muscles Start cooking using ingredients prepared by himself and leftovers from the refrigerator First, sauté salmon fillet with garlic and remove bones And finally, add the potatoes and stir-fry, and the salmon and potatoes are fried with garlic butter. It was a nice menu that you can get 17.8g of protein. Boiled in tomato puree with boiled soybeans, 12.

3 g of protein can be taken by one person. Left-handed cooking is done for 3 hours.

It is a well-balanced menu that includes a vegetable menu that includes vitamins b and c, which are good for preventing summer meals, such as hahenjinkinpira, as well as chicken tsukune, such as Oba-yaki . The dance collection is beautiful and it’s very delicious for 6 turns . It would be great if this kind of food was served at school .

Besides, the chef made a total of 12 dishes such as onion salt chicken, Komatsuna and minced meat tempura soy milk tofu . On the contrary, I don’t like it, so I think I wouldn’t make it. I think it would be great if you could make something that would give you a chance to take on the challenge. I’m Hidetoshi Hiramatsu, a commentator of the Social Affairs Department, about the attention to my feet not only in the side dish but also in the vegetable section.

Thank you.

First of all, I would like to explain what kind of time this accident is, but can you take a look here ? Yes, the accident occurred in April 10 people in their 30s, 3 years ago. However, around 7 pm this time , on my way home, the super summit strike near my home stopped at the Nerima Kasugacho store, so I went to the cashier after about 20 minutes of shopping . It was crowded, it’s about time, so I’m about to change clothes, so I said that the supermarket there is vacant, so I headed to the grocery store where I was attached.

I slipped there and hit my knee in the store, so I was injured.

The size of this is the actual size, but about this amount of tempura has fallen in front of the cash register. It means that you slipped your legs, so the first machine in this store has a big meal ticket, so I’d like to give some supplementary explanations for this fall accident. I put it in a pack and had it at the grocery store , and it was a mechanism to pay for it. And I wonder if this pumpkin tempura that had fallen was not this man but another customer dropped it before the opening of the court.

I think it’s highly likely that this man is here after all Yes, this is a supermarket face, this is a ring that allows you to shop safely It seems that it does not provide a boundary, the point is that it has filed a lawsuit against the supermarket alleging that it violates the safety management obligation, but one trial decision has already been passed in December of last year, and in that If the Tokyo District Court is in the form of autumn leaves where customers pack their own food, you can imagine dropping prepared foods on the floor .

Even though I had to confirm the safety, the store did not do it, so I said that I neglected to manage the safety. That’s right, the child makes a decision on the appeal of the second trial. On the 4th of this month, the content of the decision is not good. It’s not hard to imagine that it’s down, so it’s not that supermarkets are obliged to take special measures to confirm safety, such as employees patrol .

Moga Yes Judgment This is exactly the opposite Wow, I think that the male defeated supermarket has reversed the judgment of winning the case, and there is no help case in the white dot version, so it seems to be quite mechanical, but the judgment is that it lights up.

It seems that there are quite a few things. In the judgment itself, it is clarified that there is a tendency of falling accidents in the prefecture shopping q, which is originally the data of the Persons with Disabilities Agency, but according to it, from 2009 to 16 It has been reported that there were 602 cases of falling accidents in the shopping space by the year , and 350 of them were easy to go in the store and 310 accidents slipped on the Hasebe floor. There were 123 cases where the floor fell due to water in Kyoto, and there were 101 cases where the floor slipped on the wet floor in the rain, and 67 cases where the floor fell due to falling objects such as products or vegetable scraps like this time. But after all, do you have a dangerous experience of choosing something? After all, I have the impression that it’s a little wet, but honestly, it’s raining and I don’t have a home.

There are times when we are together I think that it depends on the hair, but as the Consumer Affairs Agency clearly says, there are so many cases of water-wet fall accidents on this floor. A trial was filed even in a water-soaked fall accident, and I prepared a little about what kind of trial it is. I was hitting the sunny lettuce that included it. Well , every time I put the three lettuce in the customer’s basket, as you can see, water droplets had fallen on the floor. It’s a male customer in his late 50s, and he slipped the linear water and fell down.

As you can see, he received that he had broken his elbow and climbed to the aftereffects . In the same way, this man has tampered with a super car, so the letter of this sentence and the decision of Nukiumi, who was given a good last month, is that the water dripping from Sunny Lettuce must do so. This is also a safety management obligation. It’s a violation, and the damage compensation of 1.84 million yen was shown by the all-city election.

The aftereffects of the tier filled with supermarkets. It looks like he’s wearing it, but in fact, I asked him why he was wearing this supermarket, including this trial . The owner of the supermarket in Tokyo said, Well, did you notice that the tempura people had fallen in the first place? It’s not strange that there isn’t one, because it’s the impression of a man who runs this stage. Well, it’s time to be careless.

I also heard that, after all, in this rainy season or in such a slippery case, or in such a case where there is a lot of water afterwards at the vegetable counter like the one I mentioned earlier, I often steer this kind of fall countermeasures.

This man said that he is taking it. No, this really depends on the case of the judgment of the trial, and it is difficult for Mr. Yanagisawa to respond to the store side. I think that there is, but after all I see the relationship and if you enter the premises of the store or step inside the store or step into the space, the space is the responsibility of the store side.

On the other hand, if you go on the humidified side, you can’t say anything about his balance because there are so many cases that the person who fell down has the fault .

However, I don’t have the image of the United States, which is a major litigation country, but I know that this kind of thing will be done in Japan as well . It’s a market emergency Yes Yes Yes In Kagoshima city after noon, a big splash was rising from the car In Kagoshima city , 57 mm of rain was observed in one hour until 2:40 pm Updated the first place in August Heavy rains in western and eastern Japan due to stagnant fronts So far, 6 people have died and 4 people are missing . The Meteorological Agency has made an urgent call that a special heavy rain warning may be issued again in Kyushu- Hiroshima Prefecture, while maintaining the highest emergency safety assurance type. Three family members were involved in the landslide that occurred in Japan, and Fumiyo Mori died .

The whereabouts of her husband, Yasuhiro, and her daughter, Yuko, are unknown. Search activities are carried out Creative activities while being wary of secondary disasters Workers are calling on residents and guests in the vicinity to evacuate because there are new cracks in the ground Yesterday in Kagoshima City, Nagano Prefecture Yuki Makiguchi and her second son, Haruki, who was in the first year of junior high school, and her third son, Naoki, who was in the second year of elementary school, died . I had a volleyball together, so I asked my mother to decide on this rubber, and my mother was a great person who talked to me a lot, so I wanted to talk about a one-story building in Kagoshima City, Gifu Prefecture. National road collapsed It collapsed due to the heavy rain disaster last year and was restored last month It was a section that had just started [Music] It is expected that heavy rain will continue intermittently in Kyushu, and the expected rainfall until tomorrow evening is 250 mm in Kyushu and Shikoku.

In the western part of Kanagawa, where there were many cases, it is necessary to be careful about sediment-related disasters.

It is relayed from Afghanistan City, Kagoshima Prefecture, where it is expected that rain will intensify in the future . It’s spreading and it’s raining intermittently . It ‘s so dark that I can’t think of this time of summer, and the rainy coat echoes. You can see the places where it is, I’m telling you with an umbrella like this now, but I feel a little heavy rain because it rains heavily . The sound of rain echoes inside the umbrella and the surrounding sounds It is very difficult to hear in Kagoshima prefecture.

It is expected that heavy rain will continue tonight, so strict caution is required . Thousands of citizens trying to escape rushed to the airport th Afghanistan U.S.

Government officials said the situation at the time was out of control of the crowd , including cars with heavy loads on the road to the airport In the temporary camp, there were people trying to escape from Tullivan’s rule. On the 15th, when the president escaped from the country , Tullivan conquered the presidential office and took control of the government .

Dr. ap news agency reports that Tullivan is expected to announce the establishment of the Islamic City of Afghanistan in the near future.

What will happen? Tariva in the versionistic sense of introducing unpredictable and fierce domination because the leadership that has been very observant continues to this day. There is no doubt that the government will begin to rule, and since it is closely related to the international terrorist organization Al Qaeda, which led the terrorist attacks in the United States, the British Defense Minister has warned the local media that Al Qaeda will be revived .

Audience discussions are now taking place A hut ipc International Paralympic Committee and four companies, including the government, will discuss the Paralympic spectators, which will open on the 24th of this month . At the venues in 1 metropolitan area and 2 prefectures in Saitama Chiba, we will discuss measures including the inclusion of spectators under certain restrictions in Shizuoka prefecture in the direction of no spectators .

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