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Prime Minister Suga’s statement “Oxygen Station” is a state of emergency “extended until September 12”

The emergency declaration being issued to six prefectures including Tokyo is expected to be extended again. The government is considering a plan to extend the extension until the 12th of next month. After inspecting the implementation status of alternate cocktail therapy, which has the effect of preventing aggravation, at the medical treatment facility set up in the hotel, we attended a meeting and talked about future infection countermeasures. If it leads to curbing the spread of infections nationwide, cooperation on foot from the national government will directly lead to the protection of the lives and health of the citizens of the city. The number of seriously injured people nationwide increased by 40 to 1603, the highest number ever for four consecutive days, and the rapid spread of infections has not stopped.

Prime Minister Kan has set out a certain measure for the situation .

For example , when it is necessary to vote for a mountain cottage, refer to. Install an oxygen station and install an oxygen station to administer oxygen to home care patients. It is positioned as an emergency facility that promotes oxygen as an emergency measure for patients who need to be hospitalized until the destination is decided. There is a dedicated hospital or a sickbed open, isn’t it?

There is also a way to utilize such a place, and it may be a building somewhere by collecting the Sansokan. There are growing concerns about the uncle’s equivalent, which is basically both a possibility of the patient’s symptoms rather than a treatment, so that alone is not enough and the necessary patients will be poked.

Whether or not it is a big question, isn’t it? Furthermore, there is a risk that the shortage of doctors and nurses will accelerate due to the opening of facilities, and I point out that it is urgent to increase the number of facilities that can provide some treatment at present . Then, it is a hospitalization waiting station that started to be installed last month and is now in operation in Okinawa Prefecture, etc.

It is a so-called field hospital facility that provides temporary treatment when it is not found . In addition to extending the deadline for the state of emergency, the government is considering expanding the scope of the declaration centered on Kyoto and Fukuoka prefectures. The direction is to make a formal decision, but I think that simply extending the period or going out will not have any effect at the current timing.

Last week, Prime Minister Kan said about the so-called lockdown and blockade in the world. Even if I put a fine on the lockdown prohibition of going out, I couldn’t protect it easily.

It’s still a vaccine, so at the same time as suppressing the wings of Junryu, I’m doing my best to do that..

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