The skill of a muscular chef, a registered dietitian solves “summer vacation rice” without school lunch | JPNN us

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The skill of a muscular Chef, a registered dietitian solves “summer vacation rice” without school lunch

However, during the summer vacation without school lunch, we covered a fun service that helps people who have trouble eating children. A man visited here and immediately went to the kitchen. Chunky, who had a little more head, was wondering if there were any ingredients that he wanted the key shop to sell. It would be great if you could give it to me. Moreover, this man who started to look into the refrigerator is actually a Chef who is qualified as a school lunch.

Did you come to this house? I don’t have lunch during the summer vacation, so I would be very grateful if you could think about the balance there and make it. Nutrition tends to be biased There are various reasons such as it is difficult to think about menus . The service that started there is a management nutritionist who goes to his home to cook food for children . Mr.Ohno used this service for the first time. I have two daughters, but both of them are playing sports very much and they are also in the growing season, so that protein or something like that is calorie so that you can build good Muscles.

I think it would be nice to have a menu while paying attention to things like that . The eldest daughter, Nozaki-san, is wrestling with her second daughter, Minami-chan, so we have put out a menu that allows you to take in the protein that is the source of Muscles. I’m thinking of making something that contains that high-protein, vegetable- rich, layered gold that requires him to make threads, such as vita b groups and shakes.

Start cooking using the ingredients you prepared and the leftovers from the refrigerator. First, sauté the salmon fillet with garlic and loosen the meat while removing the bones . Complete It was a nice menu that I could get 17.8 g of grown protein . Next, I cooked the tofu dish left in the refrigerator with boiled soybeans in tomato puree.You can take it for 3 hours . It’s beautiful. It’s finished for 3 hours.

Muscle lunch that survives summer tofu. Purple cabbage salad.

In addition to that, it became a well-balanced menu that included chicken tofu, such as Oba-yaki, and the dancing color was beautiful and it was very delicious for 3 turns . A total of 12 dishes made by the Chef , such as minced meat sauce, soy milk tofu, etc. If you have a free plan, you can make a menu for the day after death for 7,480 yen each time .

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