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Stepping on tempura and falling and getting injured .What is the responsibility of the supermarket?

Attention to your feet not only in the side dish but also in the vegetable section Hidetoshi Hiramatsu, commentator of the Social Affairs Department Thank you. Thank you. First of all, I explained what kind of time this accident was, but can you take a look here ? Yes, the accident was big on April 12, three years ago, when a man in his thirties On my way home around 7 pm, the super summit strike near my house stopped at the Nerima Kasugacho store, so I went to the cashier after about 20 minutes of shopping .

Yes, this Rage was actually my goal.

The grocery store was crowded, so it’s about time , isn’t it? It’s surprisingly crowded, so I went to the grocery store where I was told that the grocery store was vacant. It means that I was injured by slipping my leg and hitting my knee by falling after that . The size of this is the actual size, but about this amount of tempura has fallen in front of the cash register. It means that you slipped your legs, so this point is big and the meal ticket is big, so I would like to give some supplementary explanations at that time, but in the first place, at this supermarket, the side dish is the side dish and the customer is the back material.

I put it in a pack myself and took it to the grocery store to pay for it. And the tempura of this pumpkin that had fallen was not this man, but another customer changed it and dropped it before.

It’s highly likely that this man is here after all Yes, this is a supermarket face. This doesn’t provide an environment where you can shop safely. The point is that it’s a violation of safety management obligations.

It is said that the supermarket was sued and sued, but one trial decision was already passed in December of last year, and the Tokyo District Court is in the form of autumn leaves where customers pack themselves. Well, you can imagine dropping prepared foods on the floor, right? And as Mr. n said earlier , it’s time for the constitution to be crowded , so even around the cash register, you have to check the safety.

The store did not do it even though it was not possible, so here it is said that safety management was neglected .

The point of ordering the store to compensate for damages of 570,000 yen and Aso 570,000 yen Appeal Judgment Judgment on the 4th of this month The content of the judgment is no, I imagine that the tempura is falling in front of the Tomoda cash register, saying that it is not a long time if the tempura was left unattended. It’s not difficult to say that employees are patrolling , and there is no obligation in supermarkets to take special measures to confirm safety , and this is my judgment. On the contrary, when the male defeat supermarket reversed in the praise judgment sentence, it seems that it is quite a mechanism because there is no case law to help the radius of the music, but the judgment is that it lights up .

In the sentence itself, it is clarified that there is a tendency of fall accidents during shopping in the prefecture , which is also the data of Doshogashi ostrich, but according to it , this fall between 2009 and 2016 Accident shopping It has been reported that there were 602 accidents in which the space fell, 350 of which were easy to go inside the store, and there were 310 accidents that slipped on the Hasebe floor. According to wetness, there are 123 cases of end slipping on a wet floor in the rain, and 67 cases of falling on a product or falling object such as vegetable waste like this time .

Is there any kind of dangerous experience? After all, I have the impression that it’s a little wet, but there are times when it’s raining and when the household sheets are tied up with footwear . I think that it may be different depending on the brush, but as the Consumer Affairs Agency clearly says that there are many accidents where the floor gets wet and falls over, but when I investigated it, I found that this floor Even if a water-soaked fall accident causes a trial, I prepared a little about what kind of trial this is. I was hitting sunny lettuce Well, every time I put that sunny lettuce in the customer’s stock, as you can see, water drops fell on the floor Leonid There was a puddle at 0 points, and that was a total of male customers in their late 50s. But that puddle near The man who slipped and fell down received that he had broken his elbow many times and climbed to the aftereffects .

As you can see , this man has a super car like tempura. This decision was actually made, and the decision was made last month.

What kind of decision is the water dripping from sunny lettuce ? This is also a violation of the safety management obligation. After showing the damages of the supermarket, the aftereffects of the tee, which is full of supermarkets, is back, so the amount of compensation for that is the majority .

I asked the scene why this trial was included, and the owner of the supermarket in Tokyo said, Well, it’s strange that the tempura people have fallen and don’t notice it. It’s the impression of a man who is a man, so it’s a bit strict that the store is responsible for all the inadvertent falls.

It was a case that was easy to carve and slippery. It was a case like the one I mentioned earlier, and it seems that there is a lot of water in the vegetable section. You said no, this really depends on the case of the judgment of the court, and it is difficult for Mr.Yanagisawa to respond to the store side . After all, if you go into the premises of the store or step inside the store or step into it, you will think that the space is the responsibility of the store, as a user . It’s a big litigation powerhouse, because there are so many cases that the person who fell down when going on the humidified surface is admitted to have the mistake, so I can’t say anything about the balance of the wings.

I had an image of Melika, but I think that this kind of thing will be done in Japan as well . It is certain that there will be one direction by repeating the precedents, isn’t it?

I’m happy yes.

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