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“I took it that he’s gone!”pundits debate harry kane‘s future 

gary neville has joined us and we’ve done a little bit of uh spacing we’re not really small we’re just actually a really long way away now from the camera summer smile over there gary let’s get your perspective on your take on it from up there this afternoon i just thought manchester city stopped playing after 15 minutes and they were so quick in the possession tottenham couldn’t live with them and then obviously as soon as manchester city slowed the game down.

I think any team particularly tottenham were a well organized team it gave them the opportunity to win the ball back more it then got the counter attack going but manchester city just couldn’t get back to it a little bit with de bruyne at the end for five minutes where they speeded it up a little bit but they just stopped playing but that’s fatigue or would have whichever theorist fatigue is one reason but 15 minutes doesn’t sound too long for that to kick in no um i think it was as if when tottenham got that first attack it just wounded them a little bit and look i was harshing him during the game but i always think that aka trying to build himself a career at manchester city to start with and if you’ve got mendy outside you i think you’re really gonna have a weak side of that defense every time mendy plays in the left-hand side of that defense they struggle he gives you a chance on the ball he got i think this possessed twice down in this bottom corner and all of a sudden the game swings and it is on moments like that so for me 15 minutes in the momentum of the game swung tottenham got a little bit more confident they gained encouragement

I think from the joy they got down this side of the pitch and they couldn’t get back into it they couldn’t get the rhythm back well we we talked right to the starter today about who was going to win this league are you still asking prince after one game game when you’re only ruling them out the title race no i’m not i’m asking you you’re finished finished behave yourself you’re not hitting up on one game but look at this what you’re doing down here it happens too often we’ve seen are we saying the same things we’ve seen the same things occur in that midfield the play so well to play excellent football free-flowing so many good names but you can get them on a counter-attack and they need they need to sort that out they really do uh disappointing first game but you’ve seen city last season started bad we have to be very careful don’t we we saw them lose five to you at home exactly and i i lost my head that day yeah one thing to make on city on the counter attack and i think for england in the summer kyle walker’s probably the best defender in the last 10 -15 years at stopping counter attacks he gets back every single time he wasn’t playing today so when he comes back in you know roger could come back into midfield obviously de bruyne comes in they’ll be okay obviously they’ll be brilliant but kyle walker they missed him badly today in terms of the counter-strike that would have allowed cancello to go left-back and then there would have been a different game i think we looked as well at the the the tough fixtures that they’ve got to start this season can they afford a slow start when it looks like there is much more about manchester united chelsea and liverpool perhaps back to strength as well i’ve got no doubts about city i think to be fair for 15 minutes today it was breathtaking and they could have easily gone one or two goals up so no i’m not overly worried about the longer term and they will well they’ll probably win the title and if they do get harry kane i’ve said to be honest it’s a pretty sure thing i would say because they wanted to get the goal up front which is what they were missing today then they’ll be fine and they get kyle walker back in you know the defense will strengthen when stones comes back and they’ve got so many players to come back and it’s untrue the problem with the other teams liverpool chelsea man you will be stronger this season and i think last season had a bad start that came round back round after christmas and i just don’t know if if you know if they lose another couple in the next five six games it just no they need a striker for me they got away with it last year and the fact is but all that money for harry kane would suggest he sees it that way as well city won three leagues in the last four years they’ve showed resilience it’s not all gone well from start to finish in those leagues that won you know the team that wins the league are the teams that can deal with the downturn the teams that can deal with disappointment teams that can deal with injuries they’ve got a great squad um i’ve got great belief this is a punch on the nose this is like going out for the first round in the fight someone putting you down you put yourself up that is what city are about i’ll come back to i feel last year scored.

I’ve said it already 19 goals fewer last year in the year before and i still think they need i’m not talking about focal point but someone who’s going to get them 20 plus goals a season when you’re relying on on gun the gang many field players to be your top goal scorers i think you’re on a bit of winging a prayer harry kane is is the big talking point of course michael you heard what the spurs fans were singing at the end there are you watching harry kane apparently he was somewhere i’m sure he was somewhere um 17 days left in the transfer window where do you think this this story goes next well it’s been grumbling for a long time and he was no surprise that he wasn’t involved today he’s been back training three or four days he’s been in isolation since he’s come back and i think in man city’s defense as well they have been not training as long as probably some of the spurs players so that that can take that the spurs fans are saying that if when we see harry came back in a spur shirt they will be singing they will love him they love him he is an absolute legend of this football club and i still believe he’ll be here because he’s got three years left and the price is going to cost if mancity are to buy him it’s ridiculous it’s extraordinary they paid 100 million for jack relish if you are going to get hurricane it’s going to be 160 million in my opinion daniel levy’s come out and said he doesn’t want to sell him he’s got three years left i hope he stays as a spurs players course because he’s new no we heard nuno say he’s one of the best strikers in the world he’s incredible and you’re always going to have speculation but with three years left spurs don’t have to do anything how do you read that situation gary now i think michael will be closer to it than i am but i just read into the fact that if he wasn’t involved today every other england player that’s been part of the euros i believe has been involved this weekend either on the bench or in the squad harry kane would be here today i feel if there was no doubt over his future i took into it that he’s gone i did i just felt him not being gay today not being visible in the stadium you know a prominent player the most prominent tottenham player first game of the season not visible in this stadium you know we have a lot of cameras around and i suspect we were looking for him everywhere and to not see him here

Today i think was a surprise but knowing how daniel levy operates would he sanction the sale of harry kane if he didn’t already have a ready-made replacement do you think probably not he probably has something happening this week but there are no premier league games this week and there is five or six days now to do something i do believe that that to me told me he was gone today with him not being on the bench might be completely wrong in two weeks time he might be here and i’ll be delighted to come and watch him for tottenham but every other england player has been involved you know sancho’s on the bench yesterday calvin phillips is on the bench they’ve all had very limited time of training but at the very least they’ve been on the bench and harry kane ordinarily would be not gonna have the game sorry sorry they’re dead harry’s been what two or three days yet he came back late for whatever reason and then he was in self-isolation he’s probably been back with the team two days if you think he joined in friday friday i know but michael harry kane he comes back late he’s in isolation he’s not here today if you put all that together this is you know he’s the most professional player that you’ll ever see so something’s going on it will be fitter than some other some of them that i’m sure because he is you called him harry kane well if you said about harry harry kane‘s career today up until three weeks ago you’d say he’s been an absolute angel of a professional you’ve never seen him in trouble you’ve never seen him put a foot wrong on the pitch he’s performed consistently year in year out no one ever says a bad word about him you can’t so something’s happened but knowing that the sort of the mindset of top players graham if if we get to the end of the window and he is still here he’s still going to be loved by these fans he’s still going to perform for this club yes i said everyone’s in a difficult position here because you imagine a scenario if there is some some sort of deal being done with city and daniel levy picks the phone up to speak to someone about the center forward they can’t go and replace them with a 10 million pound setting forward it has to be a proper player otherwise this brand new stadium’s you know torn down so he has to go and spend big money but the minute he picks the phone up he’s going to pay a premium on a premium premier league clubs be a premium because of the doshier and then the selling club will know he’s going to get 100 plus for harry so they’re in an impossible situation on the other side of things if harry kane you’ve got to remember he’s the captain of england he can’t stay here next year and go through the motions that just isn’t on so it’s you know who’s going to play hardball who’s going to blink first but daniel levy will be thinking if he doesn’t perform this year when we come to selma next year if he gives him another year and he’s trying to sell next year it’s near 50 million and 150 as it is today if he doesn’t perform next year.

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