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Taliban forces entered the heart of the afghan capital Kabul today the culmination of a rapid advance and retaking of control almost exactly two decades after they were ousted from power fighters were filmed inside the presidential palace after ashraf ghani now the former president fled the country afghans and foreign nationals have been trying to get on planes at Kabul airport where international troops have been involved in evacuations but security there is reported to be fragile the latest developments came after the taliban moved through one afghan province after another in recent days and headed towards the capital our first report is from our diplomatic correspondent paul adams

Afghanistan has new masters twenty years after their first experiment in power came to a shattering end the taliban are back hours after arriving in Kabul sitting at the president’s desk earlier at the same desk president ashraf ghani clinging to the last fragments of power but the man gazing down on Kabul streets has gone fleeing to neighboring uzbekistan in a facebook post he said he’d left to avoid bloodshed as the taliban moves in the west moves out american helicopters busy over Kabul all day today ferrying diplomats from the u.s embassy to the airport this disorderly end was not the plan hundreds of british troops have now arrived in Kabul to help with the evacuation of thousands of british and afghan civilians the operation is well underway these troops may not be on the ground for long Kabul is in chaos people desperate to leave taking what they can fearing a bloody assault there’s little violence so far but a lot of panic crowds descended on banks trying to take out their savings as police officers and security officials abandoned their positions the taliban urged people to stay calm you want to avoid bloodshed onto destruction to our properties of the people and to not give chance to plunder looters who are waiting for such moments to loot or plunder the properties of the people but the streets are full of dread tens of thousands of civilians displaced by fighting elsewhere living out in the open telling stories of abuses at the hands of the taliban the taliban came into our village in the night after a few days we managed to escape as they were murdering the men and boys they accused them of being in the army or the police they were taken out of their homes and murdered because they worked for the government [Music] outside the capital the taliban are consolidating their grip on afghanistan‘s major cities like herat unfazed by their headlong success which has government ministers reeling the saddest part is that i didn’t expect this but now i might i might face consequences that i never even dreamed of uh and i guess that’s the price that we pay for trying to make this world a little better at the border with pakistan afghans are leaving with or without fighting the taliban‘s takeover looks set to trigger yet another wave of refugees tonight at Kabul airport military and civilian planes offer the only way out at the gates chaotic scenes who will leave and who will be left behind is this how the west’s 20-year adventure in afghanistan will be remembered paul adams bbc news let’s go live now to Kabul and the bbc’s malik madassar who is there what can you tell us malik about the extent of the taliban presence in the city yes uh as talibans have taken the all of the afghanistan almost now they are in Kabul city and i could just see them from here that they are patrolling in the streets and they are just keeping this government official vehicles and army and police vehicles they have captured from the forces here in afghanistan they are patrolling here and they they are just marking those places to where to check put checkpoints and where to get the advantage point from and what is the effect of that would you say on the people of the city well that is very catastrophic where as soon i landed this morning here in Kabul the atmosphere of the city was entirely different and like there was a huge traffic jam in the Kabul city from the airport towards the outskirts of the Kabul city and i could see the families kids females everyone with their belongings in the car and they were trying to get out of the city and they would just look depressed devastated and defeated in Kabul thank you very much well here the prime minister chaired an emergency cobra meeting this afternoon and parliament is being recalled to discuss the situation boris johnson said the immediate priority is to evacuate british citizens and afghans who have been working with the uk here’s our political correspondent ben wright for 20 years the uk has committed its military money and lives to afghanistan some of the fiercest fighting was here in helmand the effort ends with a frantic scramble to get out the situation in afghanistan continues to be extremely difficult getting getting more difficult i would say and our priority is to make sure that we deliver on our obligations to uk nationals in in afghanistan to all those who have helped to the british effort in afghanistan over over 20 years and to get them out as fast as we can uk troops first went to afghanistan in october 2001 after the 9/11 attacks joining u.s led action against al-qaeda and the taliban by the time combat operations ended in 2014 454 uk soldiers and military personnel had died successive prime ministers stressed their commitment to the country and protecting the progress made today cross-party fear that progress could vanish the real danger is that we’re going to see every female mp murdered we’re going to see ministers strung up on on on street lamps and this is this is the decision that i’m afraid has been taken.