Debris flow parents and children continue to rain nationwide in Nagano Floods and landslides in various places

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Debris flow parents and children continue to rain nationwide in Nagano Floods and landslides in various places

Due to the stagnant front, it rained extremely heavily today, especially in the Tokai and Kanto regions. In Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture, a Debris flow hit a house and three people, including brothers aged 7 and 12, were found in cardiopulmonary arrest. Damage is spreading in various places such as being damaged. It is raining heavily in various places due to the influence of the active front line . This image shows the Suwa scene in Nam prefecture.

The fairy road around 5 am is like a river. National Highway No. 20 was flooded About 30 minutes A Debris flow occurred in Okaya City, which is adjacent to Suwa City, and hit most of the two houses directly. Three 41-year-old mothers were taken to the hospital with cardiopulmonary arrest . Two in the same house were slightly injured and three were not noticeably injured .

I have n’t seen the window that the house is shaking, because the company is already there. It feels like the water is splashing and falling.

In Okaya City, no evacuation order was issued before the Debris flow occurred. [Applause] On the other hand, around Takeo City, Suwa Prefecture, where the Rokkaku River was flooded, the entire city can be seen to be covered with water. A wide area was submerged at 9:30 am An isolated Juntendo Hospital A rescue operation by a self-defense force boat is being carried out in the submerged area on the north side.

In Minamishimahara City, Nagasaki Prefecture, a large-scale Debris flow with a width of 100 meters and a length of 100 meters occurred.

It ‘s scary, isn’t it? In the city, the range is expanding day by day, and we called on the residents of about 100 households to evacuate because the damage is likely to spread. The search for unknown parents and children is continuing with about 20020 people including the police and the Self-Defense Forces . It is Takada, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City.

About half of the car is buried in the earth and sand due to the landslide last night .

Debris flow was flowing like the third par of the second wave. A man in his 80s who went to see the rice fields due to a landslide is uncertain about his safety and is investigating the relationship with Odawara. The water of the Hida River caused the road to enter and be separated into lanes. It collapsed due to the heavy rain disaster last year, and the national road near the site that had just spread in July of this year collapsed again.

A landslide occurred on National Highway 135 at noon in the city.

A running car got on the landslide. There were two women in the car, but there was no injury.

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