OTR: Boston mayoral candidate Michelle Wu explains how she would curb rent hikes

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Ed: it is time forhe critically acclaimed otr pop quiz. It is time for the quiz. Janet: it is his favite orpart of the show. Ed: you were born in chicago, so we’ll begin the pop quiz there. Chicago wishere abraham lincoln won the republican nomination for president in 186 on the screen, we are providing you options.

 What was the name of the convention center where that historic event was held. Was it the the wigwam. Cow palace. The spectrum. Michelle: I have absolutely no idea.

 Let me see. 1816, chicago. I willo with cow palace. cow palace is in california. It is in san francisco.

 It washe t wigwam. The wigwam was temporarily a structure that had to be torn down a decade or so lar.Te you’re a big supporter of food trucks. Michelle: that’s right. :ed in fact,, earlier this month you worked on one.

 Michelle: last week, yes. Served lunch in the bombay food truck. :ed if I say it right, zinneken’s is one of the trksuc you might see in the hub.

What is that truck’s specialty. .

 Think belgian. waffles. youno kw, yes. When we went through ts,hi we said, waffles is too obvious. But that is what it was.

 You have two degrees from harvard. Before going co-ed, the sister school to harvard was radcliffe colleg here’s’s the question. In what year didid the full integration of harvard and radcliffe take pla? Was it 19. Or was it 2009.

1969. it was 1999. Red cliff yard e quadrangle retain their radcliffe opportuny.It that is a little — a little nugget you can keep in the back of your mind. I’ve been probaybl on the otr pop quiz three times and have never sur survived it well.

 And yet I keep coming back. you are doing great. You would like to be the first woman elected as mayor of boston. Tom menino served the most time in consecutive terms, 20-yrs,ea 6-months. Here on the screen, we will give you options.

 Since he served the most consecutive terms, who is next in line. John b. Hynes ray flynn. Kevin white. le kevin white.

 it was 16 years. He didn’t serve consecutively. You are off the hot seat. Batted 500.

and little mayoral history at the end. Janet: we talked about this before the pop quiz about funding. If elected, will you propose any tax hikes? Specifically in boston. If so, where would you go first?

you know, inn boston massachusetts, we are quite limited in the ability for cities to act without state legislative approva. This is a comprehensive conversation that would require collaboration with our state partners. I support efforts that have been ongoing to ensure through the fair share amendment and other initiatives that we e working to have a more progressive revenue stream that cities would benefit fro in terms of the city’s work, we need to make sure we need to continue to tap into the resources available working with large institutions. Janet:ou y ever go,o tbeacon hill and say I would like to institute or raise the specific tax for the city of boston? Michelle: the city council has puupt several suggestions that webelieve state legislature many of them relate to housing and finding critical funds to be able to address the deepening housing crisis.

For example, vacaync feet for investors who are purchasing buie in those units, just to offset the impacts of that. Thinking of how that could also help us repopulate the spaces that are vacant because tofhe pandemic. Ed: you’re the only candidate calling for reinstitution of rent control in boston. Michelle: I would notot say it s a return to.

how would you frame it?

 Michelle: in massachusetts, cities have been stripped of the power we useded to have to offer reasonable policy tools around rents.

This is the number-one crisis on people’s minds acrosshe t city. I’m not calling for a return to old-style freezing of rents. But to be able to smooth over doubles and prevent rent hikes from driving out to residents. Rent stabilization has been used around the country when paired with other tools to increase housing supply.

 We need everything on the table. but if there is a hot small homeowner listening, why would it hurt that small homeowner, with a few units depending on that income to survive? Michell: when we get to the point where there are specific policiesn place, often there are conversations about exemptions for small landlords, or duration of time or location.

Everything we have right now to solve the housing crisis. It is driving families across the city.

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