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Fear of heavy rain again Beware of “time difference” disasters

I would like to ask Mr. Chitose, a weather forecaster, to explain the future rain . Yes, we need to be wary of heavy rain again from tomorrow. It will take up to tomorrow evening. 200 people 180 mm of rain is expected, but it will rain heavier than before .

Until tomorrow on Monday, it will be heavy rain mainly in Kyushu, but if the date changes on Tuesday, there is a risk that it will collapse in the direction of Hiroshima and the direction of Nagano . However, it is easy for rain clouds to fall from Kyushu to Tohoku, and there is a risk of heavy rain at least until Wednesday , so I will confirm the points regarding evacuation once again . If it becomes dangerous due to such reasons, it is also effective to move to the room on the second floor or higher of the house opposite to the cliff.

I think it’s really important. There are some points to note even after the rain has weakened for a while.

This is the case of the heavy rain in western Japan three years ago, but the rebellion occurred three days after the rain peaked. It happened, right? At that time, I was interviewing at my site, but when it was sunny, everyone was cleaning up, and suddenly a large amount of earth and sand flowed from the upstream and flooded. You also need to be careful about the disasters that you receive. That’s right.

In this case, this drifting tree that flowed from the upstream got caught on the edge and a judgment was made. As a result of the accumulation, even if the surroundings are swollen, it is important not to overlook such a small incident and to evacuate from the place if there is a house. Yes, please be careful after this .

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