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Local consumption of green fuel: Challenge of hydrogen engine car

A car that uses green energy is running toward the future . A racing car that runs through with a tremendous engine noise The muffler color blows up like a white smoke game Deep inside the + Aeger who says vigorously from the chimney of the facility Actually, this passionate feeling for a pure white steaming carbon society was held at the circuit in Hida City, Oita Prefecture the day before Toyota participated in this race The face of fossil fuels such as gasoline, which was developed and announced in April of this year.

It is a hydrogen engineer who runs by burning a water tank . It is a hydrogen production plant that uses geothermal power generation in Kuju-cho, Oita Prefecture, which produced a part of the energy . I’m wondering if this autopolis initiative will be an action to expand the options for renewable energy technology. Using a water tank Next is a water tank school Toyota is in the world in May this year.

Participated in the first hydrogen engine car day 0 in Japan The hydrogen used at this time was made using solar power at a facility in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture. The aim is to make and use the geothermal energy in the same prefecture. In fact, the amount of geothermal energy resources in Japan is the same as that in the United states and Indonesia .

Not fully utilizing many resources Water tank made by making the best use of the precious geothermal energy It is also an advantage that energy can be sold to the general public without transmission equipment because the electricity generated by geothermal energy is converted to hydrogen and transported . It is said to be one Local production and local consumption of hydrogen realized by a major company in a pack About the future The president of Toyota Motor Corporation, Akio Toyoda, who also participated in this race as a driver, uses energy for breast milk.

I think it is important to work in all industries when making, carrying, and using .

In order to realize a recommended society, it is necessary to increase the number of friends and expand such activities. I think that we will find a unique carbon-neutral path in Japan, which is of great significance. I’m wondering if it will be connected. I’d like to ask Mr.Atsushi Nagauchi, a professor at Othello University Business School, who is familiar with technological development, about this news.

How do you see this attempt? Yes, I feel that deoxidized carbon neutral is an ambitious challenge to expand the choices of the car, ev only the Okura , isn’t it? It may seem that you have assumed that there is only one ev, but from Genji’s point of view , this ev or fuel cell vehicle This time the water tank is still in the process of technological development, and there are advantages and disadvantages. What kind of car is good depending on the kindness to the earth or the circumstances of the country or region ?

Since ev is not perfect , I think it is very good to have some options for the future.

What is the key point when expanding the range of vehicles? Yes Environmental technology development for next-generation vehicles is for the end of the vehicle. In the automobile industry, it means from oil fields to vehicles in the to be region. However, I think this has shifted the focus to the competition for overall environmental performance.

Specifically, how do you create and use a gee that does the entire supply chain ? For example, ev uses co2 for a single car. Although it does not emit electricity, it cannot be said that it is a mute deoxidizing carbon that is finally made by burning fossil fuel as in Japan, so this attempt is for electricity with geothermal energy, which is natural energy. I think it’s a unique challenge to think about what is the best in the really standing Sansone technique, which is said to be effective for local production and local consumption and energy transfer because it runs until it makes electric sweets.

I think it is possible to run ev with electricity generated by geothermal power generation, but what is the merit of converting it to hydrogen ?

Yes The point is that it is difficult to store electricity, but the point is that it discharges naturally even if you do not use badges such as ev . Basically, it is very difficult to store electricity with batteries, but if you remake it without electricity, you can store it as it is like gas phosphorus . The restaurant has a hydrogen engine. It can also be applied to Japan‘s excellent internal combustion engine technology, so I think it will be another big point when thinking about future batteries . It is not only electric vehicles that enable carbon neutrality, but also water tanks.

It seems that there is great potential for the automatic champion as well. How far can the supply be expanded? The spread of hydrogen infrastructure is required, but it seems that the momentum of the carbon flow of automobiles will increase.

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