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Heat stroke warning with biometric information Life-saving wearable device-

It warns you of the risk of heat stroke while working under the scorching sun. Wristband-type wearable device that keeps blinking red on the wrists of workers working on the roof of a building under the scorching sun. Late The rooftop of a building in Tokyo was the installation work of the 5g base station of the mobile phone Softbank . The work in the harsh environment of long sleeves and long trousers on the mask continues . I checked the wristband type wearable device that I wore on my wrist.

The band of the person in charge of work who was working at the highest point was blinking red . Softbank , which has a high risk of heat stroke because the temperature is rising, is also conducting a demonstration experiment in the field work . This band is the latest wearable device ripple band just released this summer. Fortunately, the risk of illness is warned by the led and vibration of green, yellow, and red .

I wonder if it will be .The ripple band was developed by a venture company known for iot wear ripples that visualizes the state of the body using fibers that conduct electricity. Mitsufuji The algorithm made with this shirt In short, the change in core body temperature It’s said that the estimation mechanism is put on this band. However, it is difficult to measure deep response, and there are many cases where the risk of heat stroke is overlooked.

Mitsuto solved these problems by applying the biometric sex bedding technology cultivated with wearable devices . Elderly people who have been conducting empirical experiments for two years with a generative team including doctors from a university in Kitakyushu, doing research and development to surely capture changes in the body.

However, for example, when you are taking a walk or if there are no people around you, there are many cases where you can work even in Goro. I think that, for example, spending the summer wearing a mask has never been experienced by us, and that heat stroke itself suddenly occurs, so please use the power of the two factory machines. I hope it helps you to live in a difficult environment.

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