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We approached delicious actions that consumers can take to protect the blessings of the Sea. Just by eating, such a Restaurant opened for a limited time. This Restaurant menu that opens from today to tomorrow in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture is shrimp curry and Tuna. At first glance, it looks like ordinary dishes such as chirashi sushi, but the Tuna and salmon sardines used in cooking have something in common. In fact, most of them are made from a resource called blue Seafood. Abundant marine products Currently, about 50 species such as bonito and Masaba scallop are designated as blue Seafood.

In recent years, the decrease in fishery resources due to overfishing and global warming has become a problem. It is expected that fishery resources will be restored by preferentially consuming fish and shellfish, which have a large amount of resources and are sustainable . So I was n’t really conscious of how much this was, and this time I wondered what happened to my 4 cases. I ate all 0 cases at home . Although it has spread across industries and regions such as major companies, it is said that it is far behind the world.

It does not mean that you should not eat without this, and that the Arab time in Osaka is fresh or Seasonal.

I think there are items in various options, but I think it would be nice if Blue Seafood and a guide could be included in one option.

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