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Tenants are free to set business hours regardless of the opening and closing times of commercial facilities This commercial facility in Shizuoka City is visited by 20,000 to 30,000 people a day Open until 8:00 pm on weekdays However, it’s almost the main value strategy is still open, but I’m only listening to electricity here. What does it mean that the store that is already closing work hurts? [Music] New Shizuoka Senova celebrating its 10th anniversary this year At the entrance, the characters of the business hours flex time system are actually written. In fact, in May, Senova introduced the business hours flex time system, which allows you to set business hours at your own discretion according to the business type and regional characteristics .

Therefore, even on the same floor.

Until now, Tenants have generally followed the business hours set by the facility for both open and closed stores , but there is a serious shortage of human resources behind the reforms that overturn the common wisdom of Tenants and commercial facilities. There was a registered staff member at our facility. There are about 700 people on board from 1600 in the state. However, most of them are part-time workers or part 3 and about half of them are replaced in one year . I think it’s necessary to take a drastic measure if we are exhausted and new staff will not grow up easily.

We are doing this with the seasons, such as Global Work, which has more than 30 brands in Japan and overseas, and has 1,300 stores. I’m Adustria, a chain of casual specialty stores . For example, I’ve been working long hours due to a shortage of people , and I wonder if the job of a salesperson could become an attractive job while the support business itself is increasing considerably. However , it was an issue. Well, in fact, as a tenant, I think that it is very effective for the business hours themselves, which I couldn’t get the devil’s hands on.

It is said that the shop opened one hour later on weekdays and closed one hour earlier, which made it possible to place orders and organize inventory before business hours, which gave more time to serve customers.

The league time is over for some staff After that, I think I go to the movies and go to the gym. It is said that these efforts not only improved employee satisfaction but also improved sales efficiency. I think that if you spread it all over the country, the appeal of the sales staff itself will increase, and I hope that the efforts will be made so that customers can give back to it.

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