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If you can change your mood with the scent, the number of simple costumes has increased 10 times in a year. A man who is teleworking at his home in Yokohama city . I would like to change the Perfume and add it with a scent accent. Actually, the number of customers of this Perfume has grown more than 10 times in just one year . Music] Men use a service that delivers Perfume from a Perfume subscription to the rear in a bottle with a spray, which is selected from about 500 types of Perfume every month .

The amount in the bottle is 4 ml and 1 push per day. You can use it for about a month by pushing it from the beginning . Some of them are expensive Perfumes that cost around 10,000 yen, and you can try various Perfumes to win. It is said that the number of members has increased more than 10 times in one year . Why is it ?

In the midst of increasing home time and repeating similar daily routines, it is a refreshing experience.

I think that the interest in the scent itself is growing significantly . The scent is a change of mood It is said that men living in Yokohama also use Perfume to switch their feelings during telework . It feels like there’s only a wall with a moe computer, so when I think I want something that can be switched, what do I say and I think it’s okay to switch again? You can also use it in other ways, such as before going to bed at night or hanging it on a pillow to relax, and it’s wrapped in a scent that you like so much, so I personally thought it was great not only when going out.

Perfumes with increasing needs for home use As the market goes online from over-the-counter sales, new customers can be expected from manufacturers. Inquiries about this service are increasing in the future. Aiming to improve [Music] It is still difficult to find the scent that you are interested in online. I’m thinking that by multiplying the area of fragrance and Perfume with technology, it will be a service that can provide a large amount of money or more experience that is similar to the experience of actually trying it online.

I would like to ask Tomoko Suzuki, an associate professor at Hitotsubashi University Business School, who is studying marketing and consumer behavior, about this news.

The so-called subscription service is not limited to this Perfume. It also targets music, cars, luxury bags, etc. , and is accelerating the movement from ownership to use. Yes To subscription This b has grown by more than 30050% in the last seven and a half years, but be careful. What you have to do is that in the United states, about 13% of subscription businesses are said to have failed and you need to hold the key to success.

What are the keys to success? Yes, the point is to acquire new customers. Satisfaction with existing customers. Well, I think this is the point to draw this out and reduce the marketing rate .

In the business world, what is called Pareto’s law or 22 times 8’s law.

There are 20% of good customers, that is, good customers . Well, it is said that they make 80% of sales . That’s right. I wonder if it should be done. On the other hand, if you run into price competition with other companies , even if you can acquire customers, it will eventually be peeled off, so it seems that it will not last long .

There are still some companies that keep their contracts going, but this still gives a negative impression in the long run . Well, after all , pursuing customer satisfaction and acquiring customers 1 Take students It is important to create long-term value through these three .

I see. It seems that companies can deepen their relationships with customers through Supsk services. Well, in marketing, this is customer lifetime value or well customers.

It s about increasing the value for a lifetime. However, when it comes to the merits of the service area, it is easy to focus on convenience and cost savings, but in reality, many users of the subscription service strongly feel the connection with Kyoto, which provides an experience . I think it would be a good opportunity to shift to a business that emphasizes customer value due to the booming sub-classification in 3. That’s why products and services are saturated now, but that’s why we reconsider the existing market from various angles. Increasing customer satisfaction may lead to new value.

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